Alphabetical list of foreign-language print journals located in the Periodicals Library

This A-Z list includes the foreign-language printed journals collection which is housed in the Periodicals Library. The list provides information on  the subject category and  the location of the journals on the shelf. Information about print journal holdings can be found in the Library catalogue.


M N O P Q R S T U V W X Z 0-9
Subject category Τitle Shelf
17.T A & U (Architecture AND Urbanism) 62.20
6.E A.C.U. Annual Report - Association of Commonwealth Universities 17.7
6.E A.C.U. Bulletin of Current Documentation See Bulletin [Association of Commonwealth Universities] 17.7
7.A A10 New European Architecture 7.8
7.A AA Files 8.1
12.C AAAI Membership: American Association for Artificial Intelligence 36.12
5.E Abacus - Oxford 6.12
5.E Academy of Management Journal 6.13
5.E Academy of Management Review 6.16
18.I Accademie e Biblioteche d' Italia 66.21
CYPR Accountancy Cyprus 3.14A
5.E Accountancy International 6.17
5.E Accountancy: the Journal of the Institute of Chartered Accountants See Accountancy International 6.17
5.E Accountant (The): Analysing Professional Issues for Accountants Worldwide 6.18
5.E Accountant's Magazine See CA Magazine 8.2
5.E Accounting & Business See Certified Accountant 6.18
5.E Accounting and Business and Supplement 6.20
5.E Accounting and Business Research 6.19
5.E Accounting and Business Review 6.20
5.E Accounting and Finance 6.20
5.E Accounting Association of Australia and New Zealand Newsletter 6.20
5.E Accounting Auditing and Accountability Journal 6.20
5.E Accounting Business and Financial History 6.21
5.E Accounting Enquiries 6.21
5.E Accounting Historians Journal (The ) 6.21
5.E Accounting Historians Notebook (The) 6.21
5.E Accounting History 6.21
5.E Accounting Horizons (group) 6.21
5.E Accounting Management and Information Technologies 6.23
5.E Accounting Organizations and Society 6.23
5.E Accounting Perspectives 6.24
5.E Accounting Research Journal 6.24
5.E Accounting Review & Accounting Horizons & Issues in Accounting Education (group) 6.24
15.C Accounts of Chemical Research 55.16
16.M ACE Inhibition and your Practice: a Monthly Newsletter 60.25
16.M ACE Report: News on Advances in the Study of the Renin-Angionensin Converting Enzyme Inhibition 60.25
12.C ACM ADA Letters 36.12
12.C ACM Applied Computing Review 36.12
12.C ACM Computing Reviews 36.12
12.C ACM Computing Surveys 36.13
12.C ACM Intelligence: New Visions of AI in Practice 36.14
12.C ACM Journal of Computer Documentation 36.14
12.C ACM Member Net: a Supplement to Communication of the ACM 36.14
12.C ACM OOPS Messenger OOPSLA: Quarterly Publication of the Special Interest Group on Programming Langua 36.14
12.C ACM Operating Systems Review 36.14
12.C ACM Sigact News 36.15
12.C ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News See Computer Architecture News 37.5
12.C ACM SIGBIT Data Base: a Quarterly Publication of the Special Interest Group on Business Information (SIGBIT) 36.17
12.C ACM Sigcas Newsletter: Computers and Society 36.15
12.C ACM Sigchi Bulletin: Computer and Human Interaction 36.15
12.C ACM SIGCOMM: Computer Communication Review 36.15
12.C ACM Sigcse Bulletin: a Quarterly Publication of the Association for Computing Machinery 36.15
12.C ACM SIGCUE Outlook 36.16
12.C ACM Sigda Newsletter: Design Automation 36.16
12.C ACM SIGDOC Newsletter: System Documentation 36.16
12.C ACM Sigforth: Newsletter for the Special Interest Group on Forth 36.16
12.C ACM SIGGRAPH: Computer Graphics 36.16
12.C ACM SIGGROUP Bulletin See ACM SIGOIS Bulletin 36.19
12.C ACM SIGICE Bulletin 36.17
12.C ACM SIGIR Forum 36.17
12.C ACM SIGKDD Explorations: Newsletter of the ACM Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining 36.17
12.C ACM SIGLINK Newsletter 36.20
12.C ACM Sigmetrics Performance Evaluation Review: Measurement and Evaluation See Performance Evaluation Review: Measurement and Evaluation 39.5
12.C ACM SIGMIS Data Base for Advances in Information Systems: a Quarterly Publication of SIGMIS 36.17
12.C ACM SIGMOBILE: Mobile Computing and Communications Review 36.17
12.C ACM Sigmod Record: a Quarterly Publication of the Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Management of Data 36.17
12.C ACM Sigois Bulletin 36.18
12.C ACM Sigops Operating Systems Review See ACM Operating Systems Review 36.14
12.C ACM SIGPLAN Fortran Forum 36.18
12.C ACM Sigplan Notice: a Monthly Publication of the Special Interest Group on Programming Languages 36.19
12.C ACM SIGPLAN: Lisp Pointers 36.18
12.C ACM SIGSAC Review 36.20
12.C ACM SIGSAM Bulletin See ACM Intelligence: New Visions of AI in Practice 36.14
12.C ACM Siguccs Newsletter 36.20
12.C ACM Sigweb Newsletter 36.20
12.C ACM Simulation Digest 36.20
12.C ACM Transactions on Asian Language: Information Processing 36.20
12.C ACM Transactions on Computational Logic 36.20
12.C ACM Transactions on Computer Systems 36.20
12.C ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 36.20
12.C ACM Transactions on Database Systems 36.21
12.C ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems 36.21
12.C ACM Transactions on Graphics 36.23
12.C ACM Transactions on Information and Systems Security 36.23
12.C ACM Transactions on Information Systems 36.23
12.C ACM Transactions on Internet Technology 36.23
12.C ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 36.23
12.C ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation 36.23
12.C ACM Transactions on Networking See IEEE / ACM Transactions on Networking 37.31
12.C ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems 36.24
12.C ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology 36.24
2.P ACME 8.4A
18.I Acquisitions Librarian 66.21
16.M Acquisitions Medicales Recentes: Journees Medicales Annuelles de Broussais - la Charite 60.25
16.M Acres USA: a Voice for Eco-agriculture 60.25
17.T ACS Nano 62.22
8.H Acta Antiqua 19.30
9.C Acta Classica - Pretoria 24.23
9.C Acta classica - Universitatis Scientiarum Debreceniensis 24.23
15.C Acta Crystallographica: Section C: Crystal Structure Communications 55.17
13.M Acta Mathematica - Djursholm 41.9
13.M Acta Mathematica Hungarica 41.10
13.M Acta Numerica 41.11
16.M Acta Orthopaedica et Traumatlogica Hellenica 60.25
16.M Acta Orthopaedica Hellenica See Acta Orthopaedica et Traumatlogica Hellenica 60.25
2.P Acta Philosophica Fennica 8.4Α
10.L Acta Romanica 28.21
3.S Actes de la Recherche en Sciences Sociales 1.10
16.M Actualites Cardio-Vasculaires: Medicochirurgicales 60.25
12.C ADA Letters See ACM ADA Letters 36.12
10.L ADE Bulletin - Association of Departments of English 28.21
3.S Adelphi Paper 1.10
10.L ADFL Bulletin 28.21
5.E Administration and Society 6.27
5.E Administrative Science Quarterly 6.28
2.P Adolescence: an International Quarterly Devoted to the Physiological, Psychological, Psychiatric, Sociological and Educational Aspects of the Second Decade of Human Life 8.4Α
6.E Adult Education in Finland 17.1
6.E Adult Education in Israel 17.1
17.T Advanced Materials & Processes 62.22
13.M Advances in Applied Probability (group) 41.11
12.C Advances in Computers 36.25
2.P Advances in Experimental Social Psychology 8.4Α
5.E Advances in International Comparative Management 6.30
13.M Advances in Mathematics 41.12
14.P Advances in nuclear physics 48.21
16.M Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences 60.25
14.P Advances in Physics 48.23
10.L Aegean Review See Monde Greco 31.27
10.L Aegyptus 28.21
17.T Aerospace: a Publication of the Daimler-Benz Aerospace AG 62.22
9.C Aevum - Rassegna di Scienze Storiche Linguistiche e Filologiche 24.24
5.E AFP EXCHANGE: Turning Knowledge into Performance SeeTMA Journal 16.12
3.S Afrique (L'): Philosophie, Litterature, Histoire 1.10
17.T AGA Galvaworld (The) 62.22
2.P Agenda de la pensee contemporaine 8.5Α
5.E Agora without Frontiers: a Quarterly Journal of International Economy and Politics See Αγορά χωρίς Σύνορα: Τριμηνιαία Επιθεώρηση Διεθνούς Οικονομίας και Πολιτικής 5.26
5.E Agricultural Economics 6.30
CYPR Agricultural Economics Report 3.14A
STAT Agricultural Statistics See Γεωργικές Στατιστικές 23.3B
STAT Agricultural Survey See Γεωργικές Στατιστικές 23.3B
17.T AHDGA Galvaworld (The) See AGA Galvaworld (The) 62.22
12.C AI and Society - Artificial Intelligence 36.26
12.C Ai Communications: the European Journal on Artificial Intelligence 36.26
12.C AI Magazine 36.26
17.T AICHE Journal: Chemical Engineering Research and Development 62.22
16.M AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses 60.25
10.L AILA Review 28.21
12.C AISB Journal: the Interdisciplinary Journal of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behavior 36.26
12.C AISB quarterly : Νewsletter of the Society for the Study Ofartificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behavior 36.26
1.GW Aktuell 5.10A
2.P Aletheia: an International Yearbook of Philosophy 8.5Α
12.C Algorithmica - an International Journal to Computer Science 36.26
2.P Allgemeine Zeitschrift für Philosophie 8.5Α
1.GW Allons-y 5.10A
10.L ALTA Newsletter 28.21
8.H Alte Orient 19.30
9.C Altsprachliche Unterricht (Der) 24.26
11.M Amaranth (The): Bulletin of the Modern Greek Studies Program, University of Toronto 35.33
3.S American Anthropologist 1.10
2.P American Behavioral Scientist 8.6A
16.M American Biology Teacher 60.26
5.E American Economic Journal : Applied Economics 6.31
5.E American Economic Journal : Economic Policy 6.31
5.E American Economic Journal : Macroeconomics 6.30
5.E American Economic Journal : Microeconomics 6.31
5.E American Economic Review (group) 6.34
6.E American Educational Research Journal & Review of Educational Res & Educat Researcher 17.2
6.E American Educator 17.3
3.S American Ethnologist 1.10
8.H American Heritage: the Magazine of History 19.30
8.H American Historical Association: Annual Meeting / American Historical Association: Program of the Annual Meeting / Program of the... Annual Meeting 19.32
8.H American Historical Association: Annual Report See Annual Report of the American Historical Association 23.28
8.H American Historical Association: Program of the Annual Meeting / Program of th ... Annual Meeting / American Historical Association: Annual Meeting 19.32
8.H American Historical Review (The) 19.32
16.M American Journal of Agricultural Economics 60.26
8.H American Journal of Ancient History 20.2
16.M American Journal of Bioethics 60.27
16.M American Journal of Cardiology (The) 60.28
6.E American Journal of Distance Education 17.3
6.E American Journal of Education 17.3
16.M American Journal of Human Biology: the Official Journal of the Human Biology Council 60.33
16.M American Journal of Human Genetics 60.33
4.L American Journal of International Law 4.27
16.M American Journal of Kidney Diseases 60.34
13.M American Journal of Mathematics 41.14
16.M American Journal of Medicine 61.1
16.M American Journal of Mental Deficiency See American Journal on Mental Retardation 61.1
10.L American Journal of Philology (vol.30 (1909) βρίσκεται μπροστά στον πάγκο) 28.23
14.P American Journal of Physics 48.23
3.S American Journal of Political Science 1.11
2.P American Journal of Psychology (The) 8.6Α
16.M American Journal of Roentgeology, Radium Therapy and Nuclear Medicine 61.1
3.S American Journal of Sociology 1.12
16.M American Journal on Mental Retardation 61.1
18.I American Libraries 66.21
13.M American Mathematical Monthly 41.17
9.C American Philological Association Newsletter 24.26
9.C American Philological Association. Transactions of the American Philological Association 24.26
3.S American Political Science Association: American Political Science Review & PS American Political Science and Politics & Perspectives on Politics 1.14
3.S American Politics Quarterly 1.14
3.S American Politics Research 1.14
2.P American Psychologist 8.6Α
14.P American Scientist 48.24
3.S American Sociological Review 1.15
3.S American Sociologist 1.16
12.C American Statistical Association: Papers Presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Statistical Association Proceedings of the Statistical Computing Section 36.27
5.E American Statistical Association: Proceedings of the Business and Economic Statistics Section 7.14
5.E American Statistical Association: Proceedings of the Section on Statistical Education 7.14
5.E American Statistical Association: Proceedings of the Section on Statistical Graphics 7.14
3.S American Statistical Association: Proceedings of the Social Statistics Sections 1.16
13.M American Statistician 41.21
8.H American-Arab Affairs See Middle East Policy 23.14
4.L Amnesty International News 4.27
8.H Anabases:Traditions et reception de l'antiquite 20.2
2.P Analecta Bollandiana 8.6Α
3.S Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy 1.16
13.M Analysis - International Mathematical Journal of Analysis and its Application 41.23
STAT Analysis of Wholesale and Retail Trade See Στατιστική Χονδρικού και Λιανικού Εμπορίου 24.7B
15.C Analytical Chemistry - Columbus 55.18
8.H Ancient History Bulletin 20.3
2.P Ancient Philosophy 8.10Α
8.H Ancient Society 20.3
8.H Ancient World 20.4
1.GW Angelaki: Journal of Theoretical Humanities 5.10Α
15.C Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 55.30
8.H Anglo-Hellenic review (The) 20.4
16.M Animal Research and Development 61.2
16.M Ankara Universitesi Eczacilik Fakultesi Dergisi 61.2
14.P Annalen der Physik 48.24
13.M Annales de l' Institut Fourier 41.24
3.S Annales: Économies, Sociétés, Civilisations 1.16
3.S Annales: Histoire Sciences Sociales 1.16
2.P Annali della Facolta di Lettere e Filosofia dell' Universita di Bari 8.11Α
2.P Annali della Facolta di Lettere e Filosofia dell' Universita di Milano See ACME 8.4A
13.M Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa - Classe di Scienze - Series IV 41.27
2.P Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa: Classe di Lettere e Filosofia & Quaderni 8.11Α
14.P Annals of Physics 48.24
16.M Annals of Anatomy: Anatomischer Anzeiger 61.2
13.M Annals of Applied Probability 41.28
13.M Annals of Applied Statistics 41.29
13.M Annals of Mathematics 41.30
12.C Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence 36.27
13.M Annals of Mathematics Computing Teleinformatics 41.33
17.T Annals of Operations Research - Paperbound Edition 62.22
13.M Annals of Probability 41.33
12.C Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 36.28
13.M Annals of Statistics 42.2
3.S Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 1.19
13.M Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics 42.5
8.H Annals of Tourism Research 20.4
18.I Année Epigraphique 66.22
10.L Année Francophone Internationale (L') 28.30
2.P Année Psychologique 8.12Α
3.S Année Sociologique (la) 1.19
2.P Anno Domini: Περιοδική Έκδοση για την Ιστορική Παρουσία της Καθολικής Εκκλησίας στην Ελλάδα 8.12Α
8.H Annuaire de l' Université de Sofia "St. Kliment Ohridski": Centre de Recherches Slavo-byzantines "Ivan Dujcev" 20.4
8.H Annuaire des Archives Medievales See Μεσαιωνικά και Νέα Ελληνικά 19.25
5.E Annuaire des Statistiques du Tourisme 7.14
4.L Annuaire Francais de Droit International 4.27
5.E Annual Bulletin of Electric Energy Statistics for Europe 7.14
1.GW Annual Report [The Warburg Institute] 5.10Α
CYPR Annual Report [Auditor-General of the Republic of Cyprus] - see: Ετήσια Έκθεση [Γενικού Ελεγκτή της Δημοκρατίας 2.4A
CYPR Annual Report [Bank of Cyprus] See Ετήσια Έκθεση [Συγκροτήματος Τράπεζας Κύπρου] 2.5A
CYPR Annual Report [Central Bank of Cyprus] See Ετήσια Έκθεση [Κεντρικής Τράπεζας Κύπρου] 2.4A
CYPR Annual Report [Commision for Protection of Competition] / Annual Report of CPC See Ετήσια Έκθεση [Επιτροπής Προστασίας του Ανταγωνισμού] / Ετήσια Έκθεση ΕΠΑ 2.4A
CYPR Annual Report [Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organisation] See Ετήσια Έκθεση [Κυπριακού Οργανισμού Αγροτικών Πληρωμών] 2.5A
CYPR Annual Report [Cyprus Tourism Organization] See Ετήσια Έκθεση [Κυπριακού Οργανισμού Τουρισμού] 2.5A
CYPR Annual Report [Electricity Authority of Cyprus] See Ετήσια Έκθεση [Αρχής Ηλεκτρισμού Κύπρου] 2.3A
CYPR Annual Report [Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus] See Ετήσια Έκθεση [Αρχής Ανάπτυξης Ανθρώπινου Δυναμικού Κύπρου] 2.3Α
CYPR Annual Report [Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism] See Ετήσια Έκθεση [Υπουργείου Εμπορίου, Βιομηχανίας και Τουρισμού] 2.5Α
CYPR Annual Report [Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance] See Ετήσια Έκθεση [Υπουργείου Εργασίας και Κοινωνικών Ασφαλίσεων] 2.5Α
CYPR Annual Report [Telecommunications Authority of Cyprus] See Ετήσια Έκθεση [Αρχής Τηλεπικοινωνιών Κύπρου] 2.3Α
5.E Annual Report [Union of Greek Shipowners] SeeΕτήσια Έκθεση [Ένωσις Ελλήνων Εφοπλιστών] 5.28
CYPR Annual Report [Woolworth Group] See: Ετήσια Έκθεση [Woolworth Group] 2.3Α
17.T Annual Report Joint Research Center 63.1
CYPR Annual Report of Cyprus Airways 3.14A
8.H Annual Report of the American Historical Association 23.28
CYPR Annual Report of the Analytical Laboratories Section 3.14A
CYPR Annual Report of the Cyprus Shipping Council 3.14A
CYPR Annual Report of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources See Ετήσια Έκθεση Υπουργείου Γεωργίας, Φυσικών Πόρων και Περιβάλλοντος 2.6Α
3.S Annual Report on the State of the Drugs Problem in the European Union 1.19
CYPR Annual Report: Department of Postal Services, Ministry of Communications and Works 3.14A
6.E Annual Report: European University Association 17.3
16.M Annual Report: Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association See Ετήσια έκθεση [Ελληνικής Ένωσης Προστασίας Θαλάσσιου Περιβάλλοντος] 60.23
5.E Annual Report: International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes 7.14
2.P Annual Resource Companion See ARC (The) 8.13A
5.E Annual Review - International Accounting Standards Committee 7.14
3.S Annual Review of Anthropology 1.20
10.L Annual Review of Applied Linguistics 28.30
14.P Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics 48.25
15.C Annual Review of Biochemistry 55.33
16.M Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology 61.2
10.L Annual Review of Cognitive Linguistics 28.30
14.P Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics 48.25
15.C Annual Review of Physical Chemistry 55.33
16.M Annual Review of Plant Physiology 61.2
3.S Annual Review of Sociology 1.20
2.P Annuarium Historiae Conciliorum 8.12Α
10.L Anthropological Linguistics 28.30
18.I Anthropos: Revista de Documentacion Cientifica de la Cultura 66.23
8.H Antichthon - Journal of the Australian Society for Classical Studies 20.4
2.P Antiguedad y Cristianismo: Monografias Historicas Sobre la Antiguedad Tardia 8.13A
9.C Antike und Abendland 24.27
8.H Antiquite Classique 20.5
5.E Anuario des Estadisticas del Turismo See Annuaire des Statistiques du Tourisme 7.14
18.I Anzeiger der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften - Philosophisch Historische Kl 66.23
8.H Anzeiger für die Altertumswissenschaft 20.6
13.M Anziam Journal 42.8
2.P APA Monitor See Monitor on Psychology 11.12A
12.C APL Quote Quad 36.29
17.T Applied Acoustics 63.1
13.M Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis 42.9
12.C Applied Artificial Intelligence 36.30
15.C Applied Catalysis A - General - Including Cumulative Indexes 56.2
15.C Applied Catalysis B - Environmental 56.3
5.E Applied Economics & Applied Financial Economics 7.14
5.E Applied Economics Letters 7.17
17.T Applied Energy 63.1
5.E Applied Financial Economics (group) 7.17
17.T Applied Geography and Development 63.1
12.C Applied Intelligence 36.31
10.L Applied Language Learning 28.31
10.L Applied Linguistics 28.31
13.M Applied Mathematics and Οptimization: an International Journal with Applications to Stochastics 42.9
13.M Applied Mathematics Letters 42.9
17.T Applied Mechanics Reviews 63.2
13.M Applied Numerical Mathematics 42.10
14.P Applied Optics 48.25
14.P Applied Physics A 48.32
14.P Applied Physics B 48.32
14.P Applied Physics Letters 48.32
13.M Applied Probability: Complete Author and Subject Index 42.11
10.L Applied Psycholinguistics 28.31
17.T Applied Research Review: Journal of Technological Education Institute of Pireaus See Επιστημονική Επετηρίδα Εφαρμοσμένης Έρευνας: Περιοδική Επιστημονική Έκδοση του ΤΕΙ Πειραιά 62.16
14.P Applied Rheology 49.7
15.C Applied Spectroscopy 56.4
6.E Approved Programme and Budget for… 17.3
CYPR Arab Affairs 3.14A
6.E Arbeitsbericht: Hochschulrektorenkonferenz 17.3
10.L Arc (L') 28.32
2.P ARC (The) 8.13A
10.L Arcadia 28.32
14.P Archaeoastronomy 49.8
8.H Archaeological Reports 20.6
17.T Architects' Year Book 63.2
17.T Architecture AND Urbanism See A & U 62.20
17.T Architecture d'aujourd'hui (L') 63.2
17.T Architecture in Greece See Αρχιτεκτονικά Θέματα 62.15
7.A Architektur, Innenarchitektur, Technischer Ausbau 8.1
17.T Architektur.aktuell 63.2
7.A Archithese 8.1
13.M Archiv der Mathematik 42.11
2.P Archiv für Begriffsgeschichte & Sonderhefte 8.13A
2.P Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 8.13A
9.C Archiv für Papyrusforschung und Verwandte Gebiete 24.28
2.P Archiv für Philosophie 9.1A
3.S Archiv für Rechts und Sozialphilosophie 1.21
8.H Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte: Internationale Zeitschrift zur Erforschung der Reformation und ihrer Weltwirkungen / Archive for Reformation History: an International Journal Concerned with the History of the Reformation and its Significance in World Affairs 20.6
2.P Archiv für Religionspsychologie 9.1A
13.M Archive for Mathematical Logic: Continuation of Archiv für Mathematische Logik und Grundlagenforschung 42.12
13.M Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis 42.12
8.H Archive of Thessalian Studies See Αρχείο Θεσσαλικών Μελετών 19.10
2.P Archives d' Histoire Doctrinale et Litteraire du Moyen Âge 9.1A
2.P Archives de Philosophie 9.1A
3.S Archives de Philosophie du Droit 1.21
10.L Archives des Lettres Modernes 28.32
16.M Archives des Maladies du Coeur et des Vaisseaux: Journal d' Expression de la Société Française de Cardiologie 61.3
16.M Archives des Maladies du Coeur et des Vaisseaux: Pratique 61.5
8.H Archivio Storico Italiano 20.6
9.C Arctos - Acta PhiloLogica Fennica 24.28
9.C Arethusa 24.30
8.H Arheološki Vestnik: Acta Arcaeologica 20.7
10.L Ariel - a Review of International English Literature 28.33
1.GW ARIEL: Israel Review of Arts and Letters 5.10Α
10.L Arion 28.34
13.M Arithmetic Teacher See Teaching Children Mathematics 48.7
3.S Arkhiv Marksa I Engel' sa 1.21
13.M Arkiv för Matematik 42.13
10.L Armchair Detective (The) 28.35
3.S Armenia Today 1.21
16.M Army Medical Department : Report for the Year... 61.8
15.C Arnes Journal fur Guten Geschmack 56.4
10.L ARSBOK: Yearbook of the Society of Letters 28.35
7.A Art Book 8.1
7.A Art Bulletin 8.1
7.A Art Education & NAEA News 8.1
7.A Art Heineken Agenda 8.2
7.A Art History & Art Book 8.2
7.A Art in America 8.2
7.A Art Investor 8.2
7.A Art Journal 8.3
7.A Art Magazine 8.3
7.A Art News Annual 8.3
7.A Art: das Kunstmagazin 8.3
7.A Artforum International 8.3
CYPR Arti.on 3.14A
7.A Arti: Art Today See Άρτι: η Τέχνη Σήμερα 7.1
16.M Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 61.8
12.C Artificial Intelligence Review 36.33
CYPR ArtPages - ceased 3.14A
16.M ASCB Newsletter 61.8
6.E Asia - Pacific Journal of Teacher Education & Development 17.3
17.T Asia Research Network 63.4
5.E Asia Risk (group) 7.18
2.P Asian Philosophy: An International Journal of Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Buddhist, Persian and Islamic Philosophical Traditions 9.2A
6.E Assessment in Education - Principles Policy and Practice 17.3
13.M Assistantships and Graduate Fellowships in the Mathematical Sciences - American Mathematical Society 42.13
1.GW Association des Amis de la Grece See Ελληνικά Χρονικά: Σύλλογος των Φίλων της Ελλάδος 5.2Α
2.P Association for Child Psychology and Psychiatry Newsletter 9.2A
13.M Asterisque 42.13
14.P Astroparticle Physics 49.8
13.M Asymptotic Analysis 42.17
10.L Atelier du Roman (L') 28.35
9.C Atene e Roma 24.31
1.GW Athena Magazine 5.10Α
9.C Athenaeum - Como 24.31
1.GW Athens College Bulletin 5.10Α
1.GW Athens Insider : the City Magazine of Athens 5.10Α
6.E Athens Journal of Education (The) See Αθήνησιν Περιοδικόν των Επιστημών Αγωγής (Το) 16.17
18.I Athens Review of Books (The) 66.23
STAT Atlas of the Census of Population See Άτλας Απογραφής Πληθυσμού 23.3B
2.P Attachment & Human Development 9.2A
1.GW Attitude 5.10Α
CYPR Audit Review See Ελεγκτικό Βήμα 1.11Α
5.E Auditing - a Journal of Practice and Theory 7.18
2.P Augustiniana 9.2A
2.P Augustinianum: Periodicum Semestre Instituti Patristici Augustinianum 9.3A
18.I Auktion 66.24
3.S Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte 1.21
10.L Ausblicke See Απόψεις: Νέα Ρεύματα στην Ελληνική και Γερμανική Λογοτεχνία 28.18
3.S Aussen Politik 1.21
15.C Australia & New Zealand 56.4
5.E Australian Accountant 7.19
5.E Australian Accounting Review 7.19
3.S Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology 1.21
13.M Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics 42.17
12.C Australian Computer Journal 36.34
5.E Australian CPA: Journal of the Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants - See Australian Accountant 7.19
5.E Australian Economic Papers 7.19
10.L Australian Journal of French Studies 28.35
4.L Australian Journal of Human Rights 4.27
3.S Australian Journal of International Affairs 1.22
10.L Australian Journal of Linguistics 28.35
3.S Australian Journal of Political Science 1.22
13.M Australian Journal of Statistics See Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics 42.17
8.H Austriaca: Cahiers Universitaires d' Information sur l' Autriche 20.7
10.L Authentically English 28.35
10.L Author - Canadian Linguistic Association 28.35
12.C Automated Software Engineering 36.34
17.T Automatica 63.4
1.GW Autre Grèce (L'): Revue Bimestrielle 5.10Α
6.E Autrement: Série Mutations/Serie Monde 17.3


