OpenAIRE Factsheets

Open Access mandate and 2 Open Research Data in Horizon 2020: How Can OpenAIRE help?

Open Access Data Pilot: Are you a recipient of a H2020 grant? Learn how to comply.

Personal data: What is personal data? How to balance Open Access and Data Protection?

Research Administrators & Project Coordinators: 4 Simple Steps to Open Access

Repository Managers: Why should you and your repository care about Open Science?

Υλικό από Εκδηλώσεις

National Workshop For Open Access, 2015 OpenAIRE/FOSTER event 2015

Open Access in Cyprus, 2016 Event by Open University of Cyprus 2016

Open Access: the direct dissemination of the produced scientific knowledge, 2017 Workshop for Open Access with the collaboration of OpenAIRE, RPF, OUC & DG EPCD

Open Science and the Role of Repositories, 2018 National OpenAIRE event with the collaboration of RPF & DG EPCD