RefWorks is a tool used for the organization and management of bibliographies. The user can create his/her own database by importing references either automatically from online bibliographic databases or manually (including text files). References can be arranged according to several manual styles (MLA, APA, Chicago Manual of Style, Turabian, etc.) and used for bibliographies in articles, studies, etc.

Who can use RefWorks and how

RefWorks is an online application and does not require the installation of anything in your personal computer. All members of the University of Cyprus community (students and staff) are eligible for a RefWorks account.


RefWorks can be accessed through a computer that is connected to the University of Cyprus network (either on-campus computers or computers connected to the UCY network through VPN). Access to RefWorks requires the opening of an individual account for each user.


RefWorks RefWorks 2.0/ Legacy RefWorks
ProQuestRefWorks ProQuest RefWorks/ New RefWorks

Further features

  • Refshare

With Refshare the user can share RefWorks bibliographic references with other uses or simply send them through e-mail or by other social networking tools.

  • Write-Ν-cite

Write n-cite is an application that enables the import of bibliographic references from RefWorks to text documents. This application automates the insertion of references into a text and the creation of a bibliography. Requires Microsoft Word 2003 or later, or other word processor application.

User guides

RefWorks 2.0/ Legacy RefWorks

New RefWorks

Write-N-Cite (pdf)

RefWorks 2.0/ Legacy RefWorks YouTube Channel

New RefWorks YouTube Channel