Information literacy/Seminars

The University of Cyprus Library offers seminars to users wishing to make the most of the information and services offered.

The following seminars are offered:

  1. The Library Catalogue: Services, Collections, Branches
    Services offered by the Library to users, rights and obligations of users, searching the library catalogue to find sources, etc.
  2. Online Information Services
    All online information services offered to users, digital collections, electronic journals, e-books, bibliographic databases, etc.
  3. Search Techniques
    Search techniques and strategies for searching databases and library catalogues with Boolean operators, in order to combine two or more terms/phrases for more precise and refined searches.
  4. Bibliographic management tools
    Presentation of RefWorks. Refworks is a tool for organizing and managing bibliographies and references. The user can create a personal database importing bibliographic references either directly from online bibliographic databases and texts or by typing bibliographic data. References may be modified according to several standards (MLA, APA, Chicago Manual of Style, Turabian, etc.) and used for the creation of bibliographies in essays, papers, dissertations, etc.
  5. Plagiarism: detect and avoid it
    The seminar will deal will plagiarism issues and ways one can avoid it. More specifically, examples of plagiarism detection are given as well as useful advice in order to avoid it, with coverage of the available online detection tools.


For more information please contact:

Louis Prokopiou , tel. + 357 22892016