Subject category Title Shelf
10.L Babel - Revue Internationale de la Traduction 29.2
10.L Baker Street Journal: an Irregular Quarterly of Sherlockiana 29.3
5.E Balance of Payments Statistics Yearbook 7.19
8.H Balkan Review 20.7
8.H Balkan Studies: a Βiannual Publication of the Institute for Balkan Studies 20.7
8.H Balkan Sudosteuropäischer Dialog 20.9
5.E Banca Nazionale del Lavoro: Quarterly Review: Rivista Trimestrale 7.20
5.E Bank Accounting & Finance 7.20
5.E Bank of England - Option A - Quarterly Bulletin & Inflation Report 7.20
5.E Bank of England: Inflation Report 7.21
5.E Bank of England: Monetary Policy Committee - Minutes and Press Notices 7.21
5.E Banks and Bank Systems 7.23
5.E Banque du Liban: Annual Report 7.23
5.E Banque du Liban: Monthly Bulletin 7.23
5.E Banque du Liban: Quarterly Bulletin 7.23
5.E Banque Mondiale Rapport Annuel See World Bank Annual Report 16.14
15.C Barolo & Co. 56.4
17.T Bauen und Wohnen: Construction and Habitation Building and Home See Werk - B+W 66.17
17.T Bauwelt 63.5
7.A BBC Music Magazine 8.3
1.GW BBC Worldwide 5.10Α
7.A Beaux Arts Magazine: Actualité des Arts 8.3
6.E Behavior Therapy 17.4
18.I Behavioral & Social Sciences Librarian 67.1
2.P Behavioral and Brain Sciences 9.3A
5.E Behavioral Research in Accounting 7.23
4.L Behavioral Sciences and the Law 4.28
8.H Beiruter Blaetter 20.9
2.P Beitrage zur Geschichte der Sprachwissenschaft 9.3A
1.GW Belfagor: Rassegna di Varia Umanita 5.10Α
5.E Bell Journal of Economics and Management Science See Rand Journal of Economics 15.16
5.E Bell Journal of Economics See Rand Journal of Economics 15.16
16.M Berichte aus dem Zentrum für Meeres- und Klimaforschung der Universität Hamburg 61.8
16.M Berichte aus dem Zentrum für Meeres- und Klimaforschung. Reihe A: Meteorologie 61.9
15.C Berichte der Deutschen Chemischen Gesellschraft 56.5
8.H Berliner Jahrbuch für Vor- und Frühgeschichte 20.9
7.A Berliner Kunstblatt 8.3
13.M Bernoulli News: Newsletter of the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability 42.18
13.M Bernoulli: Official Journal of the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability 42.18
18.I Bestseller: το Περιοδικό για το Βιβλίο 67.1
17.T Beton Kalender 63.7
18.I Bibligrafia Kombetare e Republikes se Shqiperise: Antikuit e Periodikut Shqiptar 67.1
8.H Bibliographie Annuelle du Moyen Âge Tardif 20.9
18.I Bibliographie Hellénique: Edition Mensuelle See Ελληνική Βιβλιογραφία: Μηνιαίον Δελτίον 66.20
18.I Bibliotheca Alexandrina 67.1
18.I Bibliotheca Orientalis 67.1
10.L Bibliotheque d' Humanisme et Renaissance 29.3
18.I Biblos - Wien 67.2
7.A Bildende Kunst 8.3
6.E Bildung und Wissenschaft 17.4
10.L Bilingualism - Language and Cognition 29.4
16.M Biochemical Genetics 61.9
15.C Biochemistry - Columbus 56.26
15.C Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Bioenergetics 56.31
16.M Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics: an International Journal Devoted to Electrochemical Aspects of Biology and Biological Aspects of Electrochemistry 61.9
4.L Bioethics 4.28
15.C Biomacromolecules 56.32
13.M Biometrics 42.18
13.M Biometrika 42.19
16.M Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters: a Tetrahedron Publication for Rapid Dissemination of Preliminary Communications on all Aspects of Bioorganic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and Related Disciplines 61.10
15.C Biopolymers 56.32
16.M Bird Report 61.10
13.M BIT - Numerical Mathematics 42.20
8.H Bizantinistica: Rivista di Studi Bizantini e Slavi / Rivista di Bizantinistica / Bizantinistica: Spolero 20.10
8.H Bizantinistica: Spolero See Bizantinistica: Rivista di Studi Bizantini e Slavi 20.10
3.S Blatter für Deutsche und Internationale Politik 1.22
7.A Blitz Magazine 8.3
2.P Bochumer Philosophisches Jahrbuch für Antike und Mittelalter 9.4A
3.S Body and Society 1.22
10.L Boletin de la Real Academia de Buenas Letras de Barcelona 29.4
9.C Bolletino del Comitato 24.35
11.M Bolletino dell' Istituto di Filologia Greca 35.33
9.C Bollettino dei Classici & Supplementa 24.35
2.P Bollettino della Badia Greca di Grottaferrata 9.4A
2.P Bollettino della Fondazione Nazionale "Vito Fazio-Allmayer" 9.4A
9.C Bollettino di Studi Latini 24.35
1.GW Bonjour 5.10Α
10.L Book Promotion News 29.5
15.C Bordeaux 56.33
10.L Boundary Two - an International Journal of Literature and Culture 29.5
15.C Bouquet 56.33
16.M Brain and Cognition 61.10
16.M Brain and Language 61.11
17.T Brandschutz in Öffentlichen und Privatwirtschaftlichen Gebäuden 63.7
5.E British Accounting Review 7.23
18.I British Book News 67.2
6.E British Educational Research Journal 17.4
4.L British Institute of International and Comparative Law Newsletter 4.28
8.H British Journal for Eighteenth Century Studies 20.10
2.P British Journal for the History of Philosophy 9.4A
14.P British journal for the Philosophy of Science (The) 49.8
18.I British Journal of Academic Librarianship 67.2
2.P British Journal of Aesthetics 9.4A
3.S British Journal of Criminology 1.23
2.P British Journal of Developmental Psychology (group) 9.5A
6.E British Journal of Educational Psychology 17.5
6.E British Journal of Educational Studies 17.5
6.E British Journal of Educational Technology 17.5
6.E British Journal of Guidance & Counselling 17.6
5.E British Journal of Management 7.23
8.H British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 20.10
7.A British Journal of Music Education 8.4
3.S British Journal of Political Science 1.23
3.S British Journal of Politics & International Relations 1.24
2.P British Journal of Social Psychology (group) 9.5A
3.S British Journal of Sociology 1.24
6.E British Journal of Sociology of Education 17.6
6.E British Journal of Special Education 17.6
6.E British Journal of Teaching Physical Education 17.7
16.M British Medical Journal 61.13
16.M British Medical Journal: Middle East 61.13
7.A British Museum Magazine 8.4
16.M British National Formulary 61.14
4.L British Yearbook of International Law 4.28
5.E Brookings Papers on Economic Activity 7.24
5.E Brookings Papers on Economic Activity - Macroeconomics 7.24
6.E Brookings Papers on Education Policy 17.7
5.E Brookings Trade Forum 7.26
5.E Brookings: Wharton Papers on Financial Services 7.26
3.S Brookings: Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs 1.25
8.H Bulgarian Historical Review 20.10
8.H Bulgaristika 20.10
6.E Bulletin [Association of Commonwealth Universities] 17.7
8.H Bulletin Analytique d' Histoire Romaine 20.10
5.E Bulletin Annuel de Statistiques de l' Energie Electrique pour l' Europe See Annual Bulletin of Electric Energy Statistics for Europe 7.14
13.M Bulletin Canadien de Mathematiques See Canadian Mathematical Bulletin 42.30
8.H Bulletin d' Information et de Coordination 20.10
8.H Bulletin de Correspondance Hellénique - Complet 20.10
4.L Bulletin de droit compare du travail et de la securite sociale 4.29
10.L Bulletin de l' Academie du Var 29.5
6.E Bulletin de l' Association Française des Psychologues Scolaires 17.7
9.C Bulletin de l' Association Guillaume Bude 25.2
1.GW Bulletin de l' USEK 5.10Α
10.L Bulletin de la S.I.E.Y See Société Internationale d' Études Yourcenariennes Bulletin 32.34
10.L Bulletin de la Société de Linguistique de Paris 29.6
10.L Bulletin de la Société des Lecteurs de Jean Paulhan 29.11
10.L Bulletin de la Société Française d' Études du Dix Huitieme Siecle 29.11
8.H/RARE Bulletin de la societe historique Bulgare Box 25
10.L Bulletin de la Société Internationale d' Études Yourcenariennes / Société Internationale d' Études Yourcenariennes Bulletin / Bulletin de la S.I.E.Y 32.34
13.M Bulletin de la Société Mathematique de France & Memoires de la Société Mathematique Franc 42.21
10.L Bulletin de Lettre Internationale See Nouvelle lettre internationale 31.34
11.M Bulletin de Liaison Neo-hellénique 35.33
11.M Bulletin des Études Grecques Modernes et Contemporaires 35.33
13.M Bulletin des Sciences Mathematiques 42.23
6.E Bulletin du Bureau International d' Éducation See Bulletin of the International Bureau of Education 17.7
2.P Bulletin du Groupe d' Études de Psychologie de l' Université de Paris 9.5A
8.H Bulletin of British Byzantine Studies 20.11
5.E Bulletin of Conjunctural Indicators SeeΣτατιστικό Δελτίο Οικονομικής Συγκυρίας 6.12
5.E Bulletin of Economic Research 7.26
6.E Bulletin of Education 17.7
8.H Bulletin of Judaeo-Greek Studies 20.11
18.I Bulletin of Reprints 67.3
13.M Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society 42.23
14.P Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 49.8
14.P Bulletin of the American Physical Society 49.9
9.C Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists 25.3
13.M Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society 42.25
9.C Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies 25.3
6.E Bulletin of the International Bureau of Éducation 17.7
13.M Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society 42.26
18.I Bulletin of the National Library of Canada 67.3
2.P Bulletin of the Royal Institute for Inter-faith Studies 9.5A
10.L Bulletin of the School of Oriental Studies 29.11
16.M Bulletin of the World Health Organization 61.14
8.H Bulletin: a Periodical Edition of Corinthian Research, Studies, Collections of Cultural, Historical, Laographic and Scientific Subjects See Δελτίο: Περιοδική Έκδοση Έρευνας, Μελέτης, Καταγραφής, Πολιτιστικών, Ιστορικών, Λαογραφικών, Επιστημονικών Θεμάτων Κορινθίας 19.14
8.H Bulletin:Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East 20.11
7.A/RARE Burlingotn Magazine (The) Box 26-27
7.A Burlington Magazine & Cumulative Index - previous title: Burlington Magazine (The): for Connoisseurs 8.4
7.A Burlington Magazine (The) 8.4
5.E Business and Society 7.27
5.E Business File 7.27
5.E Business File Newsletter 7.27
5.E Business Horizons 7.27
5.E Business Officer 7.27
5.E Business Partners 7.27
5.E Business Review (Alpha Bank) 7.27
5.E Business Strategy and the Environment 7.28
5.E Business Week - European Edition-Bloomberg Business Week 7.28
10.L Byron Journal (The) 29.11
12.C Byte 36.34
8.H Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies 20.11
8.H Byzantine Studies 21.11
8.H Byzantinische Forschungen 20.12
8.H Byzantinische Zeitschrift 20.14
8.H Byzantinisch-Neugriechische Jahrbucher: Internationales Wissenschaftliches Organ 20.19
8.H Byzantinoslavica: International Journal of Byzantine Studies 20.20
11.M Byzantion 36.1
8.H Byzantion Nea Hellas 20.23


