If you need somewhere safe to keep your property whilst working in the Library, you can use the Lockers Room (LRC 008), located on the Ground Floor, near the entrance of the “Stelios Ioannou” Learning Resource Centre. The locker use is possible with the University ID/Library card and the charges are €0.10 per hour. You can add credit to your card only at the credit machine located in the room.

The area is monitored by CCTV.

Policy for lockers use

Access to lockers

  • The University/Library card is required in order to use, renew or release lockers .
  • Lockers are available 24/7.

Adding credit to your card at the credit machine

  • You can add credit to your University/Library card only at the credit machine located in the Lockers Room (LRC 008).
  • The machine accepts coins (€0,10, €0,20, €0,50, €1,00 και €2,00) as well as bank notes (€5, €10 και €20).
  • The credit added to your card is for locker use only and cannot be used for any other services (e.g. photocopies).
  • The machine does not give change. All the money you insert will be added to your card.
  • Upon expiration of period usage of your University/Library card the credit balance becomes €0,00.


  • Charges for locker use are €0,10 per hour for any number of hours/days the locker is used.
  • The total amount due appears on the credit machine once the locker is released and the outstanding balance must be settled before the user’s departure.
  • The Library bears no responsibility for charges accumulated due to negligence on behalf of the user to release the locker.

Items not allowed or for which attention is required

  • It is forbidden to place in lockers any illegal or dangerous substances/items.
  • It is forbidden to place in lockers any flammable material.
  • Items with a strong odor are not allowed inside lockers.
  • Mind food that may go bad.
  • Mind valuable belongings, the loss of which is solely upon the proprietor’s responsibility.

User responsibilities

  • The University of Cyprus takes all appropriate measures to prevent malicious acts and to secure the premises. However, users bear the responsibility for the content of the lockers they rent.
  • If the user is responsible for any damage caused to the locker he has rented or any other locker or to any property of the University of Cyprus or of other users, then the user must compensate accordingly for the damage and, depending on the case, may be subject to disciplinary measures or legal actions taken by the University of Cyprus.
  • Users who notice any damage to a locker before using it must report it immediately to Library staff.
  • The Library bears no responsibility for loss of items placed in lockers.

Opening lockers in use by University/Security staff

  • Lockers in use may be opened by authorized University staff if deemed necessary for security reasons by the competent entity of the University of Cyprus or the Police or the Security Services the University collaborates with.
  • Lockers may also be opened by Security Staff in order to maintain order or avoid disturbance of others (e.g. leakage of liquids,  π.χ. διαρροή υγρών, strong odor, repeated noise).

Safety of premises

  • The safety of premises is determined by the safety terms and rules of the building.
  • The area is monitored by CCTV.

All users are required to abide by all of the above terms and policies. Non-conformity with any of the above terms and policies may result in the user’s loss of the right to use lockers and/or other penalties.