Return items at the Circulation Desk from which you borrowed them. The items must be returned (or renewed) by the given date. Please note that if you borrow several items, the date of return may not be the same for all.

It is your responsibility as a borrower to return in time any material borrowed.

What happens if I return an item after the due date?

If you fail to return one or more items on time, you will be charged with a fine.

For Regular Collection items the fine amounts in €0,40 for each day the item is not returned.

For items Short Loan Collection, charge is € 0,40 for every hour after 09:00 on the return date.

Fines are calculated automatically by the system and apply to all categories of users. We would like to note that 50% of the revenue from fines is made available to the Student Welfare Fund.

Fines due to overdue returns cannot be waived and they remain outstanding until paid by the user.

If you fail to respond to your financial obligations towards the library, you may be penalized with temporary or permanent suspension of your user rights. Enrolled students failing to respond may not be allowed to receive their degree, in accordance with the University's Library's Rules.