Subject category Title Shelf
15.C C’est Harrods avec l’Accent Francais 56.33
7.A C3 8.5
5.E CA / CA Magazine (Edinburg): Advances in Strategic Management 7.31
5.E CA Magazine (Edinburg) / CA: Advances in Strategic Management 7.31
5.E CA Magazine (Toronto) 7.31
9.C CA News - Classical Association 25.5
5.E CA News: a Members' Supplement to CA 7.32
1.GW Ça va? 5.10Α
7.A CAA News 8.5
18.I CAB Newsletter: Conservazione Negli Archivi e Nelle Biblioteche. Nuova serie 67.3
8.H Cahiers d' Histoire Mondiale 20.23
3.S Cahiers de Fontenay (Les) 1.25
10.L Cahiers de Grammaire 29.11
9.C Cahiers de l' Institut du Moyen Âge Grec et Latin 25.5
7.A Cahiers de la Compagnie Madeleine Renaud-Jean Louis Barrault 8.5
7.A Cahiers de la Rotonde 8.5
10.L Cahiers de Lexicologie - Revue Internationale de Lexicologie et Lexicographie 29.11
10.L Cahiers de Linguistique Française 29.12
11.M Cahiers de Pandora: Regards sur les Cultures Européennes 36.5
8.H Cahiers des Études Anciennes 20.23
7.A Cahiers du Cinema 8.5
3.S Cahiers du Genre 1.25
3.S Cahiers Europeens de l'imaginaire 1.25
10.L Cahiers Ferdinand de Saussure 29.12
1.GW Cahiers Français (Les) 5.10Α
3.S Cahiers Internationaux de Sociologie 1.25
10.L Cahiers Jean Paulhan 29.12
6.E Cahiers Pédagogiques 17.7
8.H Cahiers Βalkaniques 20.23
5.E California Management Review 7.32
9.C California Studies in Classical Antiquity 25.6
9.C Cambridge Classical Journal: Proceedings of the Cambridge Philological Society- previous title: Proceedings of the Cambridge Philological Society 25.6
5.E Cambridge Journal of Economics 7.33
6.E Cambridge Journal of Education 17.9
10.L Cambridge Quarterly 29.13
10.L Camera Obscura - a Journal of Feminism, Culture and Media Studies 29.13
14.P Canadian Journal of Analytical Sciences and Spectroscopy 49.9
10.L Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics 29.14
14.P Canadian Journal of Applied Spectroscopy 49.9
15.C Canadian Journal of Chemistry 56.33
3.S Canadian Journal of Criminology - Revue Canadienne de Criminologie 1.25
5.E Canadian Journal of Economics 7.33
8.H Canadian Journal of History 20.23
13.M Canadian Journal of Mathematics 42.26
14.P Canadian Journal of Physics 49.9
3.S Canadian Journal of Political Science 1.26
14.P Canadian Journal of Research: Section B: Chemical Sciences 49.12
13.M Canadian Journal of Statistics 42.28
13.M Canadian Mathematical Bulletin 42.30
3.S Canadian Review of Studies in Nationalism 1.27
10.L Canadian Slavonic Papers 29.14
16.M Cancer Cell 61.14
16.M Cancer Research 61.14
5.E Capital & Class 7.35
16.M Cardiologie 61.19
16.M Cardiology in Review 61.19
16.M Cardiology in the Elderly 61.19
16.M Cardiology International 61.19
16.M Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy 61.19
8.H Caribbean Quarterly 20.23
5.E Carnegie Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy: a Bi-annual Conference Proceedings 7.35
7.A Casabella 8.6
10.L Cassandre 29.14
8.H Catalonia Culture See Catalonia 20.24
8.H Catalonia 20.24
18.I Catholic Library World 67.3
15.C Cava: the Elite Beverage Magazine 57.3
17.T CD-ROM News Extra 63.7
17.T CD-ROM Newsletter 63.7
17.T CD-ROM Professional 63.7
16.M Cell 61.19
16.M Cell Stem Cell 61.23
16.M Cell Transplantation 61.23
STAT Census of Agriculture See Απογραφή Γεωργίας 23.2Β
STAT Census of Construction See Απογραφή Κατασκευών 23.3Β
STAT Census of Establishments See Απογραφή Επιχειρήσεων 23.2Β
STAT Census of Industrial Production 24.7B
STAT/RARE Census of Population = Απογραφή Πληθυσμού Box28
STAT Census of Population See Απογραφή Πληθυσμού 23.3Β
CYPR Central Bank of Cyprus Annual Report 3.14A
CYPR Central Bank of Cyprus Bulletin 3.14A
CYPR Central Bank of Cyprus Quarterly Economic Review 3.14A
8.H Central European History 20.24
5.E CEPR (Centre for Economic Policy Research) Bulletin 8.2
5.E CEPR Discussion Paper Series 8.2
5.E CEPR Policy Paper 8.6
STAT Cereals Statistics See Στατιστικές Σιτηρών 24.4B
5.E Certified Accountant See Accounting & Business 6.18
5.E CGA Magazine 8.7
15.C Champagne 57.3
6.E Changing English: Studies in Culture and Education 17.9
14.P Chaos: an Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 49.12
11.M Charioteer (The) 36.5
CYPR Check-up 3.14A
7.A Chefs - d' Oeuvre de l' Art 8.8
15.C ChemBioChem: a European Journal of Chemical Biology 57.3
15.C Chemical Communications - Letchworth 57.3
17.T Chemical Engineering Progress PER/STORE Box 583-584
15.C Chemical Physics 57.7
15.C Chemical Physics Letters 57.10
15.C Chemical Reviews - Columbus 57.13
15.C Chemical Week 57.17
17.T Chemie Ingenieur Technik: VerfahrensTechnik Technische Chemie Apparatwessen BioTechnologie 63.7
15.C Chemistry - a European Journal 57.17
15.C Chemistry Letters 57.18
15.C Chemistry of Materials: a Publication of the American Chemical Society 57.22
15.C Chemphyschem: a European Journal of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry 57.22
1.GW Chez Nous 5.10Α
1.GW Child Abuse & Neglect 5.10Α
6.E Child Care in Practice 17.9
6.E Child Development & Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development 17.9
6.E Children's Literature in Education: an International Quarterly 17.10
8.H China Pictorial 20.25
8.H China Reconstructs - China Today 20.25
8.H China Today-China Reconstructs 20.25
8.H Chinas Tibet: a Bimonthly of Tibetan News & Views 20.25
8.H Chiron: Mitteilungen der Kommission für Alte Geschichte und Epigraphik des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts 20.25
8.H Chronique d' Égypte 20.27
18.I Chronolog 67.3
6.E CIES Newsletter 17.10
5.E CIMA Insider - previous title: CIMA Student - Incorporated into the "Financial Management: the Magazine of CIMA" after 31 Jan. 2005 8.9
5.E CIMA Student 8.9
7.A Cinema: Europas Grosse Filmzeitschrift 8.8
16.M Circulation 61.23
2.P Cites: philosophie, politique, histoire 9.5A
6.E Citizenship Teaching and Learning 17.11
6.E Citizenship, Social and Economics Education: an International Journal 17.11
7.A Classic Cd: the Magazine you Can Listen to 8.8
9.C Classica et Mediaevalia 25.7
9.C Classical Antiquity - previous title: California Studies in Classical Antiquity 25.9
9.C Classical Bulletin 25.9
9.C Classical Journal 25.10
9.C Classical Philology 25.12
9.C Classical Quarterly 25.16
9.C Classical Review 25.19
9.C Classical Weekly (The) 25.22
9.C Classical World 25.22
1.GW Clés de l' Actualité 5.10Α
5.E Cles de l'actualites 8.9
CYPR Climatological Yearbook See Κλιματολογικά Χρονικά 2.7A
16.M Clinical Cancer Research 61.23
16.M Clinical Cardiology 61.27
10.L Clio - a Journal of Literature History and the Philosophy of History 29.16
5.E Club Feroviar: the Railway Business Magazine 8.9
10.L Clues: a Journal of Detection 29.16
5.E CMA - Management Accounting Magazine (The) 8.9
16.M CNRS: International Magazine 61.27
2.P Cognition & Emotion 9.6A
6.E Cognition and Instruction 17.11
2.P Cognition: International Journal of Cognitive Science 9.5A
6.E Cognitive and behavioral practice 17.11
2.P Cognitive Development 9.6A
2.P Cognitive Neuropsychology 9.6A
2.P Cognitive Psychology 9.6A
12.C Collected Algorithms from ACM 37.1
18.I Collection Management 67.3
18.I College and Research Libraries 67.3
18.I College and Research Libraries News 67.3
18.I College and Undergraduate Libraries 67.4
13.M College Mathematics Journal (The) 42.31
15.C Colloids and Surfaces: an International Journal Devoted to the Applications and Principles of Colloid and Interface Science 57.22
13.M Colloquium Mathematicum 42.31
1.GW Colors: a Magazine about the Rest of the World 5.11Α
1.GW Colors: Ένα Περιοδικό που Μιλάει για τον Υπόλοιπο Κόσμο See Colors: a Magazine about the Rest of the World 5.11Α
4.L Columbia Journal of International Affairs See Journal of International Affairs 5.7
18.I Columbia Library Columns 67.4
12.C Combinatorica 37.1
12.C Combinatorics Probability and Computing 37.2
13.M Combined Membership List - American Mathematical Society 42.32
10.L Commentaire 29.16
13.M Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici 42.32
10.L Commentationes Vindobonenses 29.16
14.P Comments on Atomic and Molecular Physics: a Journal of Critical Discussion of the Current Literature 49.13
14.P Comments on Condensed Matter Physics: a Journal of Critical Discussion of the Current Literature 49.13
14.P Comments on Nuclear and Particle Physics 49.13
14.P Comments on Solid State Physics 49.13
3.S Commonwealth - Essays and Studies 1.27
8.H Commonwealth Currents 20.27
3.S Communal Societies 1.27
6.E Communication Education 17.11
10.L Communications - Paris 29.16
13.M Communications in Algebra 42.33
13.M Communications in Applied Numerical Methods 43.4
17.T Communications in Numerical Methods in Engineering & Int Jnl for Numerical Methods in Engi (gr) 63.7
13.M Communications in Statistics See Stochastic Models 48.4
13.M Communications in Statistics: Simulation and Computation 43.4
13.M Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods 43.5
5.E Communications International 8.10
12.C Communications of the ACM 37.2
13.M Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics 43.9
3.S Community Development Employment: Bulletin 1.27
STAT Community, Social and Personal Services Statistics See Στατιστική Κοινοτικών, Κοινωνικών και Προσωπικών Υπηρεσιών 24.5B
10.L Comparatist 29.17
10.L Comparative Criticism 29.17
5.E Comparative Economic Studies 8.10
6.E Comparative Education 17.11
6.E Comparative Education Review & CIES Newsletter 17.12
10.L Comparative Literature 29.17
10.L Comparative Literature Studies 29.20
3.S Comparative Political Studies 1.27
3.S Comparative Politics 1.28
3.S Comparative Strategy 1.29
3.S Comparative Studies in Society and History 1.29
6.E Compare - a Journal of Comparative Education 17.14
5.E Compass (The): the Magazine of the Sea 8.16
12.C Complex Variables: Theory and Application 37.4
13.M Compositio Mathematica 43.10
3.S Comprendre: Revue de Politique de la Culture 1.29
13.M Comptes Rendus de l' Academie des Sciences - Serie I - Mathematique 43.10
12.C Computational Complexity 37.4
13.M Computational Geometry: Theory and Application 43.12
12.C Computational Intelligence 37.4
10.L Computational Linguistics 29.22
12.C Computational Logic 37.5
17.T Computational Mechanics Advances 63.8
13.M Computational Methods and Function Theory 43.12
13.M Computational Optimization and Applications 43.12
13.M Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 43.13
17.T Computer - IEEE Computer Magazine 63.8
12.C Computer Architecture News 37.5
12.C Computer Assisted Language Learning: an International Journal 37.5
17.T Computer Communications 63.10
12.C Computer Education 37.5
17.T Computer Graphics Forum 63.11
12.C Computer Journal - Oxford 37.5
12.C Computer Languages 37.6
16.M Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 61.27
17.T Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 63.11
12.C Computer Networks 37.6
12.C Computer Networks and ISDN Systems 37.6
12.C Computer Personnel 37.7
12.C Computer Review 37.7
12.C Computer Science Education 37.7
17.T Computer Spezial: Software für Architekten Ingenieure Bauunternehmen 63.14
12.C Computer Standards & Interfaces 37.7
12.C Computer για όλους 36.10
12.C Computer για όλους 36.10
6.E Computers and Education 17.14
17.T Computers and Fluids 63.14
12.C Computers and Mathematics with Applications 37.7
12.C Computers and Society See ACM Sigcas Newsletter: Computers and Society 36.15
18.I Computers and the Humanities 67.4
17.T Computers in Industry 63.15
14.P Computers in Physics 49.13
12.C Computers, Materials and Continua 37.9
12.C Computerworld 37.11
17.T Computing & Control: Engineering Journal 63.15
14.P Computing in Science and Engineering 49.13
12.C Computing: Archives for Informatics and Numerical Computation 37.11
8.H Comunicazioni dell' Istituto Papirologico 20.27
2.P Conceptus: Zeitschrift für Philosophie 9.7A
12.C Concurrency - Practice and Experience 37.11
12.C Concurrency and Computation - Practice and Experience 37.11
14.P Condensed Matter News 49.13
1.GW Conferencia 5.11Α
6.E Connect: UNESCO-UNEP Environmental Education Newsletter 17.14
6.E Connexion: Bulletin de l' Éducation Relative à l' Environnement Unesco-PNUE 17.14
2.P Constellations: an International Journal of Critical and Democratic Theory 9.7A
STAT Construction and Housing Report 24.7B
STAT Construction and Housing Statistics See Στατιστικές Κατασκευών και Στέγασης 24.2B
13.M Constructive Approximation 43.13
2.P Contacts: Revue Francaise de l' Orthodoxie 9.7A
5.E Contemporary Accounting Research 8.10
6.E Contemporary Educational Psychology 17.14
8.H Contemporary European History 20.28
10.L Contemporary Greek Literature 29.22
10.L Contemporary Literature 29.22
14.P Contemporary Physics 49.13
2.P Contemporary Psychology: a Journal of Reviews 9.7A
3.S Contemporary Security Policy 1.29
3.S Contemporary Sociology: a Journal of Reviews 1.29
5.E Contents of Recent Economics Journals 8.14
5.E Contents Pages in Management 8.14
2.P Continental Philosophy Review 9.7A
3.S Contrat Social [Le] : Revue Historique et Critique des Faits et des Idees 1.31
1.GW Contrepoint 5.11Α
5.E Contributions to Political Economy 8.16
5.E Convergence Report: European Central Bank 8.16
3.S Cooperation and Conflict 1.31
17.T Cordis Focus 63.15
17.T Cordis Focus: Research Policy Supplement 63.15
17.T Cordis Focus: SME Supplement 63.15
5.E Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly 8.16
5.E Corporate Social Responsibility Report 8.16
2.P Corpus 9.7A
17.T Corrosion Science: the Journal of Environmental Degradation of Materials and its Control 63.15
16.M Cortex 61.27
5.E Cost and Management 8.16
5.E Cost management 8.16
2.P Counselling Psychology Quarterly 9.7A
5.E Country Profile. Bahrain, Qatar 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Bulgaria, Albania 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Czech Republic and Slovakia 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Czechoslovakia 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Egypt 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Greece 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Hungary 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Iran 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Israel, the Occupied Territories 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Kazakstan 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Kuwait 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Morocco 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Oman 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Oman, Yemen 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Poland 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Romania 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Russia 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Saudi Arabia 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Sudan 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova 8.18
5.E Country Profile. United Arab Emirates 8.18
5.E Country Profile. USSR 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Yemen 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Yugoslavia (Serbia-Montenegro) 8.18
5.E Country Profile. Yugoslavia (Serbia-Montenegro), Macedonia 8.18
5.E Country Report. Bahrain, Qatar 8.18
5.E Country Report. Belarus, Moldova 8.18
5.E Country Report. Bosnia and Hercegovina 8.18
5.E Country Report. Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia 8.18
5.E Country Report. Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia, Slovenia 8.18
5.E Country Report. Bulgaria 8.18
5.E Country Report. Bulgaria, Albania 8.18
5.E Country Report. Czech Republic 8.18
5.E Country Report. Czech Republic and Slovakia 8.18
5.E Country Report. Czechoslovakia 8.18
5.E Country Report. Egypt 8.18
5.E Country Report. Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan 8.18
5.E Country Report. Greece 8.18
5.E Country Report. Hungary 8.18
5.E Country Report. Iran 8.18
5.E Country Report. Israel, the Occupied Territories 8.18
5.E Country Report. Kazakstan 8.18
5.E Country Report. Kuwait 8.18
5.E Country Report. Morocco 8.18
5.E Country Report. Oman 8,18
5.E Country Report. Oman, Yemen 8.18
5.E Country Report. Poland 8.18
5.E Country Report. Romania 8.19
5.E Country Report. Romania, Bulgaria, Albania 8.19
5.E Country Report. Russia 8.19
5.E Country Report. Saudi Arabia 8.19
5.E Country Report. Slovakia 8.19
5.E Country Report. Sudan 8.19
5.E Country Report. Ukraine 8.19
5.E Country Report. Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova 8.19
5.E Country Report. United Arab Emirates 8.19
5.E Country Report. USSR 8.19
5.E Country Report. Yemen 8.19
5.E Country Report. Yugoslavia (Serbia-Montenegro) 8.19
5.E Country Report. Yugoslavia (Serbia-Montenegro), Macedonia 8.19
5.E Courier (The ) 8.20
3.S Courrier des Pays de l' Est (Le): Politique, Économie et Société 1.31
3.S Courrier της Unesco / Ελληνική Έκδοση See Unesco Courrier (The) 4.17
5.E CPA Journal - Certified Public Accountant 8.20
2.P Creativity Research Journal 9.8A
4.L Criminal Appeal Reports - Law Reports 4.29
4.L Criminal Appeal Reports: Sentencing - Law Reports 4.29
3.S Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health 1.31
4.L Criminal Law Review (The) 4.29
STAT Criminal Statistics See Εγκληματολογική Στατιστική 23.5B
3.S Criminologist (The) 1.31
3.S Criminology 1.31
3.S Criminology and Public Policy 1.32
10.L Critica Letteraria 29.22
7.A Critical Inquiry 8.8
5.E Critical Perspectives on Accounting: an International Journal for Social and Organizational Accountability 8.23
10.L Critical Quarterly 29.22
3.S Critical Review: an Inderdisciplinary Journal of Politics and Society 1.32
10.L Critique [Paris]:revue generale des publications francaises et etrangeres 29.23
5.E Critiques de l'economie Politique 8.23
15.C Croatica Chemica Acta 57.22
9.C Cronache Ercolanesi 25.26
16.M Crop Science 61.29
17.T Croquis (El): de Arquitectura y Diseno 63.16
17.T Cross Cultural Research 63.17
10.L Crossings (Binghampton): a counter-disciplinary journal 29.23
10.L Crusca per Voi (La) 29.23
17.T Cryogenics 63.17
9.C Cuadernos de Filologia Clasica 25.27
1.GW Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos 5.11Α
3.S Cultural Studies 1.32
2.P Culture and Psychology 9.8A
1.GW Culture, Health & Sexuality: an International Journal for Research, Intervention and Care 5.11Α
3.S Current Anthropology 1.33
8.H Current History 20.28
16.M Current HIV Research 61.29
16.M Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 61.30
16.M Current Opinion in Neurology & Neurosurgery 61.30
16.M Current Opinion in Structural Biology 61.30
14.P Current Physics Index 49.14
16.M Current Researches in Anesthesia & Analgesia 61.30
3.S Current Sociology / La Sociologie Contemporaine 1.33
6.E Currents: Council for Advancement and Support of Education 17.16
6.E Curriculum and Teaching 17.17
6.E Curriculum Journal (The) 17.18
6.E Curriculum Perspectives 17.18
6.E Curriculum Respectives 17.18
5.E Custody and Settlement: Annual 8.23
STAT Cypriot Students Abroad See Κύπριοι Φοιτητές Εξωτερικού 23.8B
CYPR Cyprus Annual Report 3.14Α
CYPR/RARE Cyprus Annual Reports Box 28
CYPR Cyprus as a Financial Center 3.14A
CYPR Cyprus Bulletin 3.14A
CYPR Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry Directory 3.14A
CYPR Cyprus Economic Policy Review 3.14A
STAT Cyprus Exports: Manufactures - Exporters 24.7B
STAT Cyprus External Trade Statistics 24.8B
CYPR Cyprus Gazette 3.14A
STAT Cyprus Imports & Exports Statistics 24.9B
STAT Cyprus in Figures 24.9B
CYPR Cyprus International Journal of Management 4.1A
CYPR Cyprus Journal of Economics See Ekonomia 4.2A
CYPR Cyprus Journal of European Studies 4.1A
CYPR Cyprus Journal of Science and Technology 4.1A
CYPR Cyprus Journal of Sciences 4.1A
CYPR Cyprus Life 4.1A
2.2 Cyprus Mail ΕΦΗΜ
CYPR Cyprus Pen Review 4.1A
CYPR Cyprus Review 4.1A
CYPR Cyprus To-day: Cultural and Informative Review 4.1A
CYPR Cyprus Yearbook of Rural Development 4.2A


Subject category Title Shelf
14.P Daedalus - American Academy of Arts and Sciences 49.16
17.T Daimler 360 magazine : Sustainability Report 63.17
17.T Daimler Hightech Report : the Fascination of Technology 63.17
15.C Dalton Transactions See Journal of the Chemical Society 59.23
12.C Data and Knowledge Engineering 37.12
12.C Data Base SIGMIS See ACM SIGMIS Data Base for Advances in Information Systems: a Quarterly Publication of SIGMIS 36.17
10.L De Grids 29.23
1.GW Debat: Histoire Politique Société 5.11Α
15.C Decanter: the World's Best Wine Magazine 57.22
5.E Decision Line: a News Publication of the Decision Sciences Institute 8.23
5.E Decision Sciences - Journal & Decision Line & Annual Meeting Proceedings - CD ROM 8.24
5.E Decision Support Systems: the International Journal 8.24
3.S Défense Nationale 1.33
3.S Defensor Pacis 1.34
3.S Democratization 1.34
STAT Demographic Report See Δημογραφική Έκθεση 23.4B
3.S Demography 1.35
5.E Derivatives Quarterly 8.24
17.T Detail Green 63.17
17.T Detail: Review of Architecture 63.17
11.M Deus Loci: the Lawrence Durrell Journal 36.6
17.T Deutsche Bautzeitung 63.19
17.T Deutsche Bauzeitschrift 63.17
1.GW Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. Jahresbericht: Band 1: Aufgaben und Ergebnisse 5.12A
1.GW Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. Jahresbericht: Band 2: Programme und Projekte 5.12A
1.GW Deutsche Rundschau 5.12A
2.P Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie 9.8A
8.H Deutsches Archiv für Erforschung des Mittelalters 20.29
8.H Deutschland - EU West- Sud- und Nordeuropa - Deutsch 20.32
8.H Deutschland - EU West- Sud- und Nordeuropa - Englisch 20.32
8.H Deutschland - EU West- Sud- und Nordeuropa - French 20.32
4.L Developing World Bioethics 4.29
5.E Development Dialogue: a Journal of International Development Cooperation 8.24
16.M Developmental Cell 61.30
2.P Developmental Psychology 9.9A
5.E Developments: The International Development Magazine 8.24
10.L Diachronica 29.23
10.L Diacritics 29.24
2.P Dialectica: International Journal of Philosophy and Official Organ of the ESAP 9.11A
2.P Dialectics and Humanism 9.11A
10.L Dialectologia et Geolinguistica 29.24
2.P Dialektik: Enzyklopädische Zeitschrift für Philosophie und Wissenschaften 9.11A
1.GW Dialog: the University of Tulsa Publication 5.12Α
10.L Dialogism 29.24
11.M Dialogos - Hellenic Studies Review 36.6
1.GW Dialogue 5.12Α
2.P Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review 9.11A
2.P Dialogue: Revue Canadienne de Philosophie See Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review 9.11A
16.M Dialogues in Cardiovascular Medicine 61.30
3.S Diaspora 1.35
1.GW Dictio : Επιστημονική Επετηρίδα 5.12Α
10.L Dictionaries of the Dictionary Society of North America 29.24
9.C Didaskalos: the Journal of the Joint Association of Classical Teachers 25.27
3.S Die Neue gesellschaft See Neue Gesellschaft (Die) 3.12
3.S Differences 2.2
4.L Digesta: Μελέτες Ιστορίας του Δικαίου 4.29
12.C Digital's Customer Update 37.13
2.P Dilthey Jahrbuch 9.11A
2.P Diogenes / Diogene: a Quarterly Publication of the International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies 9.11A
9.C Dioniso - Bollettino dell' Istituto Nazionale del Drama Antico 25.27
2.P Diotima: Review of Philosophical Research See Διοτίμα: Επιθεώρησις Φιλοσοφικής Ερεύνης 7.6A
2.P Diotima: Revue de Recherche Philosophique See Διοτίμα: Επιθεώρησις Φιλοσοφικής Ερεύνης 7.6A
3.S Diplomacy and Statecraft 2.2
8.H Diplomatic History 20.33
5.E Director (the) 8.24
CYPR Directory of Services 4.2A
9.C Directory of Members - American Philological Association 25.27
12.C Directory of Top Computer Executives (East ed.) 37.13
12.C Directory of Top Computer Executives (West ed.) 37.13
3.S Disability and Society 2.2
10.L Discourse and Society an International Journal for the Study of Discourse and Communication in their Social, Political and Cultural Contexts 29.24
10.L Discourse Processes 29.25
10.L Discourse: an Iranian Quarterly 29.25
13.M Discrete and Computational Geometry 43.14
12.C Discrete Applied Mathematics 37.13
13.M Discrete Mathematics 43.14
5.E Discussion Paper - Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex 8.25
5.E Discussion Paper - International Accounting Standards Committee 8.25
CYPR Discussion Paper (Department of Economics - University of Cyprus) 4.2A
3.S Discussion Paper Series: Crime & Culture 2.3
12.C Distributed and Parallel Databases 37.14
12.C Distributed Computing 37.14
12.C Distributed Systems Engineering Journal 37.14
8.H Dix-huitieme Siecle 20.33
10.L Dix-Septieme Siecle 29.25
7.A Docomomo Journal 9.2
2.P Documenti e Studi Sulla Tradizione Filosofica Medievale 9.13A
8.H Documents d' Actualite Internationale 20.33
13.M Doklady Mathematics - Interperiodica Translation /Societ Mathematics Doklady 43.16
3.S Dokumente : Zeitschrift fur Ubernationale Zusammenarbeit 2.3
17.T Domus 63.20
12.C Dr. Dobb's Journal 37.14
5.E Draft Statement of Principles - International Accounting Standards Committee 8.26
15.C Drinks International 57.24
15.C Drinks Marketing: for Buyers and Retailers 57.24
4.L Droit et Cultures: Semestrielle d' Anthropologie et d' Histoire 4.29
10.L DSNA Newsletter 29.26
3.S Du Bois Review: Social Science Research on Race / DBR 2.3
13.M Duke Mathematical Journal 43.17
18.I Duke University Libraries 67.5
8.H Dumbarton Oaks Papers 20.35
6.E DUZ - Deutsche Universität-Zeitung: das Hochschulmagazin 17.19


