The University of Cyprus Library welcomes and encourages monetary donations and donations of books and other library material.

Donations of documents (i.e. books, periodicals, offprints, multimedia, archives) are accepted under conditions and certain University procedures for which the prospective donor must be aware in advance (for more information you may contact the Collection Development Office).

The prospective donor is kindly asked to express in writing his/her willingness to offer the gift. It is necessary that a brief description of the material be given, as well as the subject area covered, approximate number of items and any other information that may assist the Library in evaluating the material. For donations of up to 200 items the Library requests that a catalogue be provided that includes bibliographic data (title, author, year of publication).

The Library reserves the right to accept fully or partially or reject the proposed donation, according to its collection development policies. Once the material is acquired by the Library, the donor ceases to have any rights on the donated material. The Library reserves the right to decide on the terms of circulation, exchange, sale, binding, special catalogue publishing and general use and preservation of the acquired material.

Donors need to be aware that no special collections containing the items donated are created. The donated material is incorporated into the general collection according to its subject, based on the classification system used by the Library (Library of Congress classification scheme).

For more information please contact the Collection Development Office

Haroula Demetriou