In the Library there are more than 120 Windows and 6 Mac computers for use related to the purpose of the Library, i.e. for studying, searching catalogues, access to electronic sources (e-journals, databases, etc.) or other services offered through the Library website.

The use of Library computers for personal purposes (e.g. email) is permitted, provided that:

  • no other user or staff is disturbed in any way
  • any other user wishing to use the computer for any of the purposes described above may do so
  • there is no violation of any law of the Republic of Cyprus.

Saving files

You are advised not to leave your personal files saved on any Library computer, but to bring your own USB memory stick and save your files there. To access computers in the Library you will have to use your UCY login credentials.
In case you require any assistance regarding access to Library computers, please apply to IT Infrastructure Service Helpdesk, tel. +357 22892222.