Who we are?

Lekythos (ΛΗΚΥΘΟΣ), is a repository that hosts the digital collections of the University of Cyprus Library (UCyL). It (hosts digitized material on several subjects such as Archaeology, Library and Information Science, History, Political Science, and Literature, and it also includes some rare books owned by UCyL.
The aim of Lekythos is to contribute to the preservation and promotion of the cultural and scientific heritage of Cyprus, as well as to host and disseminate the outcome of research conducted in the country. The repository is administered/curated by the Digitisation and Archives office and the Information Technology and Application Development Office of the UCyL.

What personal information do we collect?

We collect and process only the necessary data to communicate with you, namely: name and email address. Your e-mail is used as your unique identifier in the system. It is used to communicate with you for administrative purposes (such as setting or resetting a password, responding to requests you make to the system, etc.).

Why do we need to collect personal information?

We do this for operational and internal statistical purposes. We only collect and use personal information for internal research and analysis.

Do we share this information with third parties?

Personal information collected is not shared with third parties.

For how long do we keep your personal information ?

Personal information is kept for as long as there is a need for statistical processing.

Can someone request that all information concerning him/her be deleted?

At any time, you can contact the system administrators at [email protected] to delete the information that concerns you.

May I inquire as to what personal information you keep about me?

Yes, please contact the system administrators at [email protected].

Where is personal information stored and who has access to it?

Only the staff of the University of Cyprus Library who is responsible for carrying out the processing according to the “need to know” principle have access to your personal data. Your personal data may also be accessed by the staff of external partners who are in charge of testing online services on behalf of the University of Cyprus Library. The information we collect is not shared with third parties, except to the extent and for the purpose that may be imposed on us by law.