Subject category Title Shelf
6.E Early Childhood Education Journal 17.19
6.E Early Childhood Research Quarterly 17.19
6.E Early Education and Development 17.19
8.H Early Medieval Europe 21.2
16.M Earthquake Spectra 61.30
8.H East Central Εurope: l' Europe du Centre-est Eine Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift 21.2
8.H East European Quarterly 21.2
5.E Eastern Economic Journal 8.26
5.E Eastern European Economics 8.26
6.E Echos 17.20
8.H Echos d' Orient See Revue des Études Byzantines 23.31
16.M Ecohydrology 61.31
6.E École des Parents (L') 17.20
6.E École Nouvelle Française (L') 17.20
1.GW École Pratique des Hautes Études (IV section): Sciences Historiques et Philologigues 5.12Α
2.P École Pratique des Hautes Études (V section): Sciences Religieuses 9.14A
5.E Ecological Economics: the Journal of the International Society for Ecological Economics 8.26
5.E Econometric Reviews 8.27
5.E Econometric Society Meetings 8.27
5.E Econometric Theory 8.27
5.E Econometrica 8.31
5.E Econometrics Journal 8.34
5.E Economic Bulletin 8.31
5.E Economic Development and Cultural Change 8.31
5.E Economic History Review (The): a Journal of Economic and Social History 9.1
5.E Economic Inquiry 9.1
5.E Economic Journal & Econometrics Journal 9.3
5.E Economic Modelling 9.7
5.E Economic Perspectives 9.7
5.E Economic Perspectives: a Review from the Federal Reverse Bank of Chicago - previous title: Economic Perspectives 9.7
5.E Economic Policy 9.7
5.E Economic Record 9.9
5.E Economic Reform Today 9.10
STAT Economic Report 24.11B
STAT Economic Statistics on Education See Στατιστικές της Εκπαίδευσης,
Υγείας και άλλων Κοινωνικών και Προσωπικών Υπηρεσιών
STAT Economic Statistics on Education, Health and Other Ssocial and Personal Service Activities See Στατιστικές της Εκπαίδευσης, Υγείας και άλλων Κοινωνικών και Προσωπικών Υπηρεσιών 24.6B
STAT Economic Statistics on Other Ssocial and Personal Service Activities See Στατιστικές της Εκπαίδευσης, Υγείας και άλλων Κοινωνικών και Προσωπικών Υπηρεσιών 24.6B
5.E Economica - Oxford 9.10
5.E Economicos Tachydromos See Οικονομικός Ταχυδρόμος 5.32
5.E Economics and Philosophy 9.12
5.E Economics Letters 9.13
6.E Economics of Education Review 17.20
5.E Economics: a Biannual Collection of Recent German Studies 9.12
5.E Economist - International Edition & Index 9.14
3.S Economy and Society 2.3
5.E Eco-q: Περιοδικό της Ποιότητας 8.26
12.C EDI Forum: Journal of Electronic Commerce 37.14
12.C EDI Forum: Journal of Electronic Commerce See EDI Forum: Electronic Data Interchange 37.14
6.E Educación (La): Revista Interamericana de Desarrollo Educativo 17.20
6.E Education and Didactique 17.19
6.E Education and Urban Society 17.20
3.S Éducation et Culture See Forum du Conseil de l'Europe 2.13
6.E Education in Computing 17.20
6.E Education in Europe [C.C.C. Documentation for education in Europe] 17.19
6.E Education: a Biannual Collection of Recent German Contributions to the Field
of Educational Research
6.E Educational Action Research 17.21
6.E Educational Administration Quarterly & Educational Administration Abstracts 17.21
2.P Educational and Psychological Measurement 9.14A
6.E Educational Development 17.23
6.E Educational Documentation and Information: Bulletin of the International Bureau
of Education
6.E Educational Innovation and Information 17.23
6.E Educational Leadership 17.23
6.E Educational Management Administration & Leadership 17.24
6.E Educational Management and Administration 17.24
6.E Educational Philosophy and Theory 17.24
6.E Educational Policy 17.24
6.E Educational Psychologist 17.24
2.P Educational Psychology in Practice 10.1A
6.E Educational Psychology: an International Journal of Experimental Educational Psychology 17.26
6.E Educational Research 17.26
6.E Educational Research and Evaluation 17.26
6.E Educational Research for Policy and Practice 17.27
6.E Educational Researcher (group) 17.27
13.M Educational Studies in Mathematics 43.20
6.E Educational Technology Research and Development 17.28
6.E Educational Technology: the Magazine for Managers of Change in Education 17.28
1.GW Egypt Travel Magazine 5.12Α
2.P Eighteenth Century Life 10.1A
8.H Eighteenth Century Studies 21.2
9.C Eikasmos 25.27
9.C Eirene: Studia Greaca et Latina 25.29
CYPR Ekonomia 4.2A
17.T Electra 63.22
17.T Electro Optics 64.1
17.T Electrochemical Society Interface (The) 63.22
17.T Electrochimica Acta: the Journal of the International Society of Electrochemisty 63.23
17.T Electronic Engineering 63.23
17.T Electronics and Communication Engineering Journal 63.23
17.T Electronics Letters 63.23
17.T Electronics Week 64.1
6.E Elementary School Journal 17.29
2.P Elenchos 10.1A
10.L ELH - English Literary History 29.26
5.E ELNAVI: Monthly Shipping Review See ΕΛΝΑΒΙ: Μηνιαίο Ναυτιλιακό Περιοδικό 5.27
10.L ELT Journal - English Language Teaching 29.27
16.M EMBO Journal - European Molecular Biology Organization 61.31
16.M EMBO Reports 61.34
5.E Emerging Markets Investor 9.21
5.E Emerging Markets Investor Fact Book 9.21
5.E Emerging Stock Markets, Factbook 9.21
9.C Emerita 25.29
7.A Empire: Britain's Biggest-selling Movie Magazine 9.2
5.E Empirical Economics 9.21
4.L Encyclopedia of European Union Law 4.30
17.T Energy and Fuels 64.1
17.T Energy Review 64.1
2.P Enfance 10.1A
10.L English for Specific Purposes 29.27
8.H English Historical Review 21.2
10.L English Literary Renaissance 29.27
10.L English Today 29.27
5.E Enlargement Futures Reports Series 9.21
CYPR Enosis: and May Your Blood Become Avlagin See Ένωσις: τζ' ας Γινεί το Γαίμαν μας Αυλάτζιν 1.13A
16.M Environment for Europeans 61.35
STAT Environment Statistics See Στατιστικές Περιβάλλοντος 24.4B
16.M Environmental Education Research 61.35
16.M Environmental Health Perspectives 61.35
16.M Environmental Health Perspectives Supplements 61.36
16.M Environmental Management in Developing Countries 61.36
3.S Environmental Politics 2.3
17.T Environmental Pollution: series A: Ecological and Biological 64.1
17.T Environmental Science and Technology 64.2
10.L EOS - Warszawa - Commentarii Societas Philologae Polonorum 29.28
11.M Eos: Illustrated Monthly Review See Ηώς: Μηνιαία Εικονογραφημένη Επιθεώρησις 34.14
16.M Eos: Transactions 61.36
2.P Epopteia: a Yearly Publication of the Greek Monthly Magazine of Philosophy
and Human Sciences See Εποπτεία
8.H Epsilon: Modern Greek and Balkan Studies 21.9
6.E Equity and Choice 17.31
9.C Eranos - Acta Philologica Suecana 25.33
9.C Eranos Jahrbucher 25.33
12.C ERCIM News: European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics 37.15
11.M Erytheia: Revista de Estudios Bizantinos y Neogriegos 36.6
13.M ESAIM. Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis 43.21
3.S Espoir: Revue de la Fondation et de l' Institut Charles de Gaulle 2.3
10.L Esprit 29.29
10.L Essays in Criticism 29.30
10.L Essays in Theatre 29.30
6.E Essential Teacher 17.31
2.P Ethics - Chicago 10.2A
3.S Ethnic and Racial Studies 2.3
3.S Ethnic Groups: an International Periodical of Ethnic Studies 2.4
3.S Ethnicities 2.4
7.A Ethnomusicology & SEM Newsletter & Society for Ethnomusicology 9.3
2.P Ethos: Vierteljahrsschrift für Soziologie, Geschicts und Kulturphilosophie 10.4A
15.C Etichetta (L’): Guida Alla Cultura del Cibo del Vino e della Tavola 57.24
8.H Études Balkaniques - Sofia 21.9
8.H Études Byzantines et Post - Byzantines 21.10
8.H Études Byzantines See Byzantine Studies 21.10
9.C Études Classiques - Namur 25.34
5.E Etudes de la Documentation Francsaise (Les) 9.21
10.L Études de Langues et Litterature Française 29.30
10.L Études de Linguistique Appliquée (ÉLA) 29.30
6.E Etudes Francophones 17.31
10.L Études Germaniques 29.30
8.H Études Helléniques 21.11
11.M Études Neo-helleniques 36.6
2.P Études Philosophiques 10.4A
3.S Études Vietnamiennes 2.4
6.E Eudised R & D Bulletin 17.31
8.H Eurobalkans: Ευρωβαλκάνια: Eurobalkans and East European Quarterly 21.11
5.E Eurobank EFG Economic Research: a Quarterly Economic Review of the Greek Economy 9.21
3.S EuroDialogue : Journal of International Relations, European, Economic and Social Studies 2.4
8.H Eurolimes 21.11
CYPR EuroMed: Journal of Business 4.2A
5.E Euro-mediterranean Statistics 9.21
3.S Europa Archiv: Zeitschrift für Internationale Politik 2.30
3.S Europäische Zeitschrift für Jugendpolitik See Forum 21: European Journal on Youth Policy 2.12
8.H Europe - Asia Studies 21.11
10.L Europe - Revue Litteraire Mensuelle 29.30
1.GW Europe on 5 Dollars a Day 5.12Α
5.E European Accountant: Intelligence for Accountants in Public Practice
in the World's Largest Market
5.E European Accounting Review 9.22
6.E European Early Childhood Education Research Journal 17.31
5.E European Economic Perspectives 9.23
5.E European Economic Review 9.23
5.E European Economy 9.25
5.E European Economy News 9.26
5.E European Economy: Annual Economic Report 9.26
5.E European Economy: Reports and Studies 9.27
5.E European Economy: Special Reports 9.27
5.E European Economy: Suppl.A: Economic Trends 9.27
5.E European Economy: Suppl.B : Business and Consumer survey results 9.27
5.E European Economy: Suppl.C: Economic Reform Monitor 9.27
6.E European English Messenger [The] 17.31
3.S European Foreign Affairs Review 2.5
16.M European Heart Journal 61.36
8.H European History Quarterly 21.12
4.L European Human Rights Law Review 4.30
4.L European Human Rights Reports 4.31
13.M European Journal of Applied Mathematics 43.21
15.C European Journal of Biochemistry 57.24
16.M European Journal of Cardiology 61.39
2.P European Journal of Cognitive Psychology (The) 10.5A
4.L European Journal of Crime Criminal Law and Criminal Justice 4.32
6.E European Journal of Education- Research Development and Policies 17.31
10.L European Journal of English Studies 29.32
5.E European Journal of Finance 9.27
18.I European Journal of Information Systems 67.5
15.C European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 57.24
3.S European Journal of International Relations 2.5
5.E European Journal of Marketing 9.28
17.T European Journal of Operational Research 64.3
15.C European Journal of Organic Chemistry 57.24
2.P European Journal of Philosophy 10.5A
6.E European Journal of Physical Education 17.32
5.E European Journal of Political Economy 9.28
3.S European Journal of Political Research 2.5
2.P European Journal of Psychological Assessment 10.5A
6.E European Journal of Psychology of Education 17.32
14.P European Journal of Science Education See International journal of science education 49.21
3.S European Journal of Social Psychology 2.6
6.E European Journal of Special Needs Education 17.33
6.E European Journal of Teacher Education 17.34
4.L European Law Review 4.32
8.H European Legacy - Toward New Paradigms 21.12
5.E European Management Journal - Kidlington 9.30
3.S European Organization for Experimental Photogrammetric Research 2.6
4.L European Parliament: Briefing 4.34
6.E European Physical Education Review 17.34
14.P European Physical Journal A: Hadrons and Nuclei 49.17
14.P European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields 49.19
2.P European Psychologist 10.5A
18.I European Research Libraries Cooperation 67.5
1.GW European Review 5.12Α
5.E European Review of Agricultural Economics 9.30
10.L European Romantic Review 29.32
3.S European Security 2.6
8.H European Studies 21.12
5.E European Union: Annual Review Activities 9.30
3.S European View 2.9
3.S Europe's World 2.9
14.P Europhysics Letters 49.20
CYPR Euroship: the Leading Shipping Magazine of Cyprus 4.2A
5.E Eurostat Yearbook: a Statistical Eye on Europe 1987-1997 9.30
5.E Eurostat: Agriculture Statisitical Yearbook 9.30
5.E Eurostat: Animal Production : Quarterly Statistics 9.30
5.E Eurostat: National Accounts ESA Aggregates 9.30
5.E Eurostat: Regions, Statistical Yearbook 9.30
CYPR EuroΚέρδος 4.2Α
3.S Evaluation 2.9
1.GW Evaluation and Program Planning 5.12Α
5.E Evolution: International Journal of Organic Evolution 9.30
15.C Ex vinis 57.25
15.C Exhibition 57.25
4.L Expert Evidence - Dordrecht 4.34
1.GW Express (L' ) 5.13Α
5.E Ezhegodnyi Biulleten Evropeiskoi Statistiki Elektroenergii See Annual Bulletin
of Electric Energy Statistics for Europe
1.GW E-εγκυκλοπαίδεια: Ένθετο της Εφημερίδας «Τα Νέα» See Εγκυκλοπαίδεια
Grand Larousse: Ένθετο της Εφημερίδας Τα Νέα


Subject category Title Shelf
8.H Fabula: Journal of Folktale Studies 21.12
7.A Face (The) 9.3
17.T Faces: Journal d' Architectures 64.7
5.E Fact Book: Key Economic and Financial Data for 55 Countries See Emerging Markets Investor Fact Book 9.21
3.S Facts for Action: to Preserve our Christian Heritage 2.9
10.L Faits de Langues 29.32
5.E Families in Business 9.31
STAT Family Budget Survey 24.11B
5.E Family Business Review 9.32
3.S Family Process 2.9
5.E FAO Economic and Social Development Paper 9.32
5.E FAO Yearbook. Produccion SeeFAO Yearbook. Production 9.32
5.E FAO Yearbook. Production 9.32
5.E Far Eastern Economic Review 9.32
14.P Federal Funds for Research and Development 49.20
3.S Feminism and Psychology 2.10
3.S Feminist Review 2.11
17.T Ferroelectrics 64.7
10.L Feuillets Mensuels 29.33
13.M Fibonacci Quarterly/Fibonaca Quarterly 43.23
CYPR FIDERE Federation for Cyprus / FIDERE: Ομοσπονδία για την Κύπρο 4.2A
1.GW Figaro Magazine (Le) 5.14A
10.L Film and History - Cleveland 29.33
7.A Film and Video 9.3
7.A Film Review 9.3
5.E Finance IT: the Magazine Linking Technology to Corporate Growth 9.32
5.E Financial Accountability and Management (group) 9.32
5.E Financial Analysts Journal 9.32
5.E Financial Executive - Magazine of Financial Executive Institute 9.33
5.E Financial History Review 9.33
5.E Financial Management: Financial Management Association 9.34
5.E Financial Management: the Magazine of CIMA 9.34
5.E Financial Markets Institutions and Instruments 9.35
5.E Financial Practice and Education 9.35
5.E Financial Regulation Report 9.35
CYPR Financial Report See Δημοσιονομική Έκθεση 1.9A
5.E Financial Review - Newark 9.35
5.E Financial Stability Review 10.2
STAT Financial Statistics of Education in Cyprus See Στατιστικές της Εκπαίδευσης, Υγείας και άλλων Κοινωνικών και Προσωπικών Υπηρεσιών 24.6B
15.C Fine Red Wines of Spain (The) 57.25
15.C Fine Wines of Germany (The) 57.25
15.C Fine Wines of Portugal (The) 57.25
5.E Fiscal Studies 10.2
CYPR Flair: the Literary Magazine 4.2A
7.A Flash Art International 9.3
8.H Fletcher Forum of World Affairs 21.13
8.H Florentia Iliberritana 21.13
5.E Focus Group Directory 10.2
3.S Focus on Flanders: the Dutch Speaking Part of Belgium / Focus sur la Flandre: la Partie Neerlandophone de la Belgique 2.11
18.I Focus on International & Comparative Librarianship 67.5
18.I Focus on International Library and Information Work 67.5
13.M Focus on Learning Problems in Mathematics See Investigations in Mathematics Learning 44.1
3.S Focus sur la Flandre: la Partie Neerlandophone de la Belgique / Focus on Flanders: the Dutch Speaking Part of Belgium 2.11
11.M Folia Neohellenica 36.6
7.A Folklore and Folk Music Archivist 9.4
15.C Food Arts: the Magazine for Professionals 57.25
13.M For the Learning of Mathematics 43.25
5.E Forbes & Executive Edge & Future & Forbes Guide 10.2
5.E Forbes ASAP 10.2
5.E Forbes FYI See ForbesLife 10.2
5.E Forbes Global 10.2
5.E ForbesLife 10.2
3.S Forced Migration Review 2.11
8.H Foreign Affairs - Palm Coast 21.14
10.L Foreign Language Annals 29.33
3.S Foreign Policy - Boulder 2.11
CYPR Foreign Press on Cyprus 4.2A
5.E Foreign Trade Review 10.6
4.L Forensic Linguistics 4.34
12.C Formal aspects of Computing: the International Journal of Formal Methods 37.15
5.E Fortune 10.6
3.S Forum 2.12
5.E Forum : Μηνιαίο Οικονομικό Περιοδικό 5.28
3.S Forum 21: European Journal on Youth Policy 2.12
3.S Forum du Conseil de l' Europe See Éducation et Culture 2.13
10.L Forum for Modern Language Studies 29.33
10.L Forum: English Teaching Forum: a Journal for the Teacher Outside the United States 29.33
6.E Forum: for Advancing Basic Education and Literacy 17.34
5.E Forum: Μηνιαίο Οικονομικό Περιοδικό 10.6
10.L Foundations of Language: International Journal of Language and Sociology 29.34
14.P Foundations of Physics: an International Journal Devoted to the Conceptual Bases and Fundamental Theories of Modern Physics, Biophysics and Cosmology 49.20
17.T Foundry Practice 64.9
17.T Foundryman 64.9
13.M Fractals: an International Journal on the Complex Geometry of Nature 43.26
10.L Francais aujourd'hui (Le) 29.34
10.L Français dans le Monde - CD Audio - 29.34
10.L Français Moderne 29.35
2.P Franciscan Studies 10.5A
2.P Freiburger Rundbrief 10.5A
10.L French Review - Champaign - 30.2
6.E Friedrich Jahresheft 17.34
1.GW Fritz Thyssen Stiftung 5.14Α
1.GW FT Magazine 5.14Α
5.E FT World Accounting Report 10.6
5.E FT World Tax Report 10.6
13.M Fundamenta Mathematicae 43.26
12.C Future Generations in Computer Systems 37.16
5.E Futures: the Journal of Forecasting Planning and Policy 10.7
3.S Futuribles 2.13


Subject category Title


8.H GA : The Magazine of The Geographical Association 21.20
17.T GA Document 64.9
17.T GA Houses 64.9
3.S Gaiko Forum: Japanese Perspectives on Foreign Affairs 2.13
3.S Gains and Losses: Women and Transition in Eastern and Central Europe 2.13
8.H Galenos : Rivista di Filologia dei Testi Dedici Antichi 21.20
10.L Galleria 30.2
15.C Gambero Rosso 57.25
7.A Gazette des Beaux Arts 9.4
17.T GEC Journal of Research 64.9
17.T GEC Review 64.10
16.M GEN 61.39
6.E Gender and Education 17.34
3.S Gender and Society 2.13
16.M GENE: an International Journal Focusing on Gene Cloning and Gene Structure and Function 61.39
12.C General Information Programme 37.16
5.E General Report on the activities of the European communities 10.9
16.M Genetical Research 61.39
5.E Genius 10.9
8.H Geographia Antiqua 21.20
8.H Geographical 21.20
8.H Geographical Journal (The) 21.20
8.H Geographical Magazine See Geographical 21.21
8.H Geography - Journal of the Geographical Association 21.21
8.H Geography Teacher (The) 21.21
13.M Geometriae Dedicata 43.27
14.P Geophysics 49.20
10.L Georgetown Journal of Language & Linguistics 30.2
10.L Georgica: a Journal of Georgian and Caucasian Studies 30.2
17.T Géotechnique 64.10
8.H German Comments 21.23
14.P German Research: Reports of the DFG 49.20
8.H Germania: Αnzeiger der Römisch-Germanischen Kommission des Deutschen Αrchäologischen Instituts 21.23
8.H Geschichte in Wissenschaft und Unterricht 21.23
7.A Gesta 9.4
10.L Giornale Storico della Letteratura Italiana 30.2
11.M Glaneur See Ερανιστής 34.12
2.P Glasul Βisericii 10.6A
CYPR Global Dialogue 4.3A
5.E Global Financial Stability Report: Market Developments and Issues 10.9
3.S Global Governance 2.14
5.E Global Supply Chain Management 10.9
9.C Glotta 26.4
10.L Glow Newsletter 30.3
9.C Gnomon - München 26.7
15.C Gold Bulletin: a Quarterly Review of Research on Gold and its Applications in Industry 57.25
10.L Gottinger Beitrage zur byzantinischen und neugriechischen Philologie 30.5
11.M Gottinger Beitrage zur Byzantinischen und Neugriechischen Philologie (GBBNP) 36.6
15.C Gourmet Spain 57.25
3.S Government and Opposition 2.14
5.E Government Finance Statistics Yearbook 10.9
8.H Gradhiva : revue d'histoire et d'archives de l'anthropologie 21.23
10.L Graeco Arabica 30.3
10.L Gramma 30.3
15.C Grand Gourmet 57.25
10.L Grand Street 30.3
10.L Granta 30.4
12.C Graphs and Combinatorics: an Asian Journal 37.16
10.L Grapouillot 30.5
9.C Grazer Beitrage - Zeitschrift für die Klassische Altertumswissenschaft 26.11
9.C Greece and Rome & Greece and Rome - New Surveys in the Classics 26.12
8.H Greek American Review 21.23
8.H Greek and Byzantine Studies 21.23
16.M Greek Annals of Ophthalmology See Οφθαλμολογικά Χρονικά 60.24
5.E Greek Economic Review 10.10
8.H Greek Heritage: the American Quarterly of Greek Culture 21.23
11.M Greek Letters: a Modern Greek Literature Annual 36.6
2.P Greek Orthodox Theological Review 10.6A
8.H Greek Roman and Byzantine Studies 21.24
16.M Green Europe 60.24
16.M GreenMed Journal: the Mediterranean Fresh Produce Magazine 61.40
10.L Grids (De) 29.23
5.E Growth and Change - a Journal of Urban and Regional Policy 10.10
8.H Guerres Mondiales et Conflicts Contemporains 21.25
9.C Gymnasium - Heidelberg & Binders See Das Humanistische Gymnasium 26.14
16.M Gynecologic Oncology and Colposcopy See Γυναικολογική Ογκολογία και Κολποσκόπηση 60.21


Subject category Title Shelf
7.A Hali: the International Magazine of Antique Carpet and Textile Art 9.5
5.E Handbook of Common Stocks 10.11
5.E Handbook of Internet Stocks 10.11
5.E Handbook of Nasdaq Stocks 10.11
15.C Harpers 57.25
1.GW/RARE Harper's new monthly magazine Box 29
5.E Harvard Business Review 10.11
7.A Harvard Design Magazine 9.5
6.E Harvard Educational Review 17.34
4.L Harvard Human Rights Journal 4.34
10.L Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics 30.5
18.I Harvard Library Bulletin 67.5
16.M Harvard Public Health Review 61.40
10.L Harvard Review 30.5
9.C Harvard Studies in Classical Philology 26.19
2.P Harvard Theological Review 10.7A
STAT Health and Hospital Statistics See Στατιστικές Υγείας και Νοσοκομείων 24.4B
16.M Health Estate Journal 61.40
16.M Health Review Sciences-Technology-Policy See Επιθεώρηση Υγείας: Επιστήμες-Τεχνολογία-Πολιτικές 60.23
STAT Health Statistics See Στατιστικές Υγείας και Νοσοκομείων 24.4B
STAT Health Survey See Έρευνα Υγείας 23.6B
16.M Heart 61.40
16.M Heart Beat 61.40
2.P Hegel Studien 10.9A
9.C Helikon:Rivista di Tradizione e Cultura Classica dell' Universita di Messina 26.21
9.C Helios 26.21
10.L Helios: the Voice of Three Seas See Ήλιος: η Φωνή των Τριών Θαλασσών 28.20
8.H Hellas Culture 21.25
8.H Hellas: a Journal of Poetry and the Humanities 21.25
10.L Hellas: Rivista di Studi Letterari sul Mito 30.5
16.M Hellenic Allergology and Clinical Immunology See Ελληνική Aλλεργιολογία και Kλινική Aνοσολογία 60.23
11.M Hellenic Author Society See Ενημερωτικό Δελτίο 34.7
6.E Hellenic Pedagogical Cosmos: a Periodic Kaleidoscope on Education and Pedagogy in Hellas 18.2
16.M Hellenic Psychiatry General Hospital See Ελληνική Ψυχιατρική Γενικού Νοσοκομείου 60.23
3.S Hellenic Quarterly 2.14
4.L Hellenic Review of European Law / Revue Hellénique de Droit Européen See Ελληνική Επιθεώρηση Ευρωπαϊκού Δικαίου 4.20
8.H Hellenic Studies See Études Helléniques 21.11
11.M Hellenika 36.7
8.H Hellenisme Contemporain: Revue Trimestrielle 21.25
4.L Helsinki Monitor 4.34
15.C Helvetica Chimica Acta 57.25
3.S Herald of Europe: the Magazine of European Culture, Politics and Development 2.14
16.M Heredity: an International Journal of Genetics 61.40
8.H Hermenevs: Tijdschrift voor Antieke Cultuur 21.26
9.C Hermes - Stuttgart 26.23
CYPR Hermes International 4.3A
3.S Herodote 2.14
6.E High Ability Studies 18.2
12.C High Integrity Systems 37.16
6.E Higher Education and Research - Council of Europe 18.2
6.E Higher Education in Europe 18.2
6.E Higher Education Policy 18.2
6.E Higher Education: the international journal of higher education and educational planning 18.2
CYPR Higher Technical Institute Review - previous title: Review: the Higher Technical Institute 4.3A
7.A Highlights: Διμηνιαία Έκδοση για τον Πολιτισμό 9.5
5.E Hint 10.13
16.M Hip International: the Official Journal of the European Hip Society 61.40
8.H Histoire 21.26
6.E Histoire de l' Education 18.3
2.P Histoire du Christianisme 10.10A
10.L Histoire Epistemologie Langage - HEL - Including Hors Series (Presses Universitaires De Lille) 30.5
8.H Histoire et Mesure 21.26
8.H Histoire Militaire et Stratégie: Lettre d' Information 21.26
8.H Historein: a Review of the Past and Other Stories 21.26
8.H Historia - Wiesbaden 21.27
13.M Historia Mathematica 43.27
8.H Historica See Ιστορικά (Τα) 19.22
8.H Historical Journal - London 21.29
10.L Historical Materialism 30.6
8.H Historical Reflections 21.31
8.H Historical Review See Revue Historique (Le) 24.5
8.H Historische Zeitschrift 21.32
8.H History and Theory 22.11
2.P History of Childhood Quarterly: the Journal of Psychohistory 10.10A
6.E History of Education 18.3
6.E History of Education Quarterly 18.4
8.H History of European Ideas 22.13
5.E History of Political Economy 10.13
3.S History of Political Thought 2.17
3.S History of the Human Sciences 2.19
ABST History reviews of new books 24.19B
8.H History Today 22.13
8.H History Workshop Journal 22.14
8.H History: Journal of the Historical Association 22.11
3.S Homme et la Société (L') 2.19
3.S Hommes and Migrations 2.20
6.E Hong Kong Science Teachers Journal 18.4
10.L Horizon 30.7
16.M Hormones 61.40
STAT Hospital Statistics See Στατιστικές Υγείας και Νοσοκομείων 24.4B
5.E Hotel & Motel Management 10.14
STAT Hotels and Restaurants Statistics See Στατιστική Ξενοδοχείων και Εστιατορίων 24.5B
STAT Household Income and Expenditure Survey 24.13B
3.S Howard Journal of Criminal Justice 2.20
5.E HR Professional: the HR Manager's Tool 10.14
12.C Human Computer Interaction 37.16
16.M Human Development - Basel 61.41
5.E Human Relations 10.14
4.L Human rights and international legal discourse 4.34
3.S Human Rights Fact Sheet 2.20
3.S Human Rights Quarterly 2.20
3.S Human Rights Teaching 2.21
3.S Human Rights Watch World Report 2.21
5.E Human Systems Management 10.16
3.S Humanisme: Revue des Francs-Maçons du Grand Orient de France 2.23
9.C Humanistische Gymnasium (Das) 26.14
CYPR Hydrological Year-book of Cyprus 4.3A
17.T Hydroplus 64.10
18.I Hyphen: a Typographic Forum See Υφέν: Βήμα για την Τυπογραφεία 66.21


