Collection donations to the Library

Since the establishment of the University of Cyprus, the Library has received many donations of important collections from organizations and individuals.

The Library examines carefully the proposed donations, taking into consideration the criteria regarding its collection development.

In case you wish to donate books or other material to the University of Cyprus Library, please contact the Collection Development Office in order to be informed about the procedure.

Any material sent to the Library must be accompanied by the Donation Receipt Form.

Donations acceptance policy

For more information please contact the Collection Development Office

Haroula Demetriou, tel. +357 22892039



Collections donated to the UCY Library
Donor Donation description Year acquired
Kyriakos Nicolaou - Ino Michaelidou-Nicolaou Collection of books and offprints 2017
Loula Papachristoforou Books focusing on education 2016
Ιlias Κrispis Books, reprint, magazine titles on law 2016
Marios V. Vasiliades Multidisciplinary book collection. 2014
Tomaras Athanasios Books and journals on the  labor law, social security law, civil law, commercial law and European law. 2013
Papastathi, Charalambos and Despina Books and periodicasl on law 2012
Koutsakos Georgios I. Ioannis Koutsakos Collection 2011
Kravvaritou, Yiota Books on comparative, European and labor law, law studies, social sciences, political science and feminist theory. 2011
Mikellides, Vyron Books on architecture 2011
Anne Workman Roy Dalton – books from his personal collection 2011
Ministry of Culture of Italy “Biblioteca Italiana” book collection 2010
Mathiopoulou-Tornaritou, Elsi Elsi Mathiopoulou-Tornaritou Collection 2009
Demetriou Maria Collection of Panayiotis Lambrou Varnavides - books on mathematics 2008
Kouppas, Kyprianos Bequest 2007
French Institute of Greece Books and periodicals 2006
Theodosiadou, Maro Alexis Theodosiades Collection 2006
Tsekos family in memory of Georgios and Efthymia Michaelides-Nouaros Georgios and Efthymia Michaelides-Nouaros Collection 2006
Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation Books 2004
Petrondas, Christos Christos and Evgenia Petronda Collection 2004
Minoff, Eli Books 2004
Vassiliou George Books and periodicals 2003-2005
Cavit An Ahmet Books 2003
Gollan, Bruce Books 2003
Hodge, Trevor A. Books 2003
Diamantis Alekos Adamantios Diamantis Collection 2002
Goethe-Institut Germany Books 2002
Greek Republic Browning, Robert - Books and periodicals 1999
Peonides, Panikos and Elli Books 1999
Embassy of Spain Books 1999-2004
Rogge Sabine Books 1999
Pallas Demetrios I. Demetrios Pallas Collection 1997
Dervi, Katia Themistoklis Dervis Collection 1994
Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus Pedagogical Academy of Cyprus Collection 1994
Demetsopoulos Ioannis Books 1992
The British Council Books 1992 - 2006
Dakin, Douglas Books on the history of modern Greece, the Greek Revolution, the Macedonian Question, Europe, Britain, diplomacy, relations between Greece-Turkey-Britain, local history and archaeology of Greek regions, ancient Greece, Cyprus. 1992
Johnson, James E. Books 1991 - 1992