Books on Geotechnical Science are located on the 2nd floor of the Library "Stelios Ioannou".

If you are looking for a specific book and you know the author or the title, you can search the catalogue. If the Library has a copy, you will be given its exact location on the shelf.

If you are looking for books on a certain topic, search the catalogue entering keywords or subjects.

You can also browse the shelves. See below some basic shelf numbers that will assist you in browsing.


Θέση Θέμα
GB651-2998 Hydrology
GB5000-5030 Natural Disasters
GE1-350 Environmental Sciences
S590-599.9 Soils. Soil science
TA49 Disasters and engineering
TA151 Civil Engineering
TA170-171 Environmental Engineering
TA703-712 Engineering geology. Rock mechanics. Soil mechanics.
Underground construction
TA715-787 Earthwork. Foundations
TC1-978 Hydraulic Engineering
TD1-1066  Environmental technology