Subject category Title Shelf
5.E IASB Insight: the Newsletter of the International Accounting Standards Board 10.17
5.E IASB Update 10.18
5.E IASC Insight: the Newsletter of the International Accounting Standards Committee 10.18
5.E IASC Update 10.18
5.E IBK Papers 10.18
17.T IBM Journal of Research and Development 64.10
CYPR IBM Personal Systems Newsletter 4.3A
17.T IBM Systems Journal 64.10
7.A ICMA Newsletter of the International Center of Medieval Art 9.5
7.A ICOM News - Bulletin of the International Council of Museums 9.5
12.C IEE Proceedings - Software 37.16
12.C IEE Proceedings - Software Engineering 37.16
17.T IEE Proceedings Computers and Digital Techniques 64.11
17.T IEE Proceedings Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation See IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation 65.8
17.T IEE Review 64.11
12.C IEEE / ACM Transactions on Networking 37.31
12.C IEEE Annals of the History of Computing 37.16
17.T IEEE Communications Magazine 64.11
12.C IEEE Concurrency 37.16
17.T IEEE Control Systems 64.13
17.T IEEE Control Systems Magazine 64.13
16.M IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology 61.41
12.C IEEE Expert Intelligent Systems & their Applications 37.17
12.C IEEE Intelligent Systems 37.17
12.C IEEE International Conference on neural networks 37.17
17.T IEEE Internet Computing 64.13
17.T IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits 64.13
17.T IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 64.14
17.T IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters 64.14
12.C IEEE Multimedia Magazine 37.17
17.T IEEE Network 64.14
17.T IEEE Personal Communications: the Magazine of Wireless Communications and Networking 64.15
17.T IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 64.15
17.T IEEE Potentials 64.16
17.T IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine 64.16
17.T IEEE Signal Processing Magazine 64.16
12.C IEEE Software 37.19
17.T IEEE Spectrum 64.16
17.T IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing: a Publication of the IEEE Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing Group 64.20
17.T IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 64.20
17.T IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 64.21
16.M IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 61.42
17.T IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems Ι & II 64.23
17.T IEEE Transactions on Communications 64.23
17.T IEEE Transactions on Computers 64.23
17.T IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 65.3
17.T IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility 65.3
12.C IEEE Transactions on Electronic Computers 37.19
17.T IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation 65.3
12.C IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems 37.20
17.T IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 65.4
16.M IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine 61.42
12.C IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 37.20
17.T IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 65.5
12.C IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 37.23
14.P IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 49.20
17.T IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Technics 65.5
12.C IEEE Transactions on Multimedia 37.24
12.C IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks 37.24
12.C IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems 37.25
12.C IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 37.26
17.T IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation 65.7
17.T IEEE Transactions on Robotics See IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation 65.7
17.T IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 65.7
12.C IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 37.27
17.T IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing 65.7
12.C IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics - Part A - Systems and Humans 37.30
12.C IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics - Part B - Cybernetics 37.30
17.T IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 65.8
16.M IEEJ : Energy Journal 61.43
17.T IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation 65.8
18.I IFLA Annual Report 67.7
18.I IFLA Directory 67.7
18.I IFLA Express (Amsterdam, Boston) 67.7
18.I IFLA Journal: Official Quarterly Journal of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions 67.7
18.I IFLA Newsletter 67.7
6.E IIEP Newsletter 18.4
15.C Il Chianti e le Terre del Vino 57.25
7.A Ilissia : Περιοδική Έκδοση για Θέματα Μουσείων 9.5
9.C Illinois Classical Studies 26.29
13.M Illinois Journal of Mathematics 43.27
2.P Im Lichte der Reformation 10.10A
13.M IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics 43.28
13.M IMA Journal of Management Mathematics (group) 43.28
13.M IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information (group) 43.28
13.M IMA Journal of Mathematics: Applied in Business and Industry See IMA Journal of Management Mathematics (group) 43.28
13.M IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis 43.28
5.E IMF Annual Report - International Monetary Fund 10.18
5.E IMF Occasional Papers 10.18
5.E IMF Research Bulletin - International Monetary Fund 10.19
5.E IMF Staff Papers - International Monetary Fund 10.18
5.E IMF Survey - International Monetary Fund 10.18
16.M IMJ 61.44
3.S Immigrants and Minorities 2.23
14.P Impact of Science on Society 49.20
14.P Impact Science et Societe See Impact of Science on Society 49.20
CYPR Impetus 4.3A
STAT Imports & Exports Statistics See Cyprus Imports & Exports Statistics 24.9B
CYPR In Business: Μηνιαία Έκδοση για την Κυπριακή Αγορά και τα Στελέχη 4.3A
CYPR In Focus: Quarterly Magazine on Literature, Culture and the Arts in Cyprus 4.3A
1.GW India Perspectives 5.14Α
8.H Indian Art and Letters 22.14
5.E Indian Journal of Quantitative Economics 10.20
10.L Indian Literature 30.7
13.M Indiana University Mathematics Journal 43.30
17.T Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 65.8
5.E Industrial & Labor Relations Review 10.20
5.E Industrial and Corporate Change 10.24
17.T Industrial Laboratory: a Translation of Zavodskaya Laboratoriya 65.9
5.E Industrial Marketing Management 10.24
5.E Industrial Relations - Malden 10.24
STAT Industrial Statistics See Στατιστική Βιομηχανίας 24.5B
16.M Industry and Environment: a Publication of the United Nations Environment Programme Industry and Environment Programme Activity Centre 61.44
5.E Inflation Report / Central Bank of Argentina 10.25
13.M Info Brief : Science Resources Statistics 43.32
3.S Inforegio Panorama 2.23
13.M Inform : SAS Software in Action 43.32
12.C Informatica: an International Journal of Computing and Ιnformatics 37.31
12.C Information Age 37.31
12.C Information and Computation 37.32
12.C Information and Decision Technologies 37.33
5.E Information and Software Technology 10.25
6.E Information Bulletin: Council of Europe 18.4
18.I Information Development 67.8
6.E Information et Innovation en Education SeeEducational Innovation and Information 17.23
10.L Information Grammaticale (L') 30.9
12.C Information Processing Letters 37.33
STAT Information Society Statistics See Στατιστικές για την Κοινωνία της Πληροφορίας 24.2B
17.T Information Systems Journal 65.9
12.C Information Systems Research 37.34
12.C Information Systems: an International Journal 37.34
18.I Information Technology and Libraries 67.8
12.C Information Technology for Development 37.34
12.C Information Week 37.34
3.S Informationen : zur Politischen Bildung 2.23
12.C Informs: Journal on Computing 37.35
3.S Innovation - European Journal of the Social Sciences 2.23
15.C Inorganic Chemistry 57.25
15.C Inorganica Chimica Acta 57.27
2.P Inquiry 10.10A
6.E Inside Education 18.5
17.T INSPEC matters 65.9
9.C Institute of Classical Studies 26.29
6.E Institute of Diplomacy (The): Academic Bulletin 18.5
13.M Institute of Mathematical Statistics Bulletin (The) 43.32
3.S Insula: International Journal of Island Affairs 2.23
18.I Insula: Revicta de Letras y Ciencias Humanas 67.8
STAT Insurance in Cyprus: Directory and Statistical Information 24.13B
5.E Insurance Mathematics and Economics 10.25
16.M Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 61.44
10.L Intellectual History Newsletter 30.9
3.S Intellectum 2.23
3.S Intelligence and National Security 2.24
12.C Intelligence: New Vision of AI in Practice See ACM Intelligence: New Visions of AI in Practice 36.14
17.T Intelligente Architektur: Zeitschrift fur Architektur und Technik 65.9
12.C Interacting with Computers: the Interdisciplinary Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 38.1
12.C Interactions: New Visions of Human-Computer Interaction 38.1
6.E Interchange: a Quarterly Review of Education 18.5
3.S Intercultural Education 2.24
5.E Interfaces - Linthicum 10.25
18.I Interlending & Document Supply 67.8
18.I International Abstract in Operation Research 67.8
5.E International Accounting Bulletin 10.25
5.E International Accounting Standard - Bound 10.27
3.S International Affairs - Oxford 2.24
3.S International and Comparative Law Quarterly & Newsletter 2.25
10.L International Book Year Newsletter See Book Promotion News 29.5
5.E International Business Review 10.27
5.E International Capital Markets - Developments Prospects and Policy Issues 10.27
3.S International Documents Review: the Weekly Newsletter 2.25
15.C International Drinks Bulletin 57.27
5.E International Economic Journal 10.27
5.E International Economic Review 10.27
3.S International Family Planning Perspectives 2.25
5.E International Finance 10.28
5.E International Financial Reporting Standars (IFRS)-International Accounting Standars (IAS) 10.30
5.E International Financial Statistics 10.30
5.E International Financing Review 10.30
8.H International History Review 22.14
4.L International Human Rights Reports 4.35
3.S International Interactions 2.25
17.T International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering (gr) 65.10
13.M International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids 43.33
5.E International Journal of Accounting - Educationand Research 10.30
5.E International Journal of Advertising: the Quarterly Review of Marketing Communications 10.31
10.L International Journal of Applied Linguistics 30.9
5.E International Journal of Auditing 10.31
14.P International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos in Applied Sciences and Engineering 49.21
6.E International Journal of Bilingual Educationand Bilingualism 18.5
16.M International Journal of Cardiology 61.44
16.M International Journal of Caring Sciences 61.44
8.H International Journal of Central Asian Studies 22.14
2.P International Journal of Children's Spirituality 10.10A
12.C International Journal of Communication Systems 38.1
12.C International Journal of Computer for Mathematical Learning 38.1
12.C International Journal of Computer Mathematics 38.1
12.C International Journal of Computer Systems Science and Engineering 38.1
12.C International Journal of Computers and Applications 38.2
17.T International Journal of Control 65.15
12.C International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems 38.2
7.A International Journal of Cultural Property 9.5
6.E International Journal of Disability, Development and Education 18.5
6.E International Journal of Early Years Education 18.5
6.E International Journal of Educational Management & Archive CD ROM 18.5
6.E International Journal of Educational Reform 18.5
6.E International Journal of Educational Research & Learning and Instruction 18.6
5.E International Journal of Electronic Commerce 10.31
5.E International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research 10.32
5.E International Journal of Finance and Economics 10.32
5.E International Journal of Forecasting 10.32
13.M International Journal of Game Theory 43.35
5.E International Journal of Government Auditing 10.32
12.C International Journal of High Speed Computing 38.2
17.T International Journal of Human Computer Studies See International Journal of Man-machine Studies 65.15
5.E International Journal of Human Resource Management (The) 10.33
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18.I Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document, Delivery and Information Supply 67.10
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15.C Journal of Physical Chemistry - B 58.32
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14.P Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 51.3
14.P Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments 51.5
14.P Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics: an International Journal Devoted to Nuclear, Particle and Cosmic Ray Physics 51.5
14.P Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 50.21
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3.S Journal of Political Philosophy 2.34
3.S Journal of Politics 2.34
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7.A Journal of Popular Film 9.6
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5.E Journal of Post Keynesian Economics 13.24
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10.L Journal of Pragmatics 30.19
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6.E Journal of Staff, Program, & Organization Development 18.18
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13.M Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society - Series B 45.27
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15.C Journal of the Chemical Society 59.23
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15.C Journal of the Chemical Society - Perkins Transactions II 59.28
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CYPR Journal of Today 4.3A
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6.E Journal of Youth Studies 18.20
16.M Journees Medicales du Proche et du Moyen-Orient 61.74
17.T JSAH (Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians) 66.1
10.L JTD - Journal of Theatre and Drama 30.21
6.E Jugendmagazin 18.20


Subject category Title Shelf
1.GW Kafenio: a Gorog Orszagos Onkormanyzat Folyoirata See Καφενείο: Περιοδικό της Αυτοδιοίκησης Ελλήνων Ουγγαρίας 5.7A
11.M Kambos:Cambridge Papers in Modern Greek See Κάμπος 34.18
6.E Kansas Studies in Education 18.20
2.P Kant Studien 11.10A
10.L Kenyon Review 30.21
5.E Key Indicators of Developing Asian and Pacific Countries 13.32
5.E Key to Economic Science and Managerial Sciences 13.32
7.A Kinohit 9.6
10.L Kirilo - Metodievski Studii 30.21
8.H Klio - Beitrage zur Alten Geschichte 23.9
12.C Knowledge Acquisition 38.19
17.T Knowledge and Policy 66.1
12.C Knowledge Based Systems 38.19
12.C Knowledge Engineering Review (The) 38.19
12.C Knowledge Management Research and Practice 38.19
17.T Knowledge Technology and Policy See Knowledge and Policy 66.1
3.S Kolner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozial Psychologie 3.4
3.S Korea and World Affairs 3.5
8.H Korea Focus on Current Topics 23.10
3.S Korea Journal 3.7
2.P Korean Journal of Thinking and Problem Solving 11.10A
10.L Korean Literature Today 30.22
3.S Korean Social Science Journal 3.7
8.H Krikos: International Greek Review See Κρίκος: Διεθνής Ελληνική Επιθεώρησις 19.23
3.S Kritische Blaetter fuer die Gesamten Sozialwissenschaften: Bibliographisch-kritisches Zentralorgan 3.7
7.A Kulturchronik: News and Views from the Federal Republic of German 9.6
10.L Kunapipi 30.22
7.A Kunstbuch (Das): ein Magazin für Kunstfreunde 9.6
7.A Kunstchronik 9.6
5.E Kyklos 13.32
13.M Kyungpook: Mathematical Journal 45.35


Subject category Title Shelf
18.I LA Record See Library Association Record 67.13
18.I LA Record Technology Supplement 67.11
8.H Label France 23.10
14.P Laboratoire de l' Accelerateur Lineaire 51.13
5.E Labour Economics - Amsterdam 13.33
STAT Labour Force and Migration Survey 24.13B
STAT Labour Force Survey See Έρευνα Εργατικού Δυναμικού 23.6B
8.H Labour History Review 23.10
STAT Labour Statistics See Εργατικές Στατιστικές 23.7B
5.E Lamp (The) 13.33
16.M Lancet (The): Middle East Edition 61.74
5.E Land Economics 13.34
10.L Langage et Société 30.23
10.L Langages 30.24
15.C Langmuir 59.30
10.L Language 30.24
10.L Language Acquisition 30.30
10.L Language and Cognitive Processes 30.30
10.L Language and Communication 30.30
6.E Language and Education: an International Journal 18.20
10.L Language and Intercultural Communication 30.31
10.L Language and Literature - London 30.31
10.L Language and Speech 30.32
10.L Language Dissertations: Supplement to Language, Journal of the Linguistic
Society of America
10.L Language in Contrast 30.33
10.L Language in Society 30.34
10.L Language Learning: a Journal of Applied Linguistics 30.35
10.L Language Monographs 31.2
10.L Language Problems and Language Planning 31.2
10.L Language Teaching 31.2
10.L Language Testing 31.2
10.L Language Variation and Change 31.3
10.L Langue Française 31.3
10.L Langues Modernes (Les) 31.3
9.C Latinitas 26.30
9.C Latomus 26.32
8.H Laverna 23.10
4.L Law and Human Behavior 5.9
4.L Law and Psychology Review 5.10
4.L Law and Society Review 5.11
4.L Law and State 5.11
4.L Law Teacher 5.11
6.E Leadership Quarterly (The) 18.20
6.E Learning and Instruction (group) 18.20
16.M Lebanese Medical Journal (The) 61.74
12.C Lecture Notes in Computer Science 38.19
CYPR Legacy 4.4A
4.L Legal and Criminological Psychology 5.11
4.L Legal Ιssues of Εuropean Ιntegration 5.11
4.L Legal Τheory 5.11
10.L Lengas - Revue de Sociolinguistique 31.3
8.H Lettera dall Italia 23.10
7.A Lettre (La): Lettre d' Information Trimestrielle de France Edition 9.6
8.H Lettre d' Information de l' Association Française pour l' Étude du Monde Arabe et Musulman 23.10
16.M Lettre de Medias (La) 61.74
16.M Lettre du Cardioloque (La) 61.74
10.L Lettre du Voyageur 31.3
10.L Lettre Internationale See Nouvelle lettre internationale 31.34
16.M Lettre pigb-pmrc-France: la Lettre du Changement Global 61.74
10.L Lettres nouvelles [Les] 31.3
10.L Lexis 31.4
18.I Liber Quarterly: the Journal of European Research Libraries 67.12
3.S Liberal 3.7
18.I Libraries and Culture 67.13
18.I Library Acquisitions: Practice and Theory 67.13
18.I Library Administration and Management 67.13
18.I Library and Information Science Research 67.13
18.I Library and Information Update 67.13
18.I Library Association Record 67.13
18.I Library Association Record Technology Supplement See LA Record Technology Supplement 67.11
18.I Library by Design: Supplement to Library Journal 67.13
18.I Library Connect: Partnering with the Library Community 67.13
18.I Library Journal 67.14
18.I Library Management 67.15
18.I Library Quarterly 67.15
18.I Library Resources & Technical Services 67.16
18.I Library Technology - ceased 67.16
18.I Library Technology Reports 67.16
18.I Libri: International Library Review 67.16
10.L Lidil 31.4
6.E Lifelong Learning in Europe 18.20
13.M Lifetime Data Analysis 46.1
10.L Lingua 31.4
10.L Linguistic Inquiry 31.5
10.L Linguistic Investigationes 31.16
10.L Linguistic Review (The) 31.7
10.L Linguistic Variations Yearbook 31.7
10.L Linguistics 31.9
10.L Linguistics and Philosophy 31.13
10.L Linguistique (La) 31.14
10.L Links and Letters 31.16
CYPR Lion 4.4A
10.L Lion (The) στα Ελληνικά 28.18
10.L Lion (The) στα Ελληνικά 28.18
2.2 Lion (Τhe) ΕΦΗΜ
18.I Lire: le Magazine des Livres 67.16
9.C Listy Filologicke 26.35
10.L Literary and Linguistic Computing 31.16
1.GW Literary Review - London 5.14Α
1.GW Literary Review (The) 5.14Α
1.GW Literature and History (Third Series) 6.1Α
10.L Literature Matters 31.16
10.L Literaturna Istoriia 31.16
10.L Litterature : Revue Trimestielle 31.16
10.L Litteratures Classiques 31.16
10.L Litteris: an International Critical Review of the Humanities 31.17
9.C Liverpool Classical Monthly 26.35
18.I Livres du Mois 67.17
18.I Livres Hebdo 67.17
6.E Lline See Lifelong Learning in Europe 18.20
14.P LMP: Letters in Mathematical Physics 51.13
13.M Logic Journal of the IGPL 46.2
12.C Logic Programming: Proceedings of the International Conference and Symposium 38.25
11.M Logos Helenico 36.7
2.P/RARE Logos: internationale zeitschrift fur philosophie der Kultur Box 31
15.C Lombardia a Tavola 59.34
10.L/RARE London Mercury (The): the Bookman London Mercury Box 31
1.GW London Review of Books & Indexes 6.1Α
5.E Long Range Planning 13.35
10.L Lotus 31.17
7.A Lotus - International 9.6
10.L Lotus international 31.17
14.P Low Temperature Physics 51.14
10.L LSA Bulletin 31.17
18.I LTN Library Technology News 67.17
9.C Lustrum 26.35
1.GW Lychnari: Verkenningen Het Griekenland Van Nu 6.1Α
16.M Lyon Medical 61.74


