Online Application for Registration/Renwal as External Member

Please read the “Policies and Terms of Use of the Library of the University of Cyprus“, before you fill the application form.

External users (18 and older)

External users wishing to become members of the Library of the University of Cyprus and obtain the Library Card must submit an Online Application for Registration/Renwal as External Member. The cost for the card to be issued is €12,00. As an external member you may are entitled to borrow the library material, if you purchase a subscription package. Subscription costs vary depending on the type of subscription (individual, family, group) and its duration (1, 2 or 3 years). The fees for card issuing and for the subscription are paid upon submission of the application via JCC.

Retirees and the public assistance recipients on public funds, can have reduced subscription cost, presenting official supporting documents and submitting in person to the Library the printed External member application form.

Underage users

Children (under 15 years old)
Children who are under 12 years old may make use of the Library provided that they be accompanied and attended by an adult. The attendant is responsible for the activities, behavior and safety of the children. Children should use the areas indicated by the Library staff, mainly the Children’s Section.

Teenagers (age 15-17 )
Teenagers may register as external members and have access and make use of the Library.

Parents/guardians of the teenagers’ need to fill out the “Annex to the application for registration of a minor as an external member / for family subscription” form. In this form, the parent/guardian’s details should be filled in the “Member 2” section. The teenager’s information should be filled out in the other fields of the form. Once the form is completed, it needs to be sent to the specified email address: [email protected]. After sending the form, the next step is to submit an “Online Application for Registration/Renwal as External Member” for issuing a library card. In this application, make sure to provide the teenager’s full name in the first and last name fields.

The charge for card issuing is €12,00.

For questions or more information you may contact: Stavroula Pitta