2/9/21 The Library is open! Guidelines for the safe use of the Library during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The University of Cyprus Library, in line with the current restrictions, decrees and security measures issued by the Government for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 and taking into consideration the needs of its users, announces that it will reopen on the 12/2/2021.


The following conditions apply:


  1. Library opening hours
  2. The Library will be opened exclusively to the members of the University of Cyprus and to already registered External Members. Registration of new users and renewals of memberships of External Library Members is currently suspended.
  3. A University/Library Card is necessary for entering the “Stelios Ioanou” Learning Resource Centre – Library. For this reason, students who do not hold a University/Library Card and wish to use the Library facilities are advised to make all necessary arrangements to acquire one. Library users who fail to present their University/Library Card will not be allowed to enter the Library.
  4. When entering the Library users must disinfect their hands with antiseptic gel, wear a protective face mask during the whole duration of their visit, and maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from others. Users who fail to comply with these protocols will be asked to leave the building.
  5. The Library or the Health and Safety Services of the University of Cyprus may not allow entrance to users if they deem that the maximum number of visitors has been reached according to the protocols.
  6. The use of the 3rd floor Reading Area, during teaching periods, is exclusively reserved for students of the University of Cyprus who need to attend their online classes. The use of headphones is obligatory and conversations should be conducted in a very low voice as to not disturb others.
  7. All other areas of the Library will be available as usual, with priority given to students of the University of Cyprus.
  8. The Group Study Rooms must not be used by more than two people and doors should remain open at all times.
  9. External Members, holders of valid University/Library cards, may use the Library facilities and services so long as the needs of the members of the University community are not affected.
  10. All users are encouraged to use the self-service stations for borrowing and returning books and avoid all unnecessary movements and contacts inside the building.


Distance communication with the Library


In compliance with the attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19, we urge our users make use of the following media to contact the Library:


  •  -- AskLive Service, in real time, available through the library webpage (Mon-Fri 08:30-13:30), on the right below. If the service is offline, you can leave the librarian your message.


  • -- e-meeting with MS Teams, following request sent to (Mon-Fri 08:30-17:30)


  • -- call 22892020 (Mon-Fri 08:30-17:30)