Subject category Title Shelf
10.L Maatstaf 31.17
12.C Machine Learning 38.25
15.C Macromolecules 59.34
1.GW Madame Figaro 6.1Α
7.A Magazin für Mitglieder 9.7
8.H Magazin-Deutschland (De) 23.11
6.E Magazine (The): Education and Culture in Europe 18.20
10.L Magazine Litteraire 31.18
17.T Magazine of concrete research 66.2
8.H Magazine of History - Organization of American Historians 23.11
9.C Maia 27.2
8.H Mainz: Vierteljahrefte für Kultur - Politik - Wirtshaft - Geschichte 23.11
2.P Man and World See Continental philosophy review 9.7Α
5.E Management Accounting 13.35
5.E Management Accounting Quarterly 13.35
5.E Management Accounting Research 14.2
5.E Management Accounting: CIMA (London) See Financial Management (CIMA) 9.34
5.E Management International Review: Journal of International Business 14.2
5.E Management Learning 14.3
5.E Management Review 14.3
5.E Management Science 14.3
5.E Manager 14.5
CYPR Manager Κύπρου: Management Excellence 4.4A
6.E Managing Education Matters 18.20
5.E Manchester School (The) 14.6
5.E Manchester School of Economic and Social Studies (The) 14.6
5.E Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 14.6
13.M Manuscripta Mathematica 46.2
8.H Marine's Mirror: the Quarterly Journal of the Society for Nautical Research 23.11
5.E Marketing 14.6
5.E Marketing and Research Today: the Journal of the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research 14.7
5.E Marketing Science - Marketing Journal of TIMS / ORSA 14.7
5.E Marketing Week 5.28
10.L Maske und Kothurn & Beihefte 31.19
13.M Matematicheskij Sbornik 46.2
16.M Materia Medica Nordmark 61.75
9.C Materiali e Discussioni per l' Analisi Dei Testi Classici 27.4
17.T Materials Research Society Bulletin See MRS Bulletin 66.4
17.T Materials Science and Engineering: an International Journal 66.2
17.T Materials Science and Technology 66.2
13.M Mathematica Journal 46.2
13.M Mathematica Scandinavica 46.3
16.M Mathematical Biosciences: an International Journal 61.75
5.E Mathematical Finance 14.8
13.M Mathematical Intelligencer 46.4
13.M Mathematical Logic Quarterly (MLQ) 46.4
13.M Mathematical Methods of Statistics 46.4
13.M Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 46.5
13.M Mathematical Programming - Series A or B 46.6
17.T Mathematical Programming Study: a Publication of the Mathematical Programming Society 66.2
13.M Mathematical Sciences Professional Directory 46.9
13.M Mathematics Education Dialogues 46.9
13.M Mathematics Magazine 46.9
13.M Mathematics of Computation 46.9
17.T Mathematics of Operations Research 66.2
13.M Mathematics Teacher - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 46.12
13.M Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 46.13
13.M Mathematics Τeaching - Association of Teachers of Mathematics 46.13
13.M Mathematika 46.14
13.M Mathematische Annalen 46.14
13.M Mathematische Zeitschrift 46.16
7.A Max 9.7
4.L Max planck yearbook of united nations law 5.11
14.P Max-Planck: Institute für Meteorologie 51.14
16.M Mayo Clinic Proceedings 61.75
14.P McGraw: Hill Yearbook of Science and Technology 51.14
5.E McKinsey Quarterly (The) 14.8
17.T Measurement & Control 66.3
3.S Med. : in the Euro-Mediterranean Space 3.7
3.S Media Culture and Society 3.7
5.E Media View: το Περιοδικό για τα Media και τη Διαφήμιση 5.28
8.H Mediaeval Studies - Turnhout 23.11
16.M Medias Newsletter See Lettre de Medias (La) 61.74
16.M Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 61.76
16.M Medical Humanities 61.76
16.M Medical Magazine (The) 61.76
16.M Medicine International - Middle Eastern Edition 61.77
16.M Medicorama 61.77
2.P Medieval Philosophy and Theology 11.10A
8.H Medieval Prosopography 23.14
8.H Medioevo Greco 23.14
2.P Medioevo: Rivista di Storia della Filosofia Medievale 11.10A
3.S Mediterranean (the) 3.7
8.H Mediterranean Historical Review 23.14
CYPR Mediterranean Journal for Research in Mathematics Education 4.4A
6.E Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies 18.21
3.S Mediterranean Journal of Human Rights 3.7
13.M Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics 46.17
16.M Mediterranean Journal of Surgery and Medicine 61.77
10.L Mediterranean Language Review 31.20
3.S Mediterranean Politics 3.9
3.S Mediterranean Quarterly - a Journal of Global Issues 3.9
8.H Mediterraneans See Mediterraneennes 23.14
8.H Méditerranées 23.14
15.C Medoc & Graves 60.3
5.E Meed: Middle East Business Weekly 14.10
18.I MELA Notes: Journal of Middle Eastern Librarianship 67.17
5.E Meletes Oikonomikis Politikis See Μελέτες Οικονομικής Πολιτικής 5.28
13.M Memoires de la Société Mathematique de France (group) 46.17
13.M Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society 46.18
2.P Memory and Cognition 11.11A
1.GW Men 6.1A
15.C Mendeleev Communications 60.3
16.M Mental Retardation (American Association of Mental Retardation) 61.77
1.GW Mentor See Μέντορας: Περιοδικό Επιστημονικών και Εκπαιδευτικών Ερευνών 5.7A
10.L Mercure de France 31.20
5.E Mergent Annual Dividend Record 14.19
5.E Mergent Bank and Finance Manual See Moody's Bank and Finance Manual 14.28
5.E Mergent Bond Record: Corporates Convertibles Governments Municipals / (Mergent) Annual Bond Record: Corporates Convertibles Governments Municipals 14.16
5.E Mergent Company Archives Manual 14.21
5.E Mergent Complete Corporate Index See Moody's Complete Corporate Index 14.25
5.E Mergent Corporate: News Reports - Monthly 14.19
5.E Mergent Dividend Record See Moody's Dividend Record 14.20
5.E Mergent Industrial Manual See Moody's Industrial Manual 14.24
5.E Mergent Industrial Manual See Moody's Industrial Manual 14.24
5.E Mergent International: Manual See Moody's International Manual 14.25
5.E Mergent International: Manual See Moody's International: Manual 14.25
5.E Mergent International: News Reports See Moody's International: News Reports 14.27
5.E Mergent International: Νews Reports - Monthly See Moody's International: News Reports (Monthly) 14.27
5.E Mergent OTC Industrial See Moody's OTC Industrial 14.27
5.E Mergent Public Utility Manual See Moody's Utility Manual 14.28
5.E Mergent Transportation Manual See Moody's Transportation Manual 14.28
5.E Mergent U.S. Company Archives Manual 14.24
5.E Mergent Unit Investment Trust: Annual Cumulative Report See Moody's Unit Investment Trusts: Annual Cumulative Issue 14.28
5.E Mergent's Handbook of Common Stocks See Moody's Handbook of Common Stocks 14.23
5.E Mergent's Handbook of Dividend Archievers See Moody's Handbook of Dividend Archievers 14.24
5.E Mergent's Handbook of Nasdaq Stocks See Moody's Handbook of Nasdaq Stocks 14.24
5.E Mergent's Industry Review See Moody's Industry Review 14.25
1.GW Merkur 6.1Α
2.P Merton Annual (The): Studies in Culture, Spirituality and Social Concerns 11.11A
10.L META: Journal des Traducteurs 31.20
17.T Metal Digest 66.3
17.T Metalocus 66.3
2.P Metalogicon: an International Review of Pure and Applied Logic, of Linguistics and of Philosophy 11.11A
10.L Metaphor and Symbolic Activity 31.20
2.P Methexis: international journal for ancient philosophy See Methexis: revista Argentina de Filosofia Antigua 11.11A
2.P Methexis: revista Argentina de Filosofia Antigua 11.11A
7.A Metiers d' Art 9.7
8.H Metis 23.14
13.M Metrika 46.24
5.E Metroeconomica 14.21
5.E MIBES Transactions:International Journal of 14.21
13.M Michigan Mathematical Journal (The) 46.24
13.M Micromath - Association of Teachers of Mathematics 46.24
17.T Microporous and Mesoporous Materials: the International Journal of Molecular Sieves 66.3
12.C Microprocessing and Microprogramming: Euromicro Journal 38.25
12.C Microprocessors and Microsystems 38.25
5.E Middle East Markets Investor 14.21
16.M Middle East Medical Digest: Cardiology 61.77
8.H Middle East Policy 23.14
8.H Middle East Review 23.14
8.H Middle East Studies Association Bulletin 23.16
8.H Middle Eastern Studies 23.16
3.S Military Balance (The) 3.10
17.T Military Technology 66.4
3.S Millenium - Journal of International Studies 3.10
2.P Mind 11.11A
2.P Mind and Language 11.12A
9.C Minerva - Valladolid 27.5
6.E Minerva: a Review of Science, Learning and Policy 18.21
12.C MIS Quarterly - Management Information Systems 38.26
CYPR Miscellaneous Reports 4.4A
8.H Mississippi Valley Historical Review (The ) SeeJournal of American History 22.24
5.E MIT Sloan Management Review 14.21
10.L MIT Working Papers in Linguistics - Massachusetts Institute of Technology 31.20
8.H Mitteilungen der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft zu Berlin 23.17
1.GW Mitteilungen des Bulgarischen Forschungsinstitutes in Österreich 6.1Α
10.L MLN - Modern Language Notes 31.21
17.T MMS: Multiscale Modelling and Simulation: A SIAM Interdisciplinary Journal 66.4
9.C Mnemosyne [Το vol.22 (1969) βρίσκεται στον πάγκο εξυπηρέτησης] 27.6
17.T Mobile Magazine (συμπλήρωμα του Computer για Όλους 12.C/ΕΛΛ) 66.4
10.L Modern Drama 31.23
10.L Modern English Teacher 31.23
10.L Modern Fiction Studies 31.25
3.S Modern Greek Society: a Social Science Newsletter 3.11
8.H Modern Greek Studies Assocation Bulletin - Membership 23.17
8.H Modern Greek Studies Yearbook 23.18
8.H Modern Greek Studies: Journal of Modern Greek Studies Association of Australia and New Zealand - Melbourne 23.17
10.L Modern Hebrew Literature 31.26
10.L Modern Language Journal 31.26
10.L Modern Language Review (The) 31.26
10.L Modern Language Studies 31.26
10.L Modern Philology 31.27
10.L Modern Quarterly (The) 31.27
16.M Molecular Cell 61.77
14.P Molecular Physics: an International Journal in the Field of Chemical Physics 51.16
16.M Molecular Systems Biology 62.1
13.M Monatshefte fur Mathematik 46.24
1.GW Monde (Le) 6.2A
2.P Monde des Religions [Le] 11.12A
1.GW Monde Diplomatique 6.2A
10.L Mondo Greco 31.27
12.C MONET - Mobile Networks and Applications 38.27
5.E Monetary Policy (Bank of Greece) 14.22
CYPR Monetary Policy Report (Central Bank of Cyprus) 4.4A
9.C Monist (The) 27.8
2.P Monitor on Psychology: a Publication of the American Psychological Association 11.12A
6.E Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development 18.21
5.E Monthly Bulletin of Statistics / Bulletin Mensuel de Statistique (United Nations Statistical Office) 14.22
STAT Monthly Economic Indicators 24.13B
STAT Monthly Economic Series 24.14B
16.M Monthly Review of Cardiology 62.1
16.M Monthly Review of Gastrenterology 62.1
16.M Monthly Review of Hematology - Ongology 62.1
16.M Monthly Review of Neurology - Psychiatry 62.1
16.M Monthly Review of Pneumonology 62.1
16.M Monthly Review of Risk Factors in Cardiology 62.1
5.E Moody's Bank and Finance Manual 14.28
5.E Moody's Bond Record: Corporates Convertibles Governments Municipals / (Moody´s) Annual Bond Record: Corporates Convertibles Governments Municipals See Mergent Bond Record: Corporates Convertibles Governments Municipals / (Mergent) Annual Bond Record: Corporates Convertibles Governments Municipals 14.16
5.E Moody's Complete Corporate Index 14.25
5.E Moody's Dividend Record See Mergent Dividend Record 14.20
5.E Moody's Handbook of Common Stocks 14.23
5.E Moody's Handbook of Dividend Archievers 14.24
5.E Moody's Handbook of Nasdaq Stocks 14.24
5.E Moody's Industrial Manual 14.24
5.E Moody's Industrial New Reports 14.25
5.E Moody's Industry Review 14.25
5.E Moody's International: Manual 14.25
5.E Moody's International: News Reports (Monthly) 14.27
5.E Moody's Investors Service Bank and Finance: News Reports 14.27
5.E Moody's Investors Service Industrial News Reports 14.27
5.E Moody's Investors Service Transporation News Reports 14.28
5.E Moody's OTC Industrial 14.27
5.E Moody's Public Utility Manual 14.28
5.E Moody's Public Utility News Reports 14.28
5.E Moody's Transportation Manual 14.28
5.E Moody's Unit Investment Trusts: Annual Cumulative Issue 14.28
17.T Morgenmacher: das Magazin der Metro Group Future Store Initiative 66.4
10.L Mosaic: a Journal for the Comparative Study of Literature and Ideas 31.27
7.A Moseart 9.7
7.A Movies: the World's Best Films Magazine 9.7
10.L Moyen Age (Le): revue d'histoire de de philologie 31.27
17.T MRS Bulletin 66.4
10.L Multilingua - Journal of Cross-Cultural and InterLanguage Communication 31.27
18.I Multimedia Information & Technology 67.17
12.C Multimedia Systems 38.27
12.C Multimedia Tools and Applications 38.27
5.E Multinational Finance Journal 14.30
CYPR Musae: Φοιτητικό Περιοδικό για τις Τέχνες και τον Πολιτισμό 4.4A
7.A Muse 9.7
1.GW Museum 6.2Α
9.C Museum Helveticum 27.9
7.A Music 9.7


Subject category Title Shelf
5.E NACUBO Business Officer See Business Officer 7.27
7.A Naea News 9.7
3.S Nahe Osten (Der) 3.11
17.T NanoTechnology 66.4
10.L Narrative Inquiry 31.27
STAT National Accounts (Series II) See National Economic Accounts (Series II) 24.11B
STAT National Accounts Estimates (Series II) See National Economic Accounts (Series II) 24.11B
5.E National Bank of Greece - Annual Report See Εθνική Τράπεζα της Ελλάδος - Απολογισμός 5.27
CYPR National Dossier: Εθνικός Φάκελος Κύπρου 4.4A
STAT National Economic Accounts (Series II) See National Accounts Estimates (Series II) 24.11B
6.E National Education 18.21
8.H National Geographic Magazine (The) 23.18
5.E National Institute Economic Review 14.31
18.I National Library magazine (The) 67.17
18.I National Library News 67.17
18.I National Library of Australia News 67.17
5.E National Tax Journal 14.31
6.E National Teaching & Learning Forum 18.21
3.S Nationalism and Ethnic Politics 3.11
3.S Nations and Nationalism 3.12
10.L Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 31.28
10.L Natural Language Semantics 31.30
14.P Nature 51.16
8.H Nature & Resources 23.23
16.M Nature Biotechnology 62.1
16.M Nature Cell Biology 62.1
16.M Nature Genetics 62.2
16.M Nature Medicine 62.2
16.M Nature Reviews Cancer: Systems Biology Collection 62.3
16.M Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 62.3
16.M Nature Structural Biology See Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 62.3
16.M Naturopa 62.3
5.E NBER Digest 14.32
5.E NBER Macroeconomics Annual - National Bureau of Economic Research - Paperback Edition 14.32
5.E NBER Reporter 14.32
5.E NBER Technical Working Papers 14.32
13.M NCTM News Bulletin: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 46.25
3.S Negotiation Journal - on the Process of Dispute Settlement 3.12
10.L Neohelicon 31.30
8.H Neo-Hellenika: Annual Publication of the Center for Neo-hellenic Studies 23.23
10.L Neologica : revue internationale de neologie 31.31
7.A Neon 9.7
10.L Neophilologus 31.31
12.C Networker: Craft of Network Cumputing 38.27
17.T Networks: an International Journal 66.4
3.S Neue Gesellschaft (Die) 3.12
8.H Neue Heidelberger Jahrbucher : Herausgegeben vom Historisch-philosophischen Vereine 23.23
1.GW Neue Rundschau (Die) 6.2A
3.S Neue Zeit (Die) 3.12
12.C Neural Computation 38.27
12.C Neural Computing and Applications 38.31
12.C Neural Network World 38.31
12.C Neural Networks 38.33
16.M Neurobiology of Learning and Memory 62.3
12.C Neurocomputing 38.34
16.M Neuron 62.3
16.M Neuropsychologia: an International Journal in Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience 62.7
14.P New Astronomy 51.23
16.M New England Journal of Medicine 62.8
7.A New Forms: a Review of Fine Arts SeeΝέες Μορφές: Περιοδικό Καλών Τεχνών 7.6
12.C New from IBM 38.34
12.C New Generation Computing 38.35
10.L New German Critique 31.31
3.S New Left Review 3.12
10.L New Literary History 31.32
3.S New Mexico Quarterly 3.14
3.S New Perspectives Quarterly 3.14
14.P New Scientist [UK Edition] 51.23
1.GW New Statesman 6.2Α
1.GW New Statesman & Society See New Statesman 6.2Α
2.P New Testament Studies 11.14A
10.L New Theatre Quarterly 31.33
8.H New Times International 23.23
1.GW New York Review of Books ( USA and Canadian Shipping Addresses Only) 6.3A
5.E News 14.32
6.E Newsletter / Faits Nouveaux 18.21
16.M Newsletter EMP : english for medical and paramedical purposes 62.10
14.P Newsletter for the History of Science in Southeastern Europe 51.28
7.A Newsletter of the Society of Architectural Historians See SAH News 10.2
8.H Newsletter: Annual Bulletin 23.23
1.GW Newsweek (International Edition) 6.4A
18.I NextSpace: the OCLC newsletter 67.17
2.P Nietzsche Studien 11.14A
3.S NIKEPHOROS - Zeitschrift für Sport und Kultur 3.14
10.L Nineteenth Century Contexts 31.34
10.L Nineteenth Century French Studies 31.34
10.L Nineteenth Century Studies 31.34
8.H Nippon 23.23
15.C Noble Spirits 60.3
17.T Nonlinear Dynamics and Systems Theory 66.4
13.M Nonlinearity 46.25
5.E North American Review of Economics and Finance (The): a Journal of Theory and Practice 14.33
8.H Notes et Etudes Documentaires 23.23
10.L Notes on Mississippi Writers 31.34
13.M Notices of the American Mathematical Society 46.27
10.L Notre Librairie 31.34
2.P Nous & Philosophical Perspectives 11.14A
8.H Nouvelle Clio: Revue Mensuelle de la decouverte Historique 23.24
10.L Nouvelle Lettre Internationale 31.34
10.L Nouvelle Revue du 16e Siecle - SOC France Seiziem 31.34
10.L Nouvelle Revue Française (La) 31.35
1.GW Nouvelles de France 6.6Α
3.S Nouvelles Questions Feministes 3.16
14.P Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research: Section A 51.28
14.P Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research: Section B 51.28
14.P Nuclear Physics A 52.3
14.P Nuclear Physics B (Proceedings Supplement) 52.17
14.P Nuclear Physics B: Particle Physics & Proceedings Supplements 52.9
14.P Nuclear Science Applications: Section A 52.18
2.P Numen: International Review for the History of Religion Numen 1.1B
13.M Numerical Algorithms 46.31
13.M Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations 46.31
13.M Numerische Mathematik 46.32
7.A Nuova Rassegna 9.7
4.L Nuova Rassegna: di Legislazione, Dottrina e Giurisprudenza 5.12
1.GW Nuovi Argomenti 6.6Α
14.P Nuovo Cimento (Il): Rivista Internazionale di Fisica 52.18
16.M Nutrition and Cancer 62.10


Subject category Title Shelf
8.H OAH Annual Meeting Program - Organization of American Historians 23.24
8.H OAH Newsletter: Organization of American Historians 23.24
17.T OASE : Tijdschrift voor Architectuur Architectural Journal 66.5
13.M Oberwolfach Reports 46.33
10.L Obzor: a Bulgarian Quarterly Review of Literature and Arts 32.3
5.E Occasional Papers - Asian Development Bank 14.33
STAT Occupational Structure of Employment 24.14B
18.I OCLC Newsletter 67.17
7.A October 9.7
1.GW Odyssey: The World of Greece 6.6Α
5.E OECD Economic Outlook 14.33
5.E OECD Economic Studies 14.33
5.E OECD Economic Surveys: Greece 14.33
5.E OECD Observer (The) 14.33
10.L Oeuvres et Critiques 32.3
4.L Official Journal of the European Communities 5.12
5.E Oil 14.33
11.M Omphalos: a Mediterranean Review 36.7
2.P One Country : Newsletter of the Baha´i International Community 1.1B
8.H Onomastica Canadiana 23.24
12.C OOPS Messenger OOPSLA See ACM OOPS Messenger OOPSLA: Quarterly Publication of the Special Interest Group on Programming Langua 36.14
5.E OPEC Bulletin 14.33
7.A Open : Cahier on Art and the Public Domain 9.7
12.C Operating Systems Review 36.14
17.T Operational Research: an Interantional Journal See Επιχειρησιακή Έρευνα: Επιστημονικό Περιοδικό της Ελληνικής Εταιρίας Επιχειρησιακών Ερευνών 62.17
12.C Operations Research - Linthicum 39.1
7.A Oppositions 9.8
14.P Optics and Photonics News 52.19
14.P Optics and Spectroscopy 52.19
14.P Optics Letters 52.19
16.M Options 62.10
5.E OR/MS Today - Institute of Operations Research and the Management Sciences 15.2
12.C Oracle 39.2
3.S Orbis - a Journal of World Affairs 3.16
10.L Orbis - Bulletin International de Documentation Linguistique 32.3
2.P Ordo Socialis 1.1B
15.C Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 60.4
15.C Organic Syntheses 60.4
5.E Organization - Interdisciplinary Journal of Organization Theoryand Society 14.33
3.S Organization & Environment 3.16
5.E Organization Science 14.34
5.E Organization Studies 14.35
5.E Organizational Dynamics 15.2
15.C Organometallics 60.4
2.P Oriens Christianus 1.1B
2.P Orientalia Christiana Periodica: Commentarii de re Orientali Aetatis Christianae Sacra et Profana Editi Cura et Opere Pontificii Instituti Orientatium Studiorum 1.2B
2.P Orientation Scolaire et Professionnelle (L') 1.4B
6.E Orientations: Essais et Recherches en Éducation 18.22
14.P Osiris See Isis 49.23
3.S Österreichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie 3.17
10.L Otto Novecento: Rivista Bimestrale di Critica Litteraria 32.3
7.A Oxford Art Journal 9.8
5.E Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 15.2
5.E Oxford Economic Papers 15.3
5.E Oxford Review of Economic Policy 15.5
6.E Oxford Review of Education 18.22
2.P Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 1.4B
6.E Oxford Studies in Comparative Education 18.22


