How to find books

Books on environment are located on the 2nd floor of the Library "Stelios Ioannou".

If you are looking for a specific book and you know the author or the title, you can search the catalogue. If the Library has a copy, you will be given its exact location on the shelf.

If you are looking for books on a certain topic, search the catalogue entering keywords or subjects.

You can also browse the shelves. See below some basic shelf numbers that will assist you in browsing.


Location Subject
GE1‑350 Environmental sciences
GE70‑90 Environmental education
GE170‑190 Environmental policy
GE195‑199 Environmentalism.  Green movement
GE300‑350 Environmental management
GF1‑900 Human ecology.  Anthropogeography
GF51 Environmental influences on humans
GF75 Human influences on the environment
GF101‑127 Settlements
GF125 Cities.  Urban geography
GF127 Rural settlements.  Rural geography
GF500‑900 By region or country