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The e-journals collection features 30.000 titles, most of which are offered through the Library's participation in the Consortium of Cypriot Academic Libraries (CCAL). The collection includes also the Library's own subscriptions, both to journals and databases, Greek Literature Magazines of the 19th and 20th centuries (ELIA - The Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive), as well as open access titles. Some of the titles provided by databases do not include the full text.

Many e-journals are also available in print format. Search the Library catalogue for print journals through WebOpac. In order to search for titles of periodicals add the search term serial in the title field.

Rights of access to the e-journals collection
Full access to the e-journals collection is possible only from within the University of Cyprus network. Use VPN Service (Virtual Private Network) for off-campus access.

Users outside the University network have limited access. They can browse the tables of contents and/or the abstracts of thousands of journals, read the full text of articles in academic journals that are available for free through the Web or selected articles or issues from certain subscription-based journals.

Access to Greek e-journals:


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