There are 30 four-seat and six-seat rooms at the Library available to book in advance, exclusively for purposes of group study and collaborative research projects.

How to book a room

  • Group Study Rooms can be booked once you are in the Library, by checking out the respective box file at the Short Loan Collection. Loan duration is 3 hours, with no renewal.
  • Box files should be checked out by users at the Self Check-Out Station located within the Short Loan Collection room and be returned by users at the Self Return Station located next to the Circulation Desk.
  • Please always take the receipt the station prints, on which the date/hour due is written. A fine is charged for overdue returns.

Terms of use

  • Group Study Rooms should not be used for individual studying. They must be used simultaneously by at least 2 individuals who collaborate.
  •  The number of individuals occupying a Group Study Room must not exceed the room’s number of work spaces.
  • Users of Group Study Rooms must limit all noise in order not to disturb other Library users.
  • Before leaving, users must make sure that the leave the room clean and in good condition for the next users.
  • The Library’s policy for food and beverages applies also to Group Study Rooms.
  • Group Study Rooms are not intended to provide privacy. University staff may enter any Group Study Room at any time for reasons of safety or maintenance, or for any other purpose the staff deems reasonable.
  • The Library reserves the right to ask any user to leave the Group Study Room if according to its view the user violates the terms of use of Group Study Rooms and Library Rules more generally.
  • Only members of the University community (students and staff) can book a Group Study Room. In order to book a Group Study Room, University community members must follow the procedures set by the Library. External Members may use only Group Study Rooms that have not been booked.
  •  The Library reserves the right to cancel any booking that does fall within the Group Study Rooms use policy.