Lending Services manage the availability of Library material: issue, renewal, return, reservations, recalls, handling of circulation-related enquiries, and administration of appropriate penalties for defaulting borrowers.

  1. How can I borrow from the Library?
  2. What can I borrow from the Library?
  3. How many items can I borrow and for how long?
  4. Items that are returned after the due date
  5. Short Loan Collection

1. How can I borrow from the Library?

If you wish to borrow material from the University of Cyprus Library you will need to acquire a UCY ID card/external member card with purchase a subscription package. You are held responsible for the safety of all items borrowed on your name.

Use the automatic lending machine, where these are available. The machine will print printed receipt listing the books you have borrowed and the return dates.

You can also borrow the material you wish from the circulation desk. Present all items you wish to borrow at the Circulation Desk, along with your Library card. The Library staff will lend you all items and will stamp on each one the latest date of return.

The books/items must be returned (or renewed) by the given date. Please note that if you several items borrowed, the date of return may not be the same for all. If you fail to return one or more items on time, you will be charged with a fine.

2. What can I borrow from the Library?

The Library’s holdings include books, CD-ROMs, videotapes, maps and other non-print material. Library material is available for use within the Library premises, as well as for loan.

Collection / material category Indication Checked out possible Reservation possible Renewal possible
Reference works (Reference) REF No No No
Reference works  (π.χ. dictionaries, encyclopedias etc.) in main colloction bear a red sticker No No No
Archaeological Collection (Archaeological Research Unit) ΑΡΧ No No No
Journals PER No No No
Newpapers, microfilm/microfiche, maps   No No No
Short Loan Collection RBR  onto restricted loan No No
Special Collections and Rare Books Closed Stack Library No No No
multimedia or audiovisial material (audio cassettes, CD-ROM και floppy disc) accompanying a book   only as part of the book and not as an individual item Yes Yes

Special Collections and Rare Books
Special Collections and Rare Books are stored in the Closed Stack Library and can be requested from the Circulation Office, which is located on the ground floor, from Monday to Friday, between 8:30-14:00. Users can borrow this material for use within the Library only, and by leaving their ID with the Circulation Office. The material must be returned within the day, before the Library closes.

Reprints are located in the Closed Stack Library.  In the Library Catalog they have the indication   “Reprints, Closed Stack Library”. Users can request this material from the Circulation Office which is located on the ground floor, from Monday to Friday between  8:30-14:00.  This material can be checked out.

3. How many items can I borrow and for how long?

The number of checked out items and the length of loan period depend on the patron’s status, as follows:

Patron'status # of items Patron'status
Academic / Τeaching staff, Scientific collaborators and researchers, 30 6 months (180 days)
Administration staff 15 6 months (180 days)
Doctoral students 30 6 months (180 days)
Postgraduate students 20 21 days
Undergraduate students 15 21 days
External members According to the subscription type selected
Children (under 15 years old)-Children Section (Only adult members can borrow books for children) According to the patron's status (University members/External members 21 days
Note: The above numbers are reported in items, not titles or works. E.g. two volumes of book count as two items to be checked out. Also, these numbers include material in other format, e.g. cassettes or DVDs.

Short Loan items may be borrowed for

  • 4 hours for in-library use, during any time the Library is open.
  • Overnight for take-home checkout, starting any time after 16:00 Monday to Sunday. Books must be returned by 11:00 the following working day. Books must be returned at the Self Return Station by the user (you are advised to keep the receipt the machine prints).
  • Lecture material (photocopies of articles or book chapters) cannot be checked out.

5. Items that are returned after the due date

Items that are returned after the due date will be charged a fine; moreover, the user cannot check out any other item until the fine has been paid.

  • 0,40 per day
  • €0,40 per hour for the short loan items

Fines payment

You can pay the charge at the Circulation Desk (ground floor) or via e-payments