UCY alumni wishing to remain Library (external) members must submit an Online Application for Registration/Renwal as External Member and request only card issuing. The cost for the card to be issued is €12,00. The fees for card issuing and for the subscription are paid upon submission of the application, via JCC. Use payment link at the top of the page of the online application that has just been submitted, in order to pay

For the first year right after graduation subscription is free, while for the second and third year after graduation alumni are entitled a 50% discount on subscription. The cost for the card to be issued is €12,00.  For reduced membership fee, physical presence of the applicant at the Library is required for presentation the Student or the Alumni card.

Please read carefully the “Guidelines for the safe use of the Library during the COVID-19 pandemic” before you fill the Application Form.

For questions or more information you may contact:
Stavroula Pitta tel. 22892167, 22892020