If you believe that you have a lost a book or other item that you borrowed and which belongs to the Library, please contact immediately the Circulation Desk and you will be given a certain time to search for it. If you fail to find and return it, you will have to cover all expenses for its replacement (purchase on current prices, plus transportation cost) or buy it yourself and hand it to the Library.

Please note that the Library should be notified of such losses as soon as possible, as late claims that “the book is lost” will not erase already accumulated fines for late return. Expenses for replacement do not rid you of overdue fines.

If you fail to respond to your financial obligations towards the library, you may be penalized with temporary or permanent suspension of your user rights. Enrolled students failing to respond may not be allowed to receive their degree, in accordance with the UCY Library rules.

For questions or more information you may contact:
Anna Mousena