Subject category Title Shelf
5.E Pacific Accounting Review 15.5
13.M Pacific Journal of Mathematics 46.33
6.E Paideia: Reformpadagogische Monatsschrift SeeΠαιδεία: Όργανο Αναμορφωτικής Παιδαγωγικής Προσπάθειας 16.31
6.E Paideia: Revue Mensuelle d' Éducation Reformatrice See Παιδεία: Όργανο Αναμορφωτικής Παιδαγωγικής Προσπάθειας 16.31
7.A Paises : revista de paisajismo Paisea: landscape architecture review 9.8
18.I Pakistan Library Bulletin 67.19
8.H Palaeobulgarica 23.24
10.L Palaeoslavica: International Journal for the Study of Slavic Medieval Literature, History, Language and Ethnology 32.3
8.H Palestine - Israel Journal of Politics, Economics and Culture 23.24
7.A Pan: Zeitschrift für Kunst und Kultur 9.8
1.GW Panderma See Παντός Τέρμα ή Παντός Δέρμα 5.7A
2.P Paperbound Edition & Philosophical Issue See Nous & Philosophical Perspectives 11.14A
11.M Parabasis: Scientific Bulletin Department of Theatre Studies University of Athens See Παράβασις: Επιστημονικό Δελτίο του Τμήματος Θεατρικών Σπουδών του Πανεπιστημίου 35.11
10.L Paragraph: Journal of Modern Critical Theory 32.3
12.C Parallel Algorithms and Applications 39.2
12.C Parallel Computing 39.3
12.C Parallel Processing Letters 39.4
8.H Paris aux Cent Villages 23.24
1.GW Paris Match 6.7Α
10.L Paris Review (The) 32.3
18.I Parish & Community Libraries 67.19
3.S Parliamentarian 3.17
3.S Parliamentary Affairs 3.17
9.C Parola del Passato 27.11
14.P Particle World 52.20
1.GW Partisan Review 6.7Α
8.H Past and Present 23.24
2.P Patristic and Byzantine Review (The) 1.5B
12.C Pattern Recognition 39.5
CYPR PC Κυπριακό: το Κυπριακό Περιοδικό για Computers 4.4A
3.S Peace and Change 3.18
3.S Peace and Conflict 3.18
3.S Peace Review 3.18
6.E Pedagogy, Culture & Society: a Journal of Educational Discussion and Debate 18.22
10.L Pen Review of Linguistics (The) 32.3
1.GW Pensée (La) 6.7Α
8.H Pensée de Midi (La) 23.28
17.T Perceptual and Motor Skills 66.5
12.C Performance Evaluation Review: Measurement and Evaluation 39.5
10.L Performance Research 32.3
2.P Personality and Individual Differences: an International Journal of Research
into the Structure and Development of Personality, and the Causation of
Individual Differences
18.I Personnel Training and Education: a Journal for Library and Information Workers 67.19
7.A Perspecta 10.1
8.H Perspective - National Council for Geographic Education 23.28
3.S Perspectives on Political Science 3.19
3.S Perspectives on Politics 3.19
14.P Perspectives on Science: Historical Philosophical and Social 52.21
8.H Perspectives: Newsmagazine of the American Historical Association 23.28
6.E Perspectives: Revue Trimestrielle de l' Éducation 18.22
3.S Peuples mediterraneens : revue trimestrielle Mediterranean peoples 3.19
6.E Phi Delta Kappan 18.22
3.S Philia: Eine Zeitschrift fuer Europa 3.19
CYPR Philips Review (The): a Journal of the Philips College, Nicosia 4.4A
9.C Philologia Antiqua : an International Journal of Classics 27.11
9.C Philologus 27.12
2.P Philosophia Naturalis 1.6B
2.P Philosophica: Gent 1.6B
2.P Philosophical Books 1.7B
2.P Philosophical Inquiry 1.7B
2.P Philosophical Investigations 1.7B
2.P Philosophical Quarterly 1.8B
2.P Philosophical Review 1.8B
2.P Philosophical Studies 2.2B
16.M Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London: Series B, Biological Sciences 62.10
14.P Philosophical Transactions: Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences 52.21
2.P Philosophische Rundschau 2.2B
2.P Philosophisches Jahrbuch 2.5B
2.P Philosophy 2.6B
10.L Philosophy and Literature 32.3
2.P Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 2.7B
3.S Philosophy and Public Affairs 3.19
3.S Philosophy and Social Criticism 3.20
14.P Philosophy of Science 52.21
3.S Philosophy of the Social Sciences 3.20
8.H Phoenix - Leiden 23.28
9.C Phoenix - Toronto 27.18
10.L Phonetica - Basel 32.4
10.L Phonology 32.5
1.GW Phosphore 6.7Α
17.T Photon International 66.5
7.A Photonet 9.8
17.T Photonics 66.7
17.T Photonics Handbook 66.7
17.T Photonics Spectra 66.7
2.P Phronesis: a Journal for Ancient Philosophy 2.7B
14.P Physica A 52.23
14.P Physica B + C: Europhysics Journal 52.24
14.P Physica C: Superconductivity 52.25
14.P Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena 52.27
15.C Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 60.6
6.E Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy 18.24
14.P Physical Review A: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 52.28
14.P Physical Review B: Condensed Matter 52.30
14.P Physical Review C: Nuclear Physics 52.32
14.P Physical Review D: Particles and Fields 52.33
14.P Physical Review E: Statistical Physics, Plasmas, Fluids and Related Interdisciplinary Topics 52.34
14.P Physical Review Letters & Physical Review Letters Index Print & Internet 52.35
6.E Physics Education - Bristol - 18.24
14.P Physics Letters A 53.17
14.P Physics Letters B 53.19
14.P Physics of Atomic Nuclei 53.28
14.P Physics Reports: a Review Section of Physics Letters 53.28
14.P Physics Teacher 53.32
14.P Physics Today 53.33
14.P Physics World 54.2
16.M Plant Research and Development 62.10
10.L Plurilinguismes 32.5
10.L Po et Sie 32.5
10.L Poesia: Mensile du Cultura Poetica 32.6
10.L Poesie 32.6
10.L Poetica - Zeitschrift für Sprache und Literaturwissenschaft 32.6
10.L Poetics 32.9
10.L Poetics Today 32.9
10.L Poetique 32.11
11.M Poetix 36.7
10.L Poetry (Chicago) 32.12
7.A Poiesis: Architecture, Ville et Societe Humaine 9.8
11.M Poiesis: Bibliography of Greek Poetry 36.7
3.S Police Journal: a Quarterly Review for the Police of the World 3.20
3.S Police Review 3.20
3.S Policing 3.20
3.S Policy Sciences 3.20
3.S Polis 3.20
3.S Polis - York: the Journal of the Society for Greek Political Thought 3.21
18.I Polish Libraries Today 67.19
14.P Polish Science Voice (The) 54.3
3.S Political Communication 3.21
3.S Political Psychology 3.21
3.S Political Research Quarterly 3.22
3.S Political Science Quarterly 3.22
3.S Political Science Review 3.23
3.S Political Studies - Journal of the Political Studies Association UK & Politics - Oxford & Political Studies Review & Politics & British Journal of Politics and International Relations 3.23
3.S Political Studies Review 3.23
3.S Political Theory 3.25
3.S Politics - Oxford 3.25
3.S Politics and Society 3.25
3.S Politique Étrangere 3.26
3.S Politique Étrangere de la France 3.26
3.S Polity 3.27
15.C Polymer Preprints 60.7
18.I Popular Culture in Libraries 67.19
5.E Population and Development Review 15.6
STAT Population and Household Projections 24.14B
8.H Positions: East Asia Cultures Critique 23.28
5.E Practical Accountant 15.6
5.E Practical Issues Arising from the Introduction of the Euro: Bank of England 15.6
5.E Practical Issues in Management and Economics (PRIME) See Πρακτικά Θέματα Διοίκησης και Οικονομίας: Διεθνές Περιοδικό 6.12
7.A Practical Photography 10.1
16.M Practitioner (The) 62.11
10.L Pragmatics and Cognition 32.13
10.L Pragmatics: Quarterly Publication of the International Pragmatics Association 32.13
10.L Pratiques - Metz 32.13
6.E Pratiques de Formation (analyses) 18.24
2.P Praxis 3.2B
7.A Premiere 10.1
7.A Premiere: the Movie Magazine 10.1
15.C Prensa del Rioja (La) 60.9
10.L Presence Francophone 32.14
10.L Presse und Sprache 32.14
13.M Probability Theory and Related Fields: Continuation of Zeitschrift für
8.H Problèmes d' Amerique Latine 23.28
5.E Problèmes Économiques 15.6
3.S Problèmes Politiques et Sociaux 3.27
10.L Proceedings from Semantics and Linguistic Theory 32.14
10.L Proceedings of NELS - North East Linguistic Society 32.14
3.S Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science 3.29
2.P Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association 3.2B
13.M Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 47.3
2.P Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 3.3B
10.L Proceedings of the Amsterdam Colloquim 32.16
2.P Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society: Paperbound Journal 3.4B
2.P Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society: Suplementary Volume 3.4B
2.P Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy 3.5B
1.GW Proceedings of the British Academy 6.8Α
9.C Proceedings of the Cambridge Philological Society 25.6
9.C Proceedings of the Cambridge Philological Society (supplement) 25.6
15.C Proceedings of the Chemical Society 60.9
9.C Proceedings of the Classical Association 27.20
13.M Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society 47.6
17.T Proceedings of the IEEE 66.7
17.T Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Part I SeeJournal of
Systems and Control Engineering
17.T Proceedings of the IRE (Institute of Radio Engineers): a Journal of Communications and Electronic Engineering 66.7
10.L Proceedings of the Linguistic Circle of Manitoba and North Dakota 32.16
13.M Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society 47.6
14.P Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 54.3
1.GW Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 6.10A
14.P Proceedings of the Royal Society of London 56.6
9.C Proceedings of the Virgil Society 27.20
14.P Proceedings: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering See Proceedings of the Royal Society of London 54.6
12.C Proceedings: Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Simulation 39.5
17.T Production and Operations Management 66.7
5.E Professional Manager 15.6
2.P Professional Psychology: Research and Practice 3.5B
13.M Professional Statistician 47.7
7.A Profile: Magazin ueber Architektur / Architecture Magazine 10.1
8.H Program of the ... Annual Meeting / American Historical Association: Annual Meeting / American Historical Association: Program of the Annual Meeting 23.28
16.M Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases 62.11
14.P Progress in Natural Sciences 54.9
14.P Progress of Theoretical Physics 54.9
9.C Prometheus - Firenze 27.20
4.L Proprietes intellectuelles 5.12
6.E Prospects: Quarterly Review of Comparative Education 18.24
6.E Prospero: Journal of New Thinking in Philosophy for Education 18.25
16.M Proteins - Structure Function and Genetics 62.11
8.H Prudentia 23.28
3.S PS Political Science & Politics 3.29
2.P Psychiatrie de l' Enfant (La) 3.5B
16.M Psychiatriki: Quarterly Journal by the Hellenic Psychiatric Association See Ψυχιατρική: Τριμηνιαία Έκδοση της Ελληνικής Ψυχιατρικής Εταιρείας 60.24
4.L Psychiatry Psychology and Law 5.12
2.P Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society 3.5B
2.P Psychoanalytic Psychology: the Official Journal of the Division of Psychoanalysis - American Psychological Association, Division 39 See Monitor on Psychology: a Publication of the American Psychological Association 11.13A
2.P Psychodynamic Counselling 3.6B
2.P Psychological Bulletin 3.6B
2.P Psychological Review 3.6B
2.P Psychologie et Education: Revue Trimestrielle 3.8B
2.P Psychologie Française 3.8B
2.P Psychologist (The ) 3.8B
3.S Psychology Crime and Law 3.29
4.L Psychology Public Policy and Law 5.13
3.S Public Administration - Oxford 3.29
3.S Public Administration Review 3.30
3.S Public Choice 3.30
3.S Public Culture 3.30
5.E Public Finance 15.7
5.E Public Finance Quarterly 15.7
5.E Public Finance Review 15.9
8.H Public Historian 23.28
4.L Public Law 5.13
STAT Public Loans Fund: Accounts and Statistics See Ταμείο Δημοσίων Δανείων: Λογαριασμοί και Στατιστικά Στοιχεία 24.7B
3.S Public Opinion Quarterly 3.31
14.P Public Understanding of Science 54.10
3.S Publications and Documents of the EC received by the Library (Supplement) (Commission of the European Communities) 3.31
STAT Publications Catalogue of the Statistical Service 24.14B
13.M Publications Mathematiques de l'Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques 47.7
STAT Publications of the Department of Statistics and Research See Publications Catalogue of the Statistical Service 24.14B
13.M Publications of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences - Series A 47.9
CYPR Purple: Ένθετο της Εφημερίδας «Πολίτης» 4.4A


Subject category Title Shelf
8.H Quaderni della Casa Romena di Venezia 23.28
8.H Quaderni di Storia - Rassegna di Antichita Redatta dell' Istituto di Storia Greca 23.30
9.C Quaderni Urbinati di Cultura Classica 27.21
17.T Quaderns : d´arquitectura i Urbanisme 66.9
3.S Quaderns de la Mediterrania 3.31
10.L Quai Voltaire Revue Litteraire 32.16
3.S Qualitative Sociology 3.31
16.M Quality 62.12
14.P Quantum 48.21
14.P Quantum 54.10
17.T Quantum : ALCOA Technical Center 66.9
CYPR Quarterly Economic Review See Monetary Policy Report (Central Bank of Cyprus) 4.4A
5.E Quarterly Journal of Business and Economics 15.9
5.E Quarterly Journal of Economics (The) 15.10
13.M Quarterly Journal of Mathematics 47.10
10.L Quarterly Journal of Speech 32.16
13.M Quarterly of Applied Mathematics 47.10
5.E Quarterly Review of Economics and Business(The) 15.13
5.E Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 15.14
10.L Quartiere 32.16
3.S Quest - Champaign 3.32
3.S Questions Actuelles du Socialisme 3.32
17.T Queueing Systems: Theory and Applications 66.9


Subject category Title Shelf
3.S Race, Ethnicity and Education 3.33
2.P Radical Philosophy 3.8B
7.A Raggi 10.1
2.P Raison Presente 4.2B
10.L Raisons, comparaisons, educations 32.16
9.C Ramus 27.24
5.E Rand Journal of Economics 15.16
12.C Random Structures and Algorithms 39.6
5.E Rannon Management Review 15.6
6.E Rapport Annuel Jahresbericht=Rapporto annuale 18.25
16.M Rapport du ... Congres de la CIESM ... CIESM Congress Proceedings 62.12
10.L Raritan 32.16
10.L Rassegna della Letteratura Italiana 32.16
2.P Ratio 4.2B
14.P RCNP Annual Report 54.10
5.E Reactions: the Financial Magazine for the Global Insurance Market 15.17
18.I Reader's Digest (british edition) 67.19
6.E Reading Research Quarterly 18.25
6.E Reading Teacher (group) 18.26
6.E Reading Today (group) 18.27
STAT Real Estate Activities Statistics See Στατιστικές Διαχείρισης Ακίνητης Περιουσίας 24.2B
12.C Real Time Systems 39.6
16.M Recent Advances and Recent Updates 62.12
3.S Recent Publications on the European Communities Received by the Library 3.33
14.P Recherche (La): l' Actualite des Sciences 54.10
2.P Recherches Augustiniennes 4.2B
2.P Recherches de Theologie et Philosophie Medievales 4.2B
13.M Recherches en Didactiques des Mathematiques 47.11
3.S Recherches Feministes 3.33
3.S Recherches Internationales à la Lumière du Marxisme 3.33
4.L Rechtstheorie 5.13
8.H Recueil des Travaux See Zbornik Radova Vizantoloski Instituta 24.19
18.I Reference Librarian (The) 67.19
6.E Reflective Practice 18.28
8.H Réflexions Historiques See Historical Reflections 21.31
3.S Réforme, Humanisme, Renaissance (RHR) 3.33
3.S Refugees 3.33
11.M Regard Cretois (Le) Revue de la Société Internationale des Amis de Nikos Kazantzaki 36.7
5.E Regards sur l' Actualite 15.18
5.E Regional Economic Outlook: Sub-Saharan Africa 15.18
5.E Regional Science and Urban Economics 15.18
STAT Registered Unemployed See Έρευνα Εργατικού Δυναμικού 23.6B
STAT Registration of Establishments 24.14B
3.S Relations Internationales - Paris 3.33
1.GW Relay UC & R 6.10A
10.L Religion and Literature 32.16
6.E Religious Education 18.28
2.P Repertoire Bibliographique de la Philosophie See International Philosophical Bibliography 10.10A
8.H Report for the Session… 23.30
CYPR Report of the Department of Postal Services for the year… 4.5A
5.E Report to the National Congress 15.18
CYPR Report: of Friends of Cyprus for an Independent Sovereign and Unitary State 4.5A
14.P Reports on Progress in Physics 54.11
7.A Representations 10.1
17.T Research and Development in Industry 66.9
STAT Research and Development Statistics See Στατιστικές Έρευνας και Ανάπτυξης 24.2B
CYPR Research at the University of Cyprus: Research Profile and Publications See Έρευνα στο Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου: Ερευνητική Δραστηριότητα και Δημοσιεύσεις 2.3A
12.C Research Bulletin of the Supercomputing Institute 39.6
6.E Research Dialogue in Learning & Instruction 18.29
17.T Research eu : results magazine 66.9
10.L Research in African Literatures 32.18
5.E Research in Finance 15.19
6.E Research in Higher Education 18.29
14.P Research in Science and Technological Education 54.12
5.E Research in Strategic Management and Information Technology 15.19
10.L Research Notes 32.18
17.T Research Report 66.9
2.P Research Report: Max Planck Institute for Psychological Research 4.3B
CYPR Review for… 4.5A
5.E Review of Accounting Studies 15.19
5.E Review of Development Economics 15.19
5.E Review of Economic Dynamics 15.19
5.E Review of Economic Sciences See Επιθεώρηση Οικονομικών Επιστημών 5.27
5.E Review of Economic Studies 15.19
5.E Review of Economics and Statistics 15.23
6.E Review of Educational Research (group) 18.30
10.L Review of English Studies 32.19
5.E Review of Financial Economics 15.25
5.E Review of Financial Studies 15.26
5.E Review of Income and Wealth 15.27
5.E Review of International Economics 15.28
3.S Review of International Studies 3.34
2.P Review of Metaphysics 4.3B
5.E Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting 15.28
6.E Review of Research in Education 18.31
14.P Review of Scientific Instruments 54.12
CYPR Review: the Higher Technical Institute - see: Higher Technical Institute Review 4.3A
14.P Reviews of Modern Physics 54.16
8.H Revista d' Etnologia de Catalunya 23.30
10.L Revista de Estudios Norteamericanos 32.19
4.L Revue Belge de Droit International 5.13
10.L Revue Canadienne de Linguistique Appliquée See Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics 29.14
13.M Revue Canadienne de Statistique See Canadian Journal of Statistics 42.28
4.L Revue Critique De Droit International Prive 5.14
8.H Revue d' Histoire Diplomatique 23.30
10.L Revue d' Histoire du Théâtre 32.20
2.P Revue d' Histoire Ecclésiastique 4.4B
10.L Revue d' Histoire Litteraire de la France 32.20
3.S Revue d' Integration Européenne - Journal of European Integration 3.34
3.S Revue de Défense Nationale See Defense Nationale 1.33
3.S Revue de l' Institut de Sociologie 3.34
2.P Revue de l' Orient Chrétien 4.6B
6.E Revue de l'ecole nouvelle francaise 18.31
10.L Revue de Litterature Comparée 32.21
2.P Revue de Metaphysique et de Morale 4.6B
9.C Revue de Philologie de Litterature et d' Histoire Anciennes 27.25
2.P Revue de Philosophie Ancienne 4.8B
2.P Revue de Theologie et de Philosophie 5.2B
8.H Revue des Études Byzantines 23.31
8.H Revue des Études Grecques 23.34
9.C Revue des Études Latines 27.27
11.M Revue des Études Neo-helleniques 36.7
8.H Revue des Études Sud Est Européennes 24.4
1.GW/RARE Revue des Idees Box 29
10.L Revue du Caire: Revue de Litterature et d' Histoire (La) 32.25
4.L Revue du Droit Public et de la Science Administrative See Επιθεώρησις Δημοσίου Δικαίου και Διοικητικού Δικαίου: Τριμηνιαίον Επιστημονικόν Περιοδικόν 4.21
3.S Revue du Droit Public et de la Science Politique en France et a l' Étranger 3.35
3.S Revue du Marche Commun et de l' Union Européenne 4.1
16.M Revue du Praticien 62.12
15.C Revue du Vin de France (La ) 60.10
3.S Revue Européenne de Politique de Jeunesse See Forum 21: European Journal on Youth Policy 2.12
3.S Revue Européenne des Sciences Sociales 4.2
10.L Revue Francaise de Linguistique Appliquee 32.25
6.E Revue Francaise de Pedagogie 18.31
3.S Revue Française de Science Politique 4.2
3.S Revue Française de Sociologie 4.2
4.L Revue Générale de Droit International Public 5.21
11.M Revue Germanique : Allemagne, Angleterre, Etats-Unis,Pays-Bas, Scandinavie 36.7
4.L Revue Hellenique de Droit International See Ελληνική Επιθεώρηση Ευρωπαϊκού Δικαίου 4.20
8.H Revue Historique 24.5
6.E Revue Internationale d' Education Sevres 18.33
6.E Revue internationale d´ education 18.33
2.P Revue Internationale de Philosophie 5.3B
3.S Revue Internationale des Sciences Sociales 4.3
4.L Revue Internationale du droit d'auteur 5.23
2.P Revue Philosophique de la France et de l' Étranger 5.4B
2.P Revue Philosophique de Louvain See International Philosophical Bibliography 10.10A
7.A Rheinisches Jahrbuch 10.2
9.C Rheinisches Museum für Philologie 27.30
3.S Rheinisch-Westfälische Akademie der Wissenschaften 4.3
14.P Rheologica Acta 54.19
10.L Rhetorica 32.25
5.E Risk and Supplements 15.29
5.E Risk Management and Insurance Review 15.31
3.S Rive: Review of Mediterranean Politics and Culture 4.3
14.P Rivista del Nuovo Cimento (La): della Societa Italiana di Fisica 54.19
8.H Rivista di Bizantinistica See Bizantinistica: Rivista di Studi Bizantini e Slavi 20.10
10.L Rivista di Critica 32.25
9.C Rivista di Cultura Classica e Medioevale 28.2
11.M Rivista di Cultura Greco-Moderna See Ιταλοελληνικά 34.17
9.C Rivista di Filologia e di Istruzione Classica 28.3
2.P Rivista di Filosofia Neoscolastica 5.6B
8.H Rivista di Studi Bizantini e Neoellenici 24.8
10.L Rivista di Studi Danteschi 32.25
5.E RMA Journal (The) 15.32
17.T Robotics and Autonomous Systems 66.9
13.M Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics (The) 47.12
10.L Romantisme 32.26
8.H Römische Historische Mitteilungen 24.8
5.E Rotarian (The) 15.33
5.E Rotary Magazine 15.33
1.GW Round Table 6.10Α
18.I RQ: Reference and Adult Services Division 67.19
5.E Russia Markets Investor 15.33
15.C Russian Journal of Electrochemistry 60.11
13.M Russian Mathematical Surveys & CD ROM 47.14


