The printing system works across the UCY. University community members can print, copy or scan in any UCY printing equipment (Labs, Library, Departments, etc.) with the same printing limit.

Multifunction machines (one color and one black/white) are available on each floor of the library, you can use with your member card (smartcard) in order to photocopy, print or scan.

Adding credit to your card

In order to add credit to your smartcard, visit or charged it via the credit machine located on the ground floor of the Library. For more information, follow the instruction.


Print from computers at the Library and at the Labs

You can submit a request to print from computers at the Library and at the Labs and you can pick the printout from any machine connected to the printing system within the next 4 hours.

For more information regarding printing, please read these instructions.

Charges from printing/photocopying

Printing and photocopying are charged in Euro (€). Each B&W page is €0,05 while each color page is €0,15.

Application for Visitor’s University Card for photocopying by non-Library members

If you are an external user or graduate of the University of Cyprus or any other education institute and you are not registered as Library member, you can apply for a Smart Card to be used for photocopying submitting the “Application for Visitor’s University Card” (No borrowing rights), to be handed in at the Circulation and User Services Office. For the issuing of the card there is a one-off charge of €12,00.

According to the Disciplinary Rules for Students of the University of Cyprus, photocopying more than 10% of a book or carrying a photocopy of 10% of a book in the University premises is an offense. (Proceedings of the 235th Meeting of the Senate, 6/4/2005, 11:00– 15:45, § Photocopying of Books – Modification of Disciplinary Rules for Students)