Subject category Title Shelf
7.A SAH News 10.2
15.C Saint Emilion 60.11
13.M Sankhya - Series A & B (group) 47.14
13.M Sankhya - Series B (group) 47.16
13.M Sankhya: the Indian Journal of Statistics 47.16
5.E Sap Info 15.33
15.C Sapori d' Italia 60.11
13.M SAS Communications: a Quarterly Magazine for European SAS Software Users 47.16
5.E Scandinavian Journal of Economics 15.33
11.M Scandinavian Journal of Modern Greek Studies 36.7
13.M Scandinavian Journal of Statistics: Theory and Applications 47.16
11.M Scandinavian Studies in Modern Greek 36.7
7.A Scape: the International Magazine for Landscape Architecture and Urbanism 10.2
8.H Schild von Steier: Beiträge zur Steirischen Vor- und Frühgeschichte und Münzkunde 24.9
6.E School Effectiveness and School Improvement 18.33
6.E School Leadership and Management 18.33
6.E School Organization 18.34
6.E School Psychology International 18.34
6.E School Review 18.34
14.P School Science and Mathematics 54.19
14.P School Science Review 54.21
3.S Schuler - Wissen Fur Lehrer 4.4
1.GW Schuss 6.10A
3.S Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Soziologie 4.4
14.P Science - International Edition - AAAS 54.23
3.S Science & Society 4.4
14.P Science and Children 54.31
14.P Science and Technology Education 54.32
14.P Science Education 54.32
14.P Science Education International: the ICASE Journal 54.33
12.C Science of Computer Programming: Methods of Software Design Techniques and Applications 39.6
14.P Science Teacher & Science and Children 54.33
14.P Scientia Iranica 54.34
6.E Scientia Paedagogica Experimentalis 18.34
17.T Scientific American 66.10
17.T Scientific American:Μηνιαίο Περιοδικό για την Επιστήμη, την Τεχνολογία και τον Άνθρωπο 66.9
6.E Scientific Studies of Reading: the official journal of the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading 18.35
18.I SCONUL: Standing Conference of National & University Libraries 67.19
5.E Scottish Journal of Political Economy 15.35
7.A Screen International 10.2
9.C Scripta Classica Israelica 28.3
8.H Scripta Mediterranea : Bulletin of the Society for Mediterranean Studies 24.9
5.E Scripta Mercaturae: Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte 16.2
18.I Scriptorium 67.19
18.I Scrittura e Civilta 67.22
10.L Second Language Research 32.26
5.E Security Manager: Περιοδικό για την Ασφάλεια 16.2
7.A Sele Arte: Rivista Bimestrale di Cultura Selezione Informazione Artistica Internazionale 10.2
7.A SEM Newsletter 10.2
2.P Semeia: an Experimental Journal for Biblical Criticism 5.7B
14.P Semiconductor Science and Technology 54.34
6.E Seminar Paper 18.35
10.L Semiotica 32.27
17.T SEPE News See ΣΕΠΕ News 62.19
13.M Sequential Analysis 47.17
5.E SERI Quarterly 16.2
18.I Serials Librarian 67.23
5.E Service Industries Journal 16.2
STAT Services and Distributive Trade Statistics See Στατιστική Χονδρικού και Λιανικού Εμπορίου 24.7B
10.L Shakespeare Bulletin 32.32
10.L Shakespeare Quarterly & World Shakespeare Bibliography (group) 32.32
10.L Shakespeare Survey 32.33
10.L Sherlock Holmes: The Detective Magazine 32.34
STAT Shipping Statistics 24.14B
STAT Short distance passenger mobility survey in Cyprus See Έρευνα διακίνησης επιβατών/ατόμων σε αποστάσεις κάτω των 100 χιλιομέτρων 23.6B
STAT Short-term Industrial Indicators See Monthly Economic Indicators 24.13B
13.M SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 47.17
13.M SIAM Journal on Computing 47.20
13.M SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization: a Publication of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics 47.21
12.C SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 39.6
13.M SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis 47.21
13.M SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 47.24
13.M SIAM Journal on Optimization 47.26
13.M SIAM Journal on Scientific and Statistical Computing: a Publication of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics 47.27
13.M SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 47.28
13.M SIAM Review 47.31
13.M SIAM Theory of Probability and its Applications: a Publication of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics 47.33
12.C SIGARCH Computer Architecture News See Computer Architecture News 37.5
12.C SIGART Bulletin See ACM Intelligence: New Visions of AI in Practice 36.14
12.C Sigchi Bulletin See ACM Sigchi Bulletin: Computer and Human Interaction 36.15
12.C SIGCOMM: Computer Communication Review See ACM SIGCOMM: Computer Communication Review 36.15
12.C Sigcse Bulletin: a Quarterly Publication of the Association for Computing Machinery See ACM Sigcse Bulletin: a Quarterly Publication of the Association for Computing Machinery 36.15
12.C Sigda Newsletter: Design Automation See ACM Sigda Newsletter: Design Automation 36.16
12.C SIGIR Forum See ACM SIGIR Forum 36.17
12.C Sigmetrics Performance Evaluation Review 39.5
3.S Sign Language Studies 4.4
17.T Signal Processing 66.13
3.S Signs - Journal of Women in Culture and Society 4.4
13.M SIGNUM Newsletter: Numerical Mathematics 47.33
2.P Signum: Τριμηνιαίο Δελτίο Φιλοσοφίας, Λογικής, Κοινωνιολογίας και Επιστημολογίας για τους Σπουδαστές 5.7B
2.P Sileno 5.7B
3.S SIPRI Yearbook: Armaments, Disarmament and International Security 4.11
8.H Sitzungsberichte der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften 24.9
2.P Skepsis: a Journal for Philosophy and Inter-disciplinary Research 5.8B
14.P Sky and Telescope 54.35
8.H Slavonic and East European Review 24.9
5.E Sloan Management Review 16.2
5.E Small States : Economic Review and Basic Statistics 16.2
1.GW Smithsonian 6.10A
2.P Sobornost 5.8B
3.S Social Anthropology 4.6
3.S Social Forces 4.6
3.S Social Identities 4.7
STAT Social Indicators See Κοινωνικοί Δείκτες 23.8B
STAT Social Insurance Statistics See Στατιστικές Κοινωνικών Ασφαλίσεων 24.3B
3.S Social Networks: an International Journal of Structural Analysis 4.7
3.S Social Philosophy and Policy 4.7
3.S Social Problems 4.7
3.S Social Psychology Quarterly 4.8
3.S Social Research 4.8
3.S Social Sciences 4.8
3.S Social Text 4.8
10.L Société Internationale d' Études Yourcenariennes Bulletin 32.34
7.A Society for Ethnomusicology 10.2
7.A Socio 10.2
10.L Sociolinguistica - Internationales Jahrbuch für Europäische Soziolinguistik 32.34
3.S Sociological Methodology 4.9
3.S Sociological Review & Monographs 4.10
3.S Sociological Theory - Cambridge 4.10
3.S Sociology - Annual Editions 4.11
3.S Sociology - Journal of the British Sociological Association 4.11
6.E Sociology of Education 18.35
2.P Sociology of Religion: a Quarterly Review 5.8B
12.C Software - Practice and Experience 39.7
12.C Software Engineering Journal 39.8
12.C Software Engineering Notes 39.8
12.C Software Magazine 39.9
12.C Software Quality Journal 39.9
12.C Software Testing Verification & Reliability 39.9
12.C Software: Concepts and Tools 39.8
17.T Solar Energy 66.13
17.T Solar Energy Materials 66.14
17.T Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 66.15
17.T Solid State Technology 66.16
12.C Solutions: the Executive Magazine from Unisys 39.9
17.T Sonovision: l' Audiovisuel au Service de la Formation, de l' Information, de la Promotion 66.16
1.GW South Atlantic Quarterly 6.11Α
8.H Southeast European Yearbook 24.10
5.E South-eastern Europe Journal of Economics: the Official Journal of the Association of South-eastern Europe Economic Universities 16.2
5.E Southern Economic Journal 16.3
14.P Soviet Journal of Nuclear Physics: a Translation of the Journal Yadernaya Fizika 55.2
14.P Soviet Journal of Particles & Nuclei: a Τranslation of the Journal Fizika Elementarnykh Chastis i Atomnogo Yadra 55.2
14.P Soviet Physics Doklady: a Translation of the Physics Sections of Doklady Akademii Nauk 55.2
3.S Sozialdemokrat : magazin 4.12
3.S Soziale Welt: Zeitschrift für Sozialwissenschaftliche Forschung und Praxis 4.12
3.S Soziologische Revue: Besprechungen Neuer Literatur 4.12
1.GW Spectator & Index 6.11Α
14.P Spectroscopy Letters 55.2
10.L Speculum: a Journal of Medieval Studies 32.35
10.L Speech Communication 33.6
1.GW Spiegel (Der): Das Deutsche nachrichten - Magazin 6.11A
1.GW Spiegel Special 7.1Α
1.GW Spoudai See Σπουδαί: Περιοδική Επιστημονική Έκδοση του Παν/μíου Πειραιώς (πρώην Α.Β.Σ.Π.) 5.8A
10.L Sprache 33.7
8.H Srednie Veka 24.10
10.L Starobulgarska Literatura 33.7
15.C State of the worlds forests 60.11
16.M State of the World's Forests 62.13
13.M Statistica Sinica 47.33
STAT Statistical Abstract 24.12B
STAT Statistical Bulletin for the Year… (Ministry of Communications and Works, Department of Postal Services) 24.12B
STAT Statistical Codes of Economic Activities See Στατιστικοί Κώδικες Οικονομικών Δραστηριοτήτων 24.7B
STAT Statistical Codes of Municipalities, Communities and Quarters of Cyprus See Στατιστικοί Κωδικοί Δήμων, Κοινοτήτων και Ενοριών της Κύπρου 24.7B
STAT Statistical Codes of Occupations See Στατιστικοί Κώδικες Επαγγελμάτων 24.7B
13.M Statistical Inference for Stochastic Process 48.2
13.M Statistical Science 48.2
5.E Statistical Yearbook (United Nations) / Annuaire Statistique (Nations Unies) 16.7
5.E Statistician: Journal of the Institute of Statisticians 16.8
13.M Statistics and Decisions - International Journal for Stochastic Methods and Models 48.3
13.M Statistics and Probability Letters 48.3
STAT Statistics of Education See Στατιστική της Εκπαίδευσης 24.6B
STAT Statistics of Motor Vehicles and Road Accidents 24.15B
STAT Statistics on Business Services See Στατιστικές Επιχειρηματικών Δραστηριοτήτων 24.2B
STAT Statistics on Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Business Services See Στατιστική Οικονομικών Οργανισμών, Ασφαλειών, Κτηματικών και Επαγγελματικών Υπηρεσιών 24.6B
STAT Statistics on Semi-government Organisations & Local Authorities 24.15B
6.E Statistiken zur Hochschulpolitik 18.35
1.GW Status Millenium: Οι 100 Έλληνες του Αιώνα (συλλεκτική έκδοση) 7.1Α
1.GW Stern 7.1Α
7.A Stoa: Annual Review of EAAE 10.2
13.M Stochastic Models 48.4
13.M Stochastic Processes and their Applications - Monthly 48.5
5.E Strategic Analysis 16.8
5.E Strategic Finance (New Jersey) 16.9
5.E Strategic Management Journal 16.10
3.S Strategic Survey 4.12
3.S Stratégique - Paris 4.12
5.E Structural Change and Economic Dynamics 16.10
17.T Structure , Struers Metallographic News 66.16
8.H/RARE Studi Bizantini Box 29
8.H Studi Bizantini See Rivista di Studi Bizantini e Neoellenici 24.8
10.L Studi di Filologia Bizantina 33.7
10.L Studi Francesi 33.7
9.C Studi Italiani di Filologia Classica 28.4
10.L Studi Medievali 33.7
8.H Studi Urbinati - Serie B - Scienze UMane e Sociali 24.10
8.H Studi Veneziani 24.10
8.H Studia Diplomatica 24.10
8.H Studia Historyczne 24.10
10.L Studia Linguistica 33.10
13.M Studia Mathematica 48.6
7.A Studies in Art Education 10.2
3.S Studies in Conflict and Terrorism 4.13
5.E Studies in Cultures Organizations and Societies 16.11
5.E Studies in Economics and Finance 16.11
6.E Studies in Educational Administration 18.35
6.E Studies in Educational Evaluation 18.35
10.L Studies in Generative Grammar 33.10
11.M Studies in Greek Linguistics SeeΜελέτες για την Ελληνική Γλώσσα 34.25
6.E Studies in Higher Education 19.2
5.E Studies in Locational Analysis 16.11
13.M Studies in Non-linear Dynamics and Econometrics 48.7
10.L Studies in Romanticism 33.10
14.P Studies in Science Education 55.2
10.L Studies in Second Language Acquisition - SSLA 33.12
3.S Studies on Crime and Crime Prevention 4.13
7.A Studio (The): the Leading Magazine of Contemporary Art See Studio International: Journal of Modern Art 10.3
7.A Studio International: Journal of Modern Art 10.3
7.A Studio Magazine 10.4
5.E Study Group Series 16.11
10.L Subject Guide to Books in Print 33.12
10.L Substance: Review of Theory and Criticism 33.12
CYPR Success: The Cyprus Monthly Magazine 4.5A
1.GW Süddeutsche Zeitung: Münchner Neueste Nachrichten aus Politik, Kultur, Wirtschaft und Sport 7.1Α
8.H Sudoseuropa Studies 24.11
8.H Sudost Forschungen 24.11
8.H Sudosteuropa Mitteilungen 24.11
5.E Summary of the Annual Report 16.11
6.E Summing Up 19.2
17.T Sun World: Renewable Energy and the Environment 66.16
CYPR Sunjet 4.5A
14.P Superconductor Science and Technology 55.3
14.P Supercurrents: the Superconductivity Magazine 55.3
16.M Surgical Clinics of North America 62.13
5.E Survey of Current Business 16.11
13.M Surveys in Differential Geometry See Journal of differential geometry 44.24
3.S Survival 4.13
10.L SVEC 33.12
9.C Symbolae Antiquariae 28.6
9.C Symbolae Osloenses 28.6
8.H Synergies Roumanie 24.11
15.C SYNLETT 60.11
10.L Syntax - Oxford 33.12
14.P Synthese: Dordrecht 55.3
1.GW Syntheses 7.1Α
10.L Syn-theses : revue annuelle 33.12
15.C Synthesis: Journal of Synthetic Organic Chemistry 60.11
8.H Syracuse Journal of International Law and Commerce 24.11
16.M Systematic Botany 62.13
12.C Systems Practice 39.9
12.C Systems Research and Behavioral Science 39.9


Subject category Title Shelf
1.GW Taiwan Journal 7.1A
10.L Target - International Periodical of Translation Studies 33.12
12.C Task Quarterly 39.10
5.E Tax Planning International e-Commerce: Monthly News and Analysis of the International Taxation of Electronic Business 16.12
5.E Tax Planning International European Union Focus 16.12
5.E Tax Planning International Review: a Monthly Journal of International Τax Planning Developments 16.12
5.E Tax Policy and the Economy 16.12
10.L TDR - the Drama Review 33.13
6.E Teaching and Change 19.2
6.E Teaching and Teacher Education 19.2
13.M Teaching Children Mathematics 48.7
6.E Teaching Elementary Physical Education 19.3
6.E Teaching History: a Journal of Methods 19.3
3.S Teaching Sociology 4.13
17.T Tec21 66.16
CYPR Technical Bulletin 4.5A
17.T Technicity : magazine for innovation technology mobility 66.16
17.T Techniques et Architecture 66.16
16.M Technology and Health Care - Journal of the European Society for Engineering and Medicine 62.13
17.T Technology Review: MIT's Magazine of Innovation 66.16
17.T Technology Studies 66.16
6.E Technology, Pedagogy and Education 19.3
13.M Technometrics 48.9
5.E Technopolis Mediterranee 16.12
17.T Telecommunication Systems - Modelling Analysis Design and Management 66.17
3.S Telos - New York 4.14
7.A Tempo (Hamburg) 10.4
2.P Terra Nova 5.8B
3.S Terrorism and Political Violence 4.14
6.E Tertiary Education and Management 19.3
6.E TES - Times Educational Supplement (The) 19.4
6.E TES Appointments 19.3
6.E TES Curriculum Special 19.3
6.E TES Friday 19.3
6.E TES Online 19.3
6.E TES Primary 19.3
10.L Tesol Journal (group) - TESOL's Library Subscription Service (group) 33.14
10.L Tesol Matters (group) - TESOL's Library Subscription Service (group) 33.14
10.L Tesol Quarterly - TESOL's Library Subscription Service (group) 33.15
13.M Test 48.10
15.C Tetrahedron Letters 60.11
10.L Text - Interdisciplinary Journal for the Study of Discourse 33.17
10.L Text + Kritik 33.17
10.L Text and Talk 33.17
10.L Textual Practice 33.17
7.A Theater Heute 10.4
10.L Theatre Journal 33.18
10.L Theatre Research International 33.18
10.L Theatre Survey 33.18
6.E Themes in Education 19.3
2.P Theological Education 5.8B
12.C Theoretical Computer Science 39.11
12.C Theory and Practice of Logic Programming 39.16
2.P Theory and Psychology 5.8B
3.S Theory and Society 4.14
6.E Theory into Practice 19.3
12.C Theory of Computing Systems See Mathematical Systems Theory 39.15
13.M Theory of Probability and its Applications 48.10
3.S Theory, Culture and Society 4.14
3.S Thesis 4.15
14.P Thin Solid Films: International Journal on the Science and Technology of Condensed Matter Films 55.3
3.S Third World Quarterly 4.16
CYPR TIF Μagazine 4.5A
1.GW Time 7.1Α
3.0 Time Educational Supplement ΕΦΗΜ
3.0 Time Literary Supplement ΕΦΗΜ
6.E Times Higher Education - Supplement 19.4
10.L Times Literary Supplement 33.18
5.E TIMS / ORSA Bulletin Boston: Joint National Meeting 16.12
18.I TIP Applications 67.23
5.E TMA Journal 16.12
17.T TMS Membership Directory 66.17
6.E To Improve the Academy 19.7
6.E TOEFL : research reports 19.7
13.M Top 48.11
13.M Topology 48.11
7.A Topos 10.4
10.L Toronto Review of Contemporary Writing Abroad 33.19
10.L Toronto South Asian Review 33.19
17.T Total Telecom 66.17
STAT Tourism Statistics (Κυπριακός Οργανισμός Τουρισμού) See Στατιστικές Τουρισμού: Σειρά ΙΙ 24.4B
CYPR Tourism Today 4.5A
STAT Tourism, Migration and Travel Statistics See Στατιστική Τουρισμού και Μετανάστευσης 24.6B
8.H Traditio: Studies in Ancient and Medieval History 24.11
10.L Traduire 33.19
9.C Transactions and Proceedings of the American Philological Association 28.6
13.M Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 48.12
9.C Transactions of the American Philological Association & Newsletter & Directory of Members 28.6
2.P Transactions of the American Philosophical Society: Held at Philadelphia for Promoting Useful Knowledge 6.2B
10.L Transactions of the Philological Society 33.19
7.A Transcript: a Journal of Visual Culture 10.5
5.E Transfer 16.13
10.L Translation and Literature 33.20
10.L Translation Perspectives 33.21
10.L Translation Review & Translation Review - Supplements & ALTA Newsletter-Ameri Liter Trans (group) 33.21
10.L Translator 33.21
STAT Transport Statistics See Στατιστικές Μεταφορών 24.3B
17.T Transportation Science 66.17
10.L Travaux de Didactique du FLE (CFP, Universite Montpellier III) 33.22
10.L Travaux de Linguistique 33.22
8.H Travaux et Memoires du Centre de Recherche d' Histoire et Civilisation de Byzance 24.14
5.E Travel and Tourism Research Association. Annual Conference Proceedings 16.13
16.M Trends in Biochemical Sciences & Library Compendium 62.13
16.M Trends in Cell Biology & Library Compendium 62.14
4.L Tulane Law Review 5.24
CYPR Turkish Press on Cyprus 4.5A
10.L Tweede Ronde (de) 33.22
8.H Tyche: Beitrage zur Alten Geschichte, Papyrologie und Epigraphik 24.14


Subject category Title Shelf
10.L UCL Working Papers in Linguistics - University College London 33.22
3.S UN Chronicle 4.16
3.S UN Diplomatic Times See International Documents Review 2.25
16.M Unasylva: an International Journal of Forestry and Forest Industries 62.14
6.E Understanding Statistics: Statistical Issues in Psychology, Education, and the Social Sciences 19.7
18.I Unesco Bulletin for Libraries 67.23
CYPR Unesco Bulletin of the Cyprus Commission for Unesco / Δελτίο Κυπριακής Επιτροπής Ουνέσκο 4.5A
3.S Unesco Chronicle 4.17
3.S Unesco Courrier (The) 4.17
18.I Unesco Journal of Information Science, Librarianship and Archives Administration 67.24
3.S Unesco Sources 4.18
6.E Unicef & Κόσμος 16.34
6.E Unicorn 19.7
5.E Unit Investment Trusts: Annual Payment Record See TMA Journal 16.12
3.S United Nations Disarmament Yearbook (The) 4.18
1.GW Universitas (english ed.) 7.2Α
1.GW Universitas (german ed.) 7.2Α
6.E Universités - Magazine de l' Actualite Université de Langue Française 19.7
10.L University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics / University of Pennsylvania 33.22
16.M Update of Intensive Care Medicine See Σύγχρονη Ιατρική της Εντατικής Θεραπείας 60.24
14.P Urania 55.5
6.E Urban Education 19.7
6.E Urban Review (The): Issues and Ideas in Public Education 19.7
1.GW US 7.2Α
13.M Uspekhi Mathematicheskikh Nauk See Russian mathematical surveys 47.14
2.P Utilitas: a Journal of Utilitarian Studies 6.2B


Subject category Title Shelf
5.E Valuation 16.13
10.L Verbum - Revue de Linguistique 33.23
9.C Vergilius 28.10
6.E Vers l' Éducation Nouvelle 19.7
10.L Versants 33.23
8.H Viator (Berkeley) 24.15
9.C Vichiana 28.10
10.L Victorian Studies 33.23
7.A Video Today 10.5
14.P Vie des Sciences (La) 55.5
2.P Vigiliae Christianae 6.2B
18.I Vine 67.24
STAT Vines Statistics See Στατιστικές Αμπελιών 24.2Β
15.C Vins Magazine 60.19
15.C Vintage Guide (The) 60.19
15.C Vintage International Magazine 60.19
3.S Violence and Victims 4.18
10.L Visible Language 33.23
1.GW Viva 7.2Α
2.P Vivarium 6.3B
8.H Vivarium Scyllancense: Bollettino dell' Istituto di Studi su Cassiodoro e sul Medioevo in Calabria 24.16
8.H Vizantiinskii Vremennik SeeΒυζαντινά Χρονικά 19.12
12.C VLDB Journal 39.16
1.GW Voix et Images du Crédif 7.2A
7.A Volume 10.5
17.T Vor Teile das Backstein-magazin 66.17
10.L Vox Romanica 33.23


Subject category Title Shelf
10.L Wasafiri 33.24
16.M Water and waste 62.14
13.M Wave Motion: an International Journal Reporting Research on Wave Phenomena 48.17
8.H Welt als Geschichte (Die) 24.16
10.L Welt des Orients (Die) : Wissenschaftliche Beitraege zur Kunde des Morgenlandes 33.24
17.T Werk - B+W 66.17
8.H West Africa 24.16
8.H West European Politics 24.17
5.E Western Economic Journal 16.13
8.H Westfälische Zeitschrift 24.17
6.E What Works in Teaching and Learning 19.7
17.T What's New in Electronics: the Number one Electronics Monthly 66.17
5.E What's New in Marketing: the Ideas Journal for Marketing People 16.13
6.E What's working... 19.7
15.C White Wines from Spain (The) 60.19
STAT Wholesale and Retail Trade Statistics See Στατιστική Χονδρικού και Λιανικού Εμπορίου 24.7B
1.GW Who's Who in Australia 7.2Α
5.E Wider Working Papers 16.13
1.GW Wiener 7.2Α
2.P Wiener Jahrbuch für Philosophie 6.4B
9.C Wiener Studien 28.10
15.C Wine & Spirit 60.19
15.C Wine Enthusiast Magazine 60.19
15.C Wine Spectator 60.19
15.C Wine: Home of the International Wine Challenge 60.19
15.C Wine: your Essential Guide to the World's Best Wines See Wine: Home of the International Wine Challenge 60.19
15.C Wines of Italy (The) 60.19
15.C Wines of the Cape (The) 60.19
15.C Wines of Tuscany (The) 60.19
15.C Wines of Veneto (The) 60.19
15.C Winetidings 60.19
17.T Wireless Networks 66.17
12.C Wireless Networks 39.16
3.S Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität Greifswald 4.18
1.GW Woman 7.2Α
10.L Women in French Studies 33.24
3.S Women of Europe Supplements 4.18
3.S Women's Studies 4.18
3.S Women's Studies International Forum 4.19
10.L Word and Image 33.27
10.L Word: Journal of the International Linguistics Association 33.25
3.S Work and Occupations 4.19
5.E Work, Employment and Society 16.13
5.E Working Paper: National Research Systems and Patterns of Technological Development 16.14
10.L Working Papers in Scandinavian Syntax 33.27
1.GW World & I: a Chronicle of our Changing Era 7.2Α
5.E World Bank Annual Report 16.14
5.E World Bank Research Digest 16.14
5.E World Dept Table 16.14
5.E World Development Indicators 16.14
5.E World Development Report - World Bank 16.14
5.E World Economic and Financial Surveys 16.16
5.E World Economy (The) 16.16
5.E World Economy Outlook 16.16
10.L World Englishes 33.27
2.P World Futures: Journal of General Evolution 6.4B
16.M World Health Forum: an International Journal of Health Development 62.14
18.I World Literature Today 67.24
10.L World Literature Written in English 33.27
5.E World Market for Dairy Products 16.16
7.A World Of Music (The) 10.5
3.S World Policy Journal 4.19
8.H World Politics 24.17
10.L World Press Freedom Review: A special edition of the IPI Report See Ipi Report: The International Journalism Magazine 30.12
6.E World Studies in Education 19.7
8.H World Today 24.18
5.E Worldwide Financial Regulations 16.16
5.E Worldwide Hotel Industry 16.16
5.E Worldwide Lodging Industry 16.16
5.E Worldwide Regulatory Update 16.16
9.C Wurzburger Jahrbucher für die Altertumswissenschaft: Neue Folge 28.11


Subject category Title Shelf
10.L XCP: Cross Cultural Poetics 33.27
3.S XX Century and Peace 4.19


Subject category Title Shelf
1.GW Yale Bulletin 7.2A
10.L Yale Journal of Criticism (The) 33.28
4.L Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities 5.25
16.M Year Book of Cardiology 62.14
16.M Year Book of Cardiovascular and Renal Diseases (The) See Year Book of Cardiovascular Medicine and Surgery (The) 62.14
16.M Year Book of Cardiovascular Medicine and Surgery (The) 62.14
16.M Year Book of Drug Therapy (The) 62.14
2.P Yearbook & Review 6.4B
4.L Yearbook Law and Legal Practice in East Asia 5.25
10.L Yearbook of Comparative and General Literature 33.28
2.P Yearbook of muslims in Europe 6.5B
3.S Yearbook of Polish European Studies 4.19
4.L Yearbook of the Research Centre for the History of Greek Law See Επετηρίς του Κέντρου Ερεύνης της Ιστορίας του Ελληνικού Δικαίου 4.21
1.GW Yearbook of the Royal Hellenic Research Foundation 7.2A
5.E Yearbook of Tourism Statistics / Anuario des Estadisticas del Turismo / Annuaire des Statistiques du Tourisme See Annuaire des Statistiques du Tourisme 7.14


Subject category Title Shelf
13.M ZAMP - Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Physik 48.17
8.H Zbornik Radova Vizantoloski Instituta 24.19
13.M Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik: Ingenieurwissenschaftliche Forschungsarbeiten 48.18
2.P Zeitschrift für Antike Christentum 6.5B
10.L Zeitschrift für Dialektologie und Linguistik 33.28
10.L Zeitschrift für Germanistik 33.28
10.L Zeitschrift für Literaturwissenschraft und Linguistik (LiLi) 33.28
9.C Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 28.12
2.P Zeitschrift für Philosophische Forschung 6.5B
14.P Zeitschrift für Physik A: Hadrons and Nuclei See European physical journal A 49.17
14.P Zeitschrift für Physik C: Particles and Fields See The European physical journal C 55.7
3.S Zeitschrift für Soziologie ZfS 4.19
17.T Zeolites 66.17
8.H Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Jagiellonskiego. Prace historyczne: Universitas Jagellonica Cracoviensis Acta Scientiarum Litterarumque. Schedae Historicae 24.19
9.C Zetemata: Monographien zur Klassischen Altertumswissenschaft 28.16


Θεματική κατηγορία
Subject category
Τίτλος / Title Ράρφι
1.GW 20